School Ruled By Freaks, 5th class

so my 3rd class, 1st day, went pretty normal. except for what happened to this girl jessica. she was the victim of that class, and now i’m about to go to my 5th class.

i walked into the classroom, in my tiny little vinyl skirt that covered only half my ass and left the rest revealed for everyone to see. i was also wearing my black shoes that were 6 inch heels, as requested, and a white button up shirt with no bra. bras are not allowed in this school, they say it stops our breast from developing in a healthy way. a lot of the things in this place are unusual and new to me, but it’s the private school my parents chose for me. after everything that happened today i can’t concentrate on anything… this is the worst place ever.

“hi everyone. my name is samantha smith, and i will be your health teacher for the year. you can call me miss smith, and if you don’t call me that way there will be consequences. so, obviously as a teacher i have rules. in this classroom i don’t tolerate bad behavior and punishments are harsh, so you might as well listen to all i say. more importantly, do as i say! is that clear?”

“yes miss smith ” the class replied not knowing the kinds of things they would be asked to do in that class,

“so, here are the rules. there is no talking unless i allow you to, no bathroom brakes, and you must wear your uniform fitting to your exact measures at all times.there will be no wearing of accessories at all, and no crossing your legs. your legs must stay open, the more open the better. it is healthy to let your body’s most intimate parts to get air. it may seem weird right now, but one day you will thank me. now, lets get started. open your books to page 149…”

the class continued, as boring as it was. i couldn’t wait to get out of class! then i thought about my exam and hoped it would be canceled or that i could stay longer in class. i was so nervous about it i wasn’t even paying attention.

“excuse me young lady will you please read the following paragraph, it is your turned to read,”

uh, what’s happening? i have to read? this can’t be happening, it’s my 1st day of school and i am already a bad student?

i started reading…

“that’s not were we are, what have you been doing all this time…huh? rubbing your lips against each other?” the class laughed. “…because you haven’t payed attention and your legs are crossed! you are disobeying my rules and need to be punished young lady. open your legs! open…your…legs!”

i had to obey but i didn’t want to, her voice kept getting louder and it was soo humiliating, finally i saw her walking away, oh i felt so relieved, just to see her come back with some metal thing in her hand, she placed it between my legs in my ankles, ” you will keep the spreader bar throughout all the class with no panties on, and you will learn to keep your legs open and obey my rules, all my rules.”

this couldn’t be happening, i cried as she took my boy shorts off. everyone was watching, i was soo humilitated.

“i want everyone to look at her & learn to follow the rules. unless you want to be punished by me, do what i say and look at her little, exposed pussy. is it wet? let me see, i want to know if you were pleasuring your self in class.”

she slides her finger in my pussy & takes out some fluids, “just what i thought you are touching your self in class! you are a slutty little girl you need to be spanked until you say you will be a good girl.”

she took me to the bathroom, it was hard to walk with the spreader bar so she removed it. there were girls in the bathroom and other teachers next to the sinks. she pushed me against the wall and pulled down my skirt. i had nothing underneath them since she had taken my boy shorts from me earlier in the class. my ass was exposed and i felt like a lil’ girl being punished, it was so humiliating.

she spanked me many times as she said ” you dirty lil’ slut! are you gonna behave? are you gonna be a good girl? spread your legs. spread your legs!”

she took out her ruler and spanked my pussy with it. then she touched it as if trying to make me feel better.

“you have a very nice pussy. it’s so soft and hairless. sorry i had to hurt it, but your not a good girl. you need to behave ok? ”

it hurt so bad. i wanted her to stop, so i finally said what she wanted to hear. “ok,” i said.

“ok what?,” she replied.

“ok, i’ll behave. i’ll do what you say, just stop please miss samantha.”

“good, you remembered to say my name, i left your pussy a bit red & you have an exam to go to today don’t you?”

“yeah i do.”

“let me put some lotion on it, it will make you feel much better. some lotion and a massage will get you all ready and relaxed for your exam.”

“it isn’t necessary miss samantha, but thank you.”

“lay down, in the counter space next to all the sinks.”

“ok miss samantha. ”

i laid down…

“spread your legs wide open so i can see your pussy. i need to examine it a bit first.”

i did as i was told…

“good girl, just like that. good girl, relax open a little more…perfect.”

a woman came out of the bathroom and was washing her hands. she started staring at me, looking at my pussy. i wanted to go somewhere more private, but i wouldn’t dare tell miss samantha. she would punish me and make it worse!

miss samantha started applying some lotion on my vulva, all over the outer lips and inner lips. my pussy was covered in a clear lotion. she started massaging my pussy, her hands were soft. i hated how the other woman just kept staring like this was some kind of movie, and i could tell she was staring only at my pussy.

“hey, would you mind helping me here?,” miss samanta said to the other woman.

“no, of course not, it would be delightful!,” she replied.

the woman approached me…

“she has a very nice little tight pussy doesn’t she?”

“yeah she does, its so soft!”

at this time they were both taking turns touching me down there, i felt aweful.

“so how old is she?”

“she is 18, but she has the pussy of a lil’
12 year old bitch doesn’t she?”

“she sure does.”

“turn around, i want you on your hands and knees.”

i did what she said…

“miss samantha, is this nessesary?”

“yes it is, i am your health teacher and i know what’s best for your pussy after a good
session of spanking it.”

“you spanked her pretty lil pussy?,” the woman asked miss samantha.

“i sure did,” she replied, “she needs to learn to behave.”

“i think she already did.,” she said as she smiled, “can i spank her pussy 2?”

“sure, open your legs cassandra. let her spank your pussy once.”

huh? what did i do? i was so confused, but scared, so i did what she said. she spanked me once, then kept lightly tapping on my pussy.

“ok, that’s enough.” miss samantha said, “i wouldn’t want her to think we are using her for sexual purposes.”

the woman stopped, and i got into the position they had asked for. there was a mirror and i could see my butt hole in it when i looked back. she took some lotion and placed it there. a few minutes passed and she licked my pussy saying she had to leave it clean and ready for my exam. i was sent away to my exam as if nothing abnormal had happened.

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    This story got me really wet

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