Paige's Sophomore Year (Chapter 2)

The phone in the living room rang at 6:45 p.m. and Paige hurried to pick it up. She was supposed to be home by 6:30 p.m. and had just barely made it in the door. Christian was probably calling from his office to check up on her, which he sometimes did to make sure she was following her curfew. Christian made her return every school day to the house by 6:30 p.m., where she had to stay until bedtime. And, she was supposed to be studying most of that time. The schedule was getting on her nerves and making her stir-crazy. In the dorms, she had been used to coming and going as she pleased, but now she had Christian making sure she stayed at home all evening every evening! The one time she had been late getting home the previous week, Christian had ordered her into her pajamas and sent her immediately to bed, even though it had been only 7 pm. She had lain there all night fuming. She didn’t want a repeat performance, so she rushed to the phone.
“Hello, Carlsen residence” Paige said pleasantly, as Christian had told her to say.
“Hi Paige, it’s Christian.”
“Hey Christian, I’m home on time as you can see.”
Christian chuckled, “Good girl, but I didn’t call about that. I just wanted to let you know that I have a business meeting this evening, and probably won’t be home until after midnight. So cook yourself some dinner and don’t wait up, k?”
“Allright! I’m going to Vegas, home by midnight.” Paige joked teasingly.
Christian laughed. “As long as you are home by midnight, you can go to Vegas, how’s that? Make some bets for me.”
“Gee, I don’t know if any planes go that fast from Alabama to Nevada and back.”
They both laughed.
“I’ll see you tomorrow morning, I’ll be home after you go to bed. Good night!”
“Night, don’t work too hard.” Paige hung up the phone, feeling a little freer than before. She had the run of the house all evening and no one would ever know if she watched TV or goofed off instead of studying. Hmmm, this had possibilities she hadn’t considered. Why stay at home at all!? How would Christian ever know?
Paige felt a bit nervous inside at the thought of just flaunting Christian’s rules altogether and leaving the house without permission. But she might not get another opportunity for a long time, and she had been bored for weeks, stuck inside the house studying. She decided to do it, and call her girlfriend Justine. They wouldn’t go too far or linger too long, but at least she wouldn’t be cooped up another night. Paige rang up Justine, made the plan, and then scrambled upstairs to get ready. She put on her coolest jeans and a halter top that showed off her flat belly, plus a little lipstick and perfume to freshen up. 20 minutes later, she heard Justine honking the horn and she locked up the house, making sure to leave on all the lights so the house looked occupied. No one would ever know, and Paige felt daring as she jumped into the car with Justine.
Justine, Paige’s friend, was a college junior who was wise in the ways of the world compared to Paige. A tall blonde, Justine looked ravishing in a short skirt and clubby top, with a beautiful gold necklace. Paige was surprised and a bit annoyed.
“Hey, you didn’t say we were dressing up tonight!”
“I know, surprises are fun aren’t they?” Justine winked and laughed.
“I only put on my jeans, no fair!”
“Guess where we are going?”, Justine said as she shifted into third gear.
“I don’t know, where?”
“To Madigans! Ever been there?”
“Nope, I heard about it though.” Madigans was an upscale bar and restaurant, located in the hip part of town. It had an expensive restaurant which adjoined the more popular bar. Paige had heard it was a fun time, though pricey. And it was rumored to be a good place to meet guys.
“Cool! You’ll have to pay for my drinks though”
“Yeah right! The guys will pay for those!”
The two girls arrived at Madigans and parked. After a few minutes of waiting in line to get in, they headed straight for the pool room and started their evening out. Neither girl was yet 21, and so they had to content themselves with Cokes, but the atmosphere was lively. Justine met a good looking surfer guy and he invited them both to play pool with his friends. Paige enjoyed herself playing pool, joking with the boys, and relishing her time away from the drudgery of endless studying. She glanced at her watch from time to time, knowing she had to head home well before Christian was due back, but gradually forgot about any fear of being caught. Out of the house at last!
