rah rah practice part 2

jamie, as she was sucking on lily’s tiny tits, was getting wetter and wetter by the second..suddenly she saw lana get off her kness and walk over to her locker.
she pulled out 3 massive strapons…andstarted licking one as she handed one to lily. lily put hers on, and, turning to jamie, forced lamies little mouth o it…jamie knew what was coming
lily went around to the back of her and immediately rammed her in her tight ass without warning.
lily laid back as she was fucking jamie silly, and forced jamie to sit on the huge dildo. this really excited alli, and she began playing with herself.
lana strapped on the other dildo and forced her captain alli to play with jamies throbbing and soaking wet pussy, and while alli bent down, she rammed the hhuge dildo into alli’s tight little hole.
god, jamie thought, ive never been with another girl before, and all the sudden im with 3!
the wetness of allis sweet little tounge combined with the thick strap on ramming her in the ass brought her to heights she never couldve even dreamed would happen with girls.
Lana saw the sheer extasy on jamies face and began to ram alli harder.jamie came soon, and because of her cumming, they soon alll came, realizing the little slut lana made them do to each other something they had only themself thought about every time they were in bed, playing with themselves, imagining the other girls with only those sexy little cheer skirts on.


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