School Innocence

As John was finishing his thesis on the inhabitants of a remote village deep in the jungles of Peru, Sally walked by brushing his arm with her soft fingers. He looked up just in time to get a glimpse of her bubble ass smiling sweetly through her tight jeans. She sat down and that was the end of the show. The bell rang and as John was putting up his things Sally walks over and smiles sweetly to him. “What are you doing next period?” John stammers fixing his glasses carefully. “I have philosophy. What do you have?” Sally giggles and kisses his cheek. “I have sex ed. But in my opinion, sex is learned better through practice.” John’s face turns a soft red and she lets out another giggle, this time feeling for his dick. John steps back as he has no clue how to act. “Whats the matter? You don’t have other girls grabbing for your cock?” He stammers out a soft “no”. “Well looks like you and I will be skipping our next class. lets go into the old science lab. No one goes by there and even rarely goes in. I’ll give you sex 101″. John sensing his balls tingling feels it his duty to follow Sally, even to death. “Alright, let me gather my things and I will meet you there.” Sally kisses his cheek again, turns about and lets her ass move slowly as she walks seductively out the door. John lets out a loud sigh as he gathers up his things and heads for the Science lab. As he walks to the door he looks left then right, and heads in closing the door silently. Sally emerges from the shadows, her hair down and her shirt halfway unbutton revealing her dark red bra. John drops his books and he feels his dick becoming hard. Sally notices a bulge forming and she lets out a faint laugh. “Haven’t touched you yet and you’ve already gotten hard. I wonder if you will cum when I lick it with my tongue?” John smiles innocently as he rubs his pulsating friend. John asks quzzically “When does class start teacher?” Sally has a quaint smile as she begins unbuttoning the rest of her shirt. “As soon as we get undressed.” Seeing Sally unbutton the rest of her shirt, John says “No, let me do that for you.” John walks over to her and he begins to take off the buttons one by one with his teeth and tongue. “You smell so sweet, like lavender and honey.” He begins to kiss her stomach as his hand travels downwards “Just wait till you get to taste my mouth.” Sally says with a soft moan as John rubs her pussy through her pants. John’s tongue enters her mouth and they begin to duel as their saliva mixes and they taste each other’s flavor. Sally feels downward for his dick wanting to get it as hard as possible. She finds it quickly, it’s head feeling large and his shaft large as well. She unbuttons his pants and pulls out his cock stroking it with her cold hands.”Easy there I don’t want to go limp!” Sally gets on her knees and before she takes him into her mouth she says,”I doubt this will make you limp!” She bobs her head back and forth her tongue gliding along his head and shaft. She takes him out and stands up unbuttoning her pants. John picks her up by the waist and lays her on the table. The coldness meeting the hotness of their bodies. He rips her pants off revealing a cunt with a small patch of blonde curly hairs. John attacks her quickly, his tongue gliding in and around her lips. He plays inside her with his tongue, exploring as much as he can. She lets out soft moans as it gets closer and closer to her clit. “Please! Go upward and stop teasing me!” John looks up at her and smiles. This time with not the shy look he possesses in class, but the look of a person with confidence. He kisses her hood, making way for his tongue to find her clit. With doing so she lets out a shrill yell as his tongue finds it at last. He plays with it like a speed bag. He begins to suck at it softly adding his spit to fuel the wetness. When he comes up he has her juices on his nose and lips. He smiles at her as he parts her legs. “Oh God, please enter me! Enter me now!” She lays her head back and holds onto the table as he enters her quickly and without hesitation. He pushes his whole 6 inches in and quickly out many times until he feels himself about to cum. He sees a pillow on the floor and he quickly takes advantage. He lays back, his head on the pillow and allows her to ride him. She grasps hold of his shoulders as she goes up and down slowly at first, allowing his dick to recover so that his cum doesn’t come out like a volcano, oozing into her. He squeezes her tiny nipples and feels her soft breasts. She begins to moan loudly as she begins to ride harder and faster. Their breathing becoming deeper and quicker. He feels himself about to cum and yells, “get up!” She gets up shaking through spasms of pleasure and he lays her head down on the pillow. He places her feet on the ground with her knees bent upwards. He graps her thigh and on his knees he begins to strike into her, feeling the heat of her he quickens his strokes. He continues till he feels the urge of the cum coming out. At first he was going to pull out, but as soon as he came he felt her walls tighten around him. She let out a loud yell, yelling: “Oh God Oh God, you’ve made me cum!” As soon as she let her grasp go, he pulled out and begins throwing on his clothes. He then smiles at her sweetly saying,”Not every innocent looking person is actually innocent. Give me a call when you’d like to take my sex ed!” She lets out a laugh as she kisses his cock. “I will be sure to do that!” They hear the bell ring and hurriedly begin to get dressed and head to their next class.

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