As the clock approached 10:45 pm, Paige began to get a little skittish and motioned Justine that they had to go. Justine rolled her eyes and motioned at her watch as if Paige were crazy, but Paige insisted. She estimated it would take 15 minutes to get home, and another 20 minutes to shut out all the lights and get in bed in order to fool Christian. That didn’t leave a lot of room for error, and she had no intention of being caught. Justine finally said her goodbyes, which seemed to drag on forever to Paige, and the two headed for the door.
Out on the sidewalk, on the way past the Madigan’s restaurant, the two girls giggled and chatted. Paige was about to tell Justine that she should drive the car home instead of Justine, to make sure Justine didn’t drive too slow, when her eyes locked with a familiar face just coming out the restaurant. It was Christian! His business meeting had obviously been over dinner at Madigan’s restaurant. She froze momentarily. Maybe he hadn’t seen her after all. Paige ducked behind some other people, hoping, praying he had not seen her. She whispered to Justine,
“C’mon, oh my God, it was Christian! Let’s get out of here!’
Justine looked shocked and the two girls started half-running toward the parking lot, staying in the thick of the large crowd.
Breathless, Paige had a slim hope that Christian hadn’t really seen her, but that hope was dashed in the next second. She heard a voice twenty feet behind her say loud and clear:
“Paige!? Get the hell back here young lady!”
Paige stopped and froze, and Justine with her. She couldn’t stand to think what would happen now, and all because of her own stupidity. She turned and watched helplessly as if she were in her own movie. Christian strode up to her purposefully. She hung her head and waited for his wrath to fall.
“I cannot BELIEVE this, Paige Bentsen! You are in MAJOR trouble, young lady!!” Christian bellowed.
“Look at me when I am speaking to you!” Christian lifted Paige’s chin and made her stare at his blue eyes, which were flashing with anger. A few people had noticed, and were standing around staring at the handsome man and what appeared to be his daughter.
“Well?! What the hell are you doing here!?”
Paige gulped. “Umm, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry! I was so bored at home!” The instant she said it, Paige knew her excuse had been another mistake.
“BORED? Is that your explanation young lady! Come with me right NOW!”
Before Paige could think, Christian had flipped her around and holding her wrist above her head, delivered two giant whacks to her jeans clad bottom. The mighty sting shocked Paige. She felt embarrassment, fear, and anger all at once.
“OWWW! Don’t! I’m sorry!” Involuntarily, her free hand went to her burning bottom and she felt tears rise. Christian ignored Paige and used his right hand to grab the seat of her jeans at the small of her back. He hustled her forward with the top of her jeans in hand, lifting her almost off the ground, and dragging her toward the valet station. A couple of yahoos from the crowd laughed, and one shouted “Bad girl, go home with Daddy now.” Justine followed meekly, with her hand over her mouth.
“Blue BMW, space 39.” Christian told the valet tightly, as he maintained his grip on the seat of Paige’s pants. The sting from Christian’s spanks spread across Paiges’ bottom. She couldn’t move and didn’t know what to say. Justine looked at her wanting to e
mpathize, but Paige was too afraid to think about Justine. What was Christi
an going to do to her?
“Justine, you can go. I am taking Paige home to punish her. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for helping break her curfew!”
“Please Christian, it was my idea, don’t be too hard on her.” Justine tried half-heartedly to help Paige, but finally felt too awkward to stick around. Paige managed a feeble goodbye.
The wait for the car seemed endless. Christian said nothing the entire time, increasing the tension.
When the valet opened the door, Christian pulled Paige by the back of her pants again and shoved her inside the car. He tipped the Mexican valet, and then slammed her door and went around to the driver’s side. Before long, they were on the highway home, driving in silence. Paige felt panicky the longer the silence went on. Her bikini underwear had ridden high up her bottom crack and outside her jeans from Christian’s manhandling but she was afraid to adjust her panties at that particular moment. Her ass still stung from the two huge spanks she had received. She began to seriously stress about what would happen once they got home. He looked so angry! Out of desperation, Paige tried to talk.
“Umm, Christian, I’m really really really sorry. It was a bad thing to do.”
