School girl gets anal from rugby phy ed coach

Its 2:00pm and Sarah is bored in a Math lesson. As her mind wanders, she looks out of the window to see rain pouring from the sky. She looks further and can see Mr Smith taking the phys ed class, today, he’s teaching rugby.

Sarah often masturbated thinking of fucking Mr Smith and she always enjoyed watching rugby, she fantasized about suck the dicks of an entire team. It was always just a fantasy, but today, she wanted it to come true. “I need to get out there”, she thought.

The school bell rang and Sarah picked up her bag and ran to the boys locker room. She checked the door – it was open. She went inside and threw her bag down. She had to find something to wear – a rugby uniform. Sarah checked in Mr Smith’s office and found a spare uniform. It had just been used by the previous class, it was wet and covered in mud. Sarah didn’t care, in fact it turned her on. She undressed and pulled on the green and yellow rugby shirt. The collar that used to be white was now a brown muddy color. She fastened three of the four buttons on the shirt, pulled on the shorts and socks and was ready to head out to the field.

Just as she turned to the door, she heard someone coming, it was Mr. Smith. He walked in and saw Sarah standing in front of him, her hands in her shorts rubbing her pussy. Her nipples stood fully erect and poking throuh the wet shirt. Mr Smith’s dick began to rise.

“You shouldn’t be in here Sarah”, Mr Smith said.

“Sir, I’m going to fuck you”.

She looked into his eyes, took a hold of the collar on her shirt and pulled the shirt open. The buttons popped off and shot across the room. Sarah’s tits were now almost hanging out of the shirt.

“Fuck me!”, Sarah shouted!

Mr Smith pulled Sarah down to his cock, which was throbbing with excitement. Sarah ripped the shorts open and started to suck as deep as she could. Saliva started pouring from Sarah’s mouth as she thrust her head up and down Mr Smith’s huge shaft.

Mr Smith knew he had to be quick as the next class was due into the locker room. Sarah stood up and faced Mr Smith, “I’m going to fuck your ass”, he said. Sarah had never experienced anal before, but today was the day for firsts.

Mr Smith took hold of Sarah’s ass and spun her around to the bench. Sarah started to violently rub her pussy which started to squirt with ecstacy. Mr Smith drilled his cock into Sarah’s ass and immediately started to fuck her like a machine. Sarah screamed with pleasure as her pussy exploded with orgasm after orgasm. Mr Smith took hold of Sarah’s collar while he drove his dick deep into her ass, riding her like she was wild animal.

Mr Smith could feel himself ready to cum. He pushed Sarah to the floor and stood over here, he grabbed his cock and sprayed a huge load over Sarah’s tits, drenching the shirt in cum. As Mr Smith fired his load, Sarah squirted a huge fountain of cum from her pussy, covering herself and Mr Smith. She screamed in pleasure as her body shook in orgasm.

Mr Smith felt himself cum again, further drenching Sarah.

Sarah heard footsteps approaching the locker room, “quick! run!”, Mr Smith shouted. Sarah jumped up, picked up her bag and ran out of the locker room. She had forgotten that she was wearing a cum covered, wet, muddy rugby uniform as she stood in the school corridor. She froze for a second and then ran to the girls locker room to change.

As Sarah ran to her locker room, she could knew everyone was looking at her. She felt horny, messy and dirty. She loved it. Her next goal was to fuck an entire team.

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School girl gets anal from rugby phy ed coach, 5.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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