Romance and Sex- A young boy and girl Pt 1

He’d finally fallen in love with a beautiful young girl. Her name was Chelsea a 16 year old gorgeous auburned haired girl with icey blue eyes, 5’6, beautiful slim body, long legs, and a nice ass and chest. He looked past her body too, she was sweet and careing and didnt ever think of herself first. Thats why he loved her so much. Of course he had coughten her eye, being a young football player at 17 years old, haveing dirty blonde hair and big brown eyes, a muscular body, 6’1 and not to mention he was a good guy. He fantasized about her daily, sexual and non-sexual some romantic and others jus plain being close to her at all. They talked frequently her being the one who cheered him on at football games. She was perfect for him and he knew it. He had to have her, and he would not give up until he did.
After a ruff football game, they had won of course, he wouldnt have allowed them to lose. He saw Chelsea talking to friends and he wandered over. “Hi Chelsea, whats up?””Oh hey shawn, nothing much, jus going over that great victory, you did wonderful. “Thanx” he said feeling himself glow with pride at her compliment. “So..” he had to ask her out now or never “Do you you maybe want to go get a bite to eat with me?I mean you dont have to i just thought..” “Sure id love to” she interrupted him saving him from hot embarresment. She parted with her friends and playfully grabbed his hand and swinged it back and forth. “Why so nervous shawn loosen up” she said cheerfully. “Oh.. uhm.. yeah sorry..” he stammered trying to keep cool.
They pulled up to Mcdonalds, she had requested to go there being an easy going girl. “Mmmm im hungry” she said quickly. “Me too” he would agree to anything as long as she was having a good time. They ate silently every once in a while she would playfully add in words to make him cheer up “Come on you lil punk u ask me out and you wont talk.. whata jip” she said with a cute little smile that said loosen up. “Ah im sorry im jus a little tired i guess” he replied trying to even out his voice.After what seemed like an eternity they left and he drove her back to her house. “Well uhm… i guess ill see you later?” he said sadly. “Hey you wanna come in, my parents are gone for the weekend, we could watch like a movie or something” she said randomly quick. “Sure” he said trying to not show her how excited he was and how happy. They walked inside and she shut the door behind them taking his football jacket from him. They had both changed after the game no longer in uniform. She picked her way to the living room and told him to have a seat. “So what movie you wanna watch” he asked trying to start conversation. “hm how about save the last dance i love that movie!!” ” me too” he said excitedly , and he wasnt lieing he did. She got them some drinks and they sat and started watching the movie. During a sweet kissing scene she started to schooch closer and closer to him breathing down his neck practically. “Shawn?” she asked sweetly. “yeah?” he answered softly. “Ive been wanting to tell you this.. uhm.. well i really really like you but i didnt know how to tell you.. i figure id end up embarresing myself. He was totally stunned. “you dont know how long ive liked you Chelsea i didnt wanna tell you cuz i thought youd laugh at me or not feel the same.” She smiled cutely and said “Well then at least we got it out”. She was close and he wanted to reach out and touch her so bad. Before he could stop himself he blurted “Can i kiss you”. He blushed furiously but she to his suprise said “Please i want you to.” He leaned in and kissed her softly. Her lips were warm and lucious and so sweet, he never wanted to stop. They kept getting closer heat riseing. He put his arm around her waiste and they broke the kiss for a moment breathing deeply. He knew he shouldnt have but he blurted it out embarresing himself “Chelsea i love you so much”. She turned a deep red, blushing. “I know we dont really know eachother well enough to love but i know i love you too,i have for some time.” With that they kissed more passionately but still gently and theyre bodys pressed tight together.
His hands started to roam across her back and down it slowly inching towards her beautiful butt.He caressed it gently and she jumped a bit. She broke the kiss and whispered deadly soft in his ear, ” I want you so bad shawn, please let me have you” At that moment he lost any common sense of what they were doing but he asked quickly “Are you sure?” “Positive, ive never really done this but i trust you”. “I havent either dont worry” he replied softly. He inched forward and pressed theyre bodys together feeling her warmth and wanting her more and more. This was going to be one exciteing night…

To be continued…

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