School's Just That Boring

He stands in class, waiting to spot a familiar face. I guess I’m your familiar face, walking directly past you towards the back of the classroom, not wanting to draw attention to trouble. You watch me walk past, and sit in the desk closest to me. I stare with obvious confusion. “I walked past you for a reason, you know? We’ll get in trouble.” I sit back into the seat, nearly sinking, already feeling some type of vexation. “Don’t worry about it. We can control ourselves…for now anyway.” You give me a small smile. With my hands in my lap, I look away. “As if summer weren’t enough?” I wink. “The summer was just the start.” Your smile gets bigger. I narrow my eyes in wonder. The clock couldn’t go any slower, could it? I move the desk over, to get my hands from my lap to yours. There was never any harm in some play. “The summer could have been a beginning, but I wanna begin something now and end it later.” The words come out as a whisper. You jump a bit, feeling my hand, then relax as you move your hand to my lap. “Then let’s get started.” I giggle, and suddenly come back to reality. “Maybe later, I’ll be failing Spanish a bit too soon.” I rub the head of your bulge the way I usually did behind the church. I move back a bit felling the pigue in my panties become worse. “I’ll be your private tutor.” You smile, rubbing my crotch, focusing on my clit. I close my eyes and bite my lip, knowing private pleasure was more like it. My clit began to hurt from all the attention, it was hating it, but everything else wanted more. I put my jacket over your lap and begin to go inside your pants to give your dick a bit more attention. You bite the inside of your cheek as you put your own jacket over my lap to put your hands inside my pants. With my other hand I grab the metal bar underneath the seat and bite my lip to contain from moaning. I can feel the drizzle of my own juices begin to drip down my legs. Feeling upset you’re getting me to my place faster than usual, I work my thumb around the head of your junk until pre-cum touches my skin. You start to grip your own leg, trying not to cum in your pants. You start to work your fingers faster and move inside my panties. I contract my uterus trying to keep myself calm. I feel your penis become stressed in my hand as I move it up and down faster along your shaft, but sure not to draw attention. I can feel you hitting my tickle spot a bit too much and stop you from going any further. You smile a bit and continue moving your hand into my panties. You tease my clit with your fingers as you continue to stop from cumming. I move back again, and my clit begins to beg for mercy. I take your free hand and suck on your thumb the way I’d love to do your penis. –I drop your pencil and go down to get it, taking you fully into my mouth three times before coming back up. You let out a few sighs as your body tingles. You move closer to me and insert your fingers, moving them the fastest you can. I gasp a bit as you nails create new sores, and try to pull away. I find my head going back in pleasure and decide I’ve had enough of this tease. I “drop something else” and take only the head of your penis into my mouth and suck on it until I feel and taste something warm and liquid. Disgusted – I spit the contents into my jacket and ball it up, placing it inside of my purse. You bring my head up to avoid cumming anymore in my mouth or face. Your mouth opens a bit as you let out a satisfied sigh. You begin to rub my clit again, faster then before. I pull your hand away and fix myself for the next class, wanting more of you. You also fix yourself up as you look at me with a smile. “So, what now?” I look down, not trying to force the smile off my face, and shrug. “Skip?” I shrug. “The third floor B-Side bathroom is empty a lot, and there’s always the library.” You let out a small chuckle. I smile as the bell rings, then get up. “There’s no harm in it.” You get up, too. “If there is, I’m not trying to find it.” You smile and walk out the class behind me. “So then are we going? If so, I’m right behind you. But… We could skip and leave the school for across the street.” You smile. “That works better than a bathroom. I don’t have any objections.” You take my hand and walk out the school without hesitation. I smile, sort of feeling on top of the world. I was doing something I wouldn’t dream of doing in this life, and here I was doing it.