“You are going to find out just what sorry means when we get home young lady! I hope you are happy!”
“No no, I’m not, I’m not! Please, what are you going to do to me?” Paige chirped in a higher-than-normal voice.
“Let’s just say you are going to be sleeping on your stomach tonight, young lady!”
Paige groaned. This couldn’t be happening again.
“Please not that! I am too old for a spanking Christian! My parents only ground me now!”
“You certainly ARE grounded too Paige, for two weeks! You lied to me. You broke your curfew at the first chance you got! And don’t give me that “too old” nonsense either. You aren’t too old, believe me. You are undisciplined, immature, and out of control. You are living in my house, and I will spank you if you need it.”
“But– but I DON’T need a spanking! I promise I’ll never do it again! Can’t you just ground me this time, please?”
“Don’t even go there Paige. You are in no position to argue young lady. I don’t want another peep out of you until we get home!”
Paige kept quiet. She felt the same misery as before all her old punishments at home. Waiting forever in her room for her father to come upstairs and give her a spanking. Mom lecturing her before a spanking in the bathroom, with hairbrush in hand. The memories made her bottom tingle and her heart beat faster. Now Christian was going to spank her the same childish way, like she was in the Eighth grade. So humiliating! The minutes seemed to tick by endlessly.
Finally, Christian pulled the BMW into the driveway. He got out and opened Paige’s door. Paige got out her side and nervously stood up, not sure what to expect. Christian said nothing, but took her wrist and led her to the front door. Still holding her firmly, he pulled his keys out of his pocket and let them into the well-lit living room.
“Allright young lady, let’s get this overwith.” Christian shut the door, and pointed with his index finger toward the living room, looking at her sternly.
“Go on!”
Paige moved slowly into the living room, her her heart beating even faster. She thought to herself, Please God, let this be overwith fast. I know I was bad, but this is so unfair!
Christian let go Paige’s wrist and looked about the house for something. He glanced over at the dining area, and then picked up one of the hard-backed mahogany chairs over at the dining table. He carried it out of the dining area, and placed it dead center in the middle of the living room. He took off his sportcoat and tie, sat down facing Paige, and began to roll up his sleeves.
He pointed to the area in front of him, and Paige went where she was told, head hanging.
“Unbutton your jeans Paige Bentsen, and take them down!”
“No, please! Can’t I keep them on? It still hurts with them on!!”
“NO! NOW.”
Face reddening, Paige gradually unbuttoned her fly with shaky hands, one metal button at a time. When they were undone, she slowly pulled her low slung jeans down past her hips to reveal white bikini underwear. She let her pants come to rest at her thighs but didn’t know if she should bring them down further. She looked expectantly at Christian.
“To your ankles. All the way down!”
Paige did as she was told. Her jeans were now in a bunch at her feet.
“Underwear down too, young lady!”
Paige blushed and felt like running. She hadn’t really thought this through. True, last time he had spanked her bare-bottomed, but he had pulled down her pj’s only once she was thrown over his knee. Now he would see everything, pubic hair and her pussy!
“Not my underwear too?! Please don’t.” Paige grasped at the waistband of her panties, as if to hold them up longer.
“Your underwear too Paige Bentsen! You are getting a spanking on your bare bottom!”
“You’re not my Dad, you can’t pull my panties down! I’m too old to get spanked that way!”
“The hell you are!” Christian reached for the white bikini panties, and a struggle ensued. Paige twisted away, holding on to her waistband with both hands. Panicked, she tried to run. Christian held on to the back of Paige’s underwear, and she fell to her knees, tripped up by her pants at her ankles. Her underpants slid down in the back in Christian’s hand, partially revealing her ass, while Paige clung to the front with both hands. Christian caught up, then held Paige on all fours, and started slapping her half-clad bottom.
SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. The spanks were very hard, and Paige yelled in surprise.
SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Christian let his big hand do the talking.
Paige felt close to crying. Her bottom was already burning and she knew this was a losing battle. She let go her underpants.
“Okay, Okay! I’ll pull my panties down now!”
SMACK! Christian let one last spank land hard.
