Sex With drama teacher

Mr. Griffin was the hottest teacher at my school..He was tall with a strong jaw and a I’m hot attitude. He was 24 years old and had an amazing body. Every girl wanted him and he was my teacher.

We flirted a bit throuout the semester, never too ovbious, just me bending over in front of him or brushing against him…

Well one day he asked in class for someone to stay after and help with some sets. I quickly raised my hand and he chose me…

we were painting a pice of paper and he put pant on me we got into a paint fight putting it on each others arms faces etc… then i got some on my shirt ..oops I said so i took my shirt off to not mess it up anymore i had on a very low cut tank top underneath and I saw him notice

We stared talking about school and him.. he said he hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while . I said aww poor Mr. Griffin your probably so horny as a joke but he said yeah I am…How old r u? I told him I had just turned 18 he smiled and said good…I asked him why that was good and he smiled and dragged me into the prop room…

Once we were inside he closed and locked the door then turned to me…he said I want you so bad…and kissed me running his hands under my shirt and pulling it off…once he unhooked my bra he took my 32C breasts in his hands and mouth kissing and rubbing them..

He had made me so wet I had always wanted him and wanted him so bad and even more now..I bent down and unzipped his pants playing with his big cock and pulling it out of his pants and putting it in my mouth as i begain to suck he moaned and then looked at me and smiled.

He layed me down on some old clothes and pulled my pants off..He slowly kissed from my lips to my snach as his wet toung enterd me i wanted to climax so bad but held on he stopped licking and finnaly put his big dick in me. As he thrust and pushed I was in pure heaven he felt so good, i climaxed ….

After we had finished I was kinda sad because it was friday and I wouldent see him untill monday…He asked me what my plans were for the weekend andi told him I had none he asked me to stay with him…after a run home to get clothes and a lie to my parents I spent the whole weekend with him we had sex so many times i lost track in every spot of his apartment… that sunday night as we said goodbye he kissed me and said see ya in class

after that class was wonderful all i saw when i looked at him was our weekend together. We started dating after I graduated and after two years got married. we still havent told anyone about that weekend but I see it every day when I look at my husband.

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