When we get to the house, you pull me close and gently place your hand on my cheek and kiss me. I drop my bag and take your face with my hands and kiss you back. I felt my lips were dry, so I pull away and just smile, a bit unsure of how we’re going to do this. You pull me back with a smile and continue to kiss me and move your hand down and start to rub again. There’s a small pang in my stomach, butterflies; my clit tingles, and part of me wants you to throw me down there and do whatever pleases you. I put my hand down inside of your pants and pull your dick out and from then begin to make it hard. I open my mouth to let out brief sighs and once again feel my own juices to flow. You undo my pants and put your hand inside my panties, beginning to tease my clit again as your dick gets harder. “No more, foreplay, it never helps anyway.” You begin to move me toward what seems to be a bedroom and lay me down as you pull my pants and panties off. For the first time, just for you, and with only a small bit of hesitance, I take my shirt off and pull yours off as well. The awkward feeling soon subsides as I wait for you to put on your condom, the cool, damp air making my crotch cold as it was wet. You take a condom out of your pocket as you take your pants off and put it on as you hold yourself over me and put your dick in with a hard thrust at first. I put my head back and grab at the carpet. It’d been a while sense we’d had sex, so my hole was tighter then usual. I notice your thrusts become slower and slower and then fast again. I bit my lip, then flip things around for the first time. I let you get on bottom and straddle you. I pump slow at first, trying to find a rhythm, nd lean down to kiss you senselessly, still pumping. You feel my body as you lay back and let me ride you. You bring me closer to lick and suck my nipples. The air seems to become warmer with each pump as the rhythm gets faster and faster. Feeling myself about to continue to my climax, I get off, thinking of a new position, while still handling you with my hands. Your eyes close a bit and your mouth opens as you let out a couple of sighs. You bring me to you to kiss. I’m pleased with myself, I love pleasing you. I lay down for a bit to catch my own breath, still thinking of something else exotic to try. You smile at me as you open my legs wide and go down. You tease me with your fingers at first and then start to lick my clit. I sigh and moan, probably the best oral you’ve given yet. “Mmmm… Stop teasing me.” I pull you up on top of me and kiss you deeply. –I want you in deep. I stand, and quickly search the bathroom to discover what I was looking for. The water runs. I close the door and start up a warm bath, and hesitate to call you in. I pull my hair up into a bun and open the door. You rush into the bathroom and continue to kiss me hard. I take your kisses in gladly and slowly pull you into the tub with me. I straddle you that way and guide you inside of me and pump as much as I could. The room becomes steamed. You lean your head back and begin to let out sighs and grunts I desire to hear. I feel myself continue with multiple orgasms, and wonder if you came yet or if you’re even close. I get off and sit back for a moment. “Jeeze, Steven.” I moan, quietly. “What?” You bring me closer and kiss me as you start to lean in and put your dick back inside of me. I smile, breathing hard, and kissing you back. I giggle. “Nothing, I just knew there was a reason I kept you around.” I move down and kiss your neck, needing a small break as my lips became swollen before my hole. I feel you inside, deeper and deeper as I relax. You start to trust harder and faster, trying to get me to climax as many times as you can before you cum. “Oh yeah, what’s that reason?” You smile and start to kiss my neck in return. I lean back against the wall of the tub and bite my lip, but even that can’t control my spasms. I cry out in pleasure, holding you by your neck, bringing your face closer to mine. “I just can’t give up a good fuck, I guess.” The water moves fast as you pump. You put your arms on the wall and begin to pump as fast as you can. You kiss me harder as you get closer to cumming. I put my head back as far as I can, and open my legs wider to feel my own orgasm. I kiss you chest. As I relax you’re able to move deeper inside. I moan and pull you deeper. You thrust harder and harder until you finally cum. You breath deeply as you look into my eyes and give me a small smile. “Is that what makes you keep me around?” I smile, closing my eyes for a brief moment. “I keep you around because I love you… And the sex doesn’t hurt..Emotionally…” I regularize my breathing, and kiss you a few times. “I love you, too.” You smile and kiss me as you lean back and let out a couple more heavy breaths then relax abit and get your breathing back to nornmal.

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