“No, YOU won’t, but I will!” Christian barked. He stood Paige up to her feet, batted her hands out the way, and pulled down her bikini’s inside out. Paige held her hands away and didn’t resist. Christian sat back down on the spanking chair, and inspected Paige. She was almost crying, but not yet. Her hair was tousled, and her pants and panties were at her ankles. Now she held her stinging bottom and her front was fully open to Christian’s view. Christian gazed at Paige’s flat stomach extending down below her red halter top, her protruding bushy triangle of dark brown pubic hair, and her slim but muscular legs.
“Over my knee for your spanking, bad girl.” Christian pointed to his lap.
Defeated, Paige shuffled forward as best she could with her pants down. She leaned forward over Christian’ lap, and he bent her over his knees so that her head was at the floor and her bare bottom high in the air. Christian took ahold of Paige’s arm, and bent it back so she was locked down. Paige felt so embarrassed. He had seen her panties, he had seen her bush, he had seen her bare bottom, and now he could probably see her red pussy a foot from his face. She clenched her legs together.
SLAP! Paige’s spanking began.
“Owww, noo!
“You have been a BAD GIRL!!”
“Owww, please no!” Paige forgot her modesty, and started kicking. Christian put a stop to it by spanking harder.
“Don’t you try to get away, Paige!” WHACK WHACK WHACK
“This is what you get for breaking curfew in my house!’
Paige’s bottom burned awfully. Her eyes were teary from the pain and humiliation, but Christian was still putting all his strength into the spanking.
“OWW, shit!”
“What did you say!!??
The spanking went
on and on until Paige started to cry. She had not been spanked this hard since 10th grade when she stole the family car
and banged it up. Christian had spanked her bottom at least 150 times, and she felt all the fight in her drain away. The pain in her bottom burned into her brain, and she got to that point where her pride went out the window.
“Owww, please I’ll be good! I’m sorrrrryyy!!!”
“How sorry are you, young lady?” WHAP!
“Oww. I’m really really sorry I broke curfew. I was bad, I’ll never ever do it again, promise!” she sobbed.
“Repeat after me: When I break curfew I get a spanking!’
“When I break curfew, I get a spanking! Please stop now!”
“Repeat after me again: When I am punished, I will pull down my panties when told!”
“Nooo! Ouch!
“Oh Godddd, OWWW!”
Christian stopped spanking and examined poor Paige. She was sobbing quietly, limp across his lap. Her bare bottom had a bright crimson moon in the middle, and red hand prints around the sides. He rested his hand on her bare ass, and could feel the burning heat from the spanking. Her bushy vagina peeked out from between her buttocks, but she had long since given up clenching her legs to hide it. He decided Paige had learned her lesson.
“Okay, young lady, let’s hear a good apology from the heart, and your spanking is done.”
Paige sniffled for a bit and thought to herself. Finally, she blurted out:
“I’m really really sorry I went out without your permission Sir. I don’t know what got into me. I was a bad girl, and I’ll never ever do it again, promise.”
“That’s better. Are you going to be cussing at me when you are getting punished?”
“No Sir.”
“Are you going to be wearing halter tops that show off your belly to clubs?”
“No Sir, never again.”
“When its time to pull down your panties for a spanking, are you going to mind me?”
Paige was still resentful to be spanked bare bottomed. She couldn’t immediately say anything. Her pride was in the way.
The sting was unbearable on her already sore and burning bottom.
“Yes Sir!! I will, I will, I’ll pull my underwear down when I’m told!”
“Hopefully you will not have to Paige Bentsen. I don’t want to have to spank you like this again. Pull up your pants and get to bed.”
Christian let Paige up, and watched her pull on her undies and jeans. He gave her a kiss goodnight and a hug.
Holding her close, he said “I guess you took a little losing gamble tonight after all, even if it wasn’t in Las Vegas.”
Paige smiled in his embrace despite feeling tired and sore.
“I know, my luck wasn’t in at all.”
“Better not gamble next time!”
“Don’t worry. I don’t want any more gambling or any more spankings.”
Then he sent her straight to bed.

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