School Teacher Fantasy

John- you were making me so horny today! It wasn’t anything you did, just looking at you and thinking about how sexy you are—and how you satisfy me like no other…
I keep thinking about how your big cock fills up my mouth and pussy, and how good it feels sucking on it. I can’t wait to get you in my mouth tomorrow night. I’ll be thinking about it all day! I had this fantasy about you in my mind today.
You’re the teacher and I’m the bad school girl. You tell me to come over to your desk for my punishment. I walk up to you, and you grab my wrist, and pull me over your lap. You lift up my skirt to see my bare ass, (I’m not wearing any panties.) You tell me that I have been very bad and that I deserve a good spanking. You start slapping me good and hard, but in between hits you massage my ass gently. After a while you begin to feel a wet spot on your leg. My pussy is soaking wet and your dick begins to harden. You tell me to open my legs a little and you rub my clit and wet fuck hole. I’m aching for you now, and I let out a soft moan. You begin to finger fuck my pussy until I’m writhing against your finger, shaking and moaning louder with pleasure. I slide down onto the floor, looking up at you, I grab onto your belt-buckle. You slap my hand away and give me a scolding look. You then undo your buckle and pull down your boxers exposing your semi-hardened masterpiece. You grab the back of my hair and I slide your dick into my warm, eager mouth. I lick it up and down, kissing and sucking the shaft, then sucking hard on the head and flicking my tongue around on the tip. I gently stroke it while sucking it hard, gliding it in and out of my mouth.
I want to taste your cum, but you pull me up to you and tell me to sit on your cock. You sit down in your chair, and I straddle your legs, using my hand to rub the tip of your dick on my wet clit. I then guide your big cock into my pussy, moaning with pleasure. I ride you up and down and wiggle my hips back and forth, trying to get you deeper inside me. You push down on my shoulders and moan in extasy as your cock dips further into my tight wet pussy. “I love the way you fuck me,” I say as I slide back down to the floor and you instruct me, “Sarah, make me cum.” I nod my head in agreement, and begin to suck and stroke your dick again, tasting my own sweet pussy on you. I stroke your cock just the way you like it, with long gentle strokes, sucking as hard as I can on the head. You can’t hold back any longer, so you tell me not to stop. You say, “keep sucking while I’ll come. Don’t stop.” I continue sucking on your swollen cock as you pump your cum onto my tongue. I suck until all of the cum is swallowed and you are shaking with pleasure.

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