Sleepover Experiences

?Hi!? lyna?s cute voice was heard almost skipping though the doorway of this average collage apartment. Her small frame and ?sweeter than sweet? looks gave her voice a hum of innocence. ?You?re a bit early, Lyna. The sleepover isn?t supposed to start for another couple hours or so.? a husky, but otherwise fairly built man said while giving her a big hug. ?I know, but I couldn?t just let you and Jessica clean up all by yourselves. Besides, I brought chips.? Lyna smiles her usual irresistible smile which makes him blush a bit.
?Oh Johnny! Is my fiancĂ© ready to give his patient her shot?? the teasingly sexy voice of Jessica flutters from the master bedroom area and lights Johnny?s face on fire. ?We?umm? I… that is?.. She? is diabetic!? This desperate scrambling for words left Lyna giggling. ?It?s okay Johnny.? She spins around backward with and with her hands on her says ?I didn?t hear a word.? Over her shoulder she gives Johnny a cute wink.
After a couple of hours the rest of the small crowd gathered in Johnny and Jessica?s medium sized living room. Jessica had finally emerged from the bedroom, revealing a very sexy, large chested frame to compliment her sexy voice. Staring back and forth between the two love birds, Lyna was being tormented by the question of how often Johnny and Jessica had made love. ?I mean, I?m 19 so that makes everyone here either 19 or 20. A little young to be living together and fooling around in the middle of the day.? She mumbled to herself. ?I take offence to that!? the playful voice of Lyna?s friend Kelly surprises her from behind. As she spins around, Kelly teasingly says ?I?ll have you know that I slept with my first boyfriend when I was 13. Does that make me a horrible person?? ?No, no. I didn?t mean?. Oh never mind. Here, takes some chips.? Lyna says almost disheartened. ?Great! You remembered? Kelly?s big smile made Lyna feel a bit better, but it just drew her attention to her waistline. How could this girl eat so many chips and not gain a pound? Of course, she wasn?t as small framed as Lyna was, but still, it was an injustice.
Scouring the room for people she new, she came upon Rick. Rick was built. Rick was tall. Rick had long black hair. Rick was insanely hot! ?Too bad you can?t have him. I mean, with you being committed to Chris and all.? Kelly?s comment sent Lyna?s fantasy up in smoke. She?s already got a boyfriend and she was committed to him, loyal to him, but still, it wouldn?t hurt her feelings if she could get a little affection from him as well.
It took about three hours of everyone being bored before the party really heated up. It was 11:00 and everyone was already in their sleeping attire. There were eight people there in all. Jessica and Johnny, Lyna and Kelly, Rick, and two guys and a girl that Lyna had never seen before. Johnny made everyone pull all their chairs and the couch into a big circle. Noticing that Rick was sitting on the couch beside her made Lyna blush a bit. ?Now it?s time for the party game die!? Johnny pulled out a large six-sided die with games written on each side. ?Does everyone agree to play whatever game the almighty die decides?? After a series of yeses from the crowd, Johnny rolls the die revealing ?Truth-or-Dare?. Lyna became a little excided. ?I was a little nervous about this but hey, I?ve played truth or dare since I was 9. Glad it wasn?t spin the bottle or anything? she whispers to herself.
Jessica says, ?We all know the rules, so I?ll kick things off. Johnny, walk on your hands to the kitchen and get me my soda with your feet.? ?Wait, I don?t even get to pick Truth or Dare?? Johnny protests. ?You always pick dare, I?m just speeding up the process.? They both smile. Everyone was really surprised when he actually made it to the kitchen and almost brought it back before dropping it in front of her. ?That will do for now.? She winks. ?Your turn.?
Johnny looks around the room for a victim. ?Kelly, Truth or Dare?? ?Dare, of course.? She purrs. ?Alright. As I?m sure you can hear there?s a bachelor party going on next door. I want to you go to there door and pretend you?re the stripper.? Everyone starts to giggle and laugh at the true evil Johnny frequently entertains. ?How long?? She asks a bit timidly. Johnny replies, ?Until they close their door.? After taking a deep breath she gets up and heads next door. Everyone was listening intently to hear what was going on.
She managed to flirt with the boy at the door and get in, but as soon as they closed the door all the boys were on her! She started giggling and pushing boys off until finally she was able to get out and hide in Johnny?s apartment again. When she entered, we noticed her shirt was missing, exposing her white lacy bra holding a very hefty rack. Being a prudent observer, Lyna begin thinking, ?Who in their right mind wears a bra to bed?? It looked to be about two sizes too small for her, but knowing Kelly, that?s exactly what she wanted.
?Revenge!? She screamed as she jumped back in our little circle. ?Okay, Johnny, wear the boxers you have on RIGHT NOW on your head!? you could barely hear Johnny?s ?ok? over the oooh?s and ahhh?s of the group. Johnny stood up, slid his pants and boxers off and put the boxers on his head. What seemed like a simple action for him lit Lyna up like a light bulb. She had never seen a man?s dick before (though there have been times when she has REALLY wanted one).
Everyone began focusing on Lyna?s increasingly red face and started picking on her. ?Its ok girl, he?s not that big? came one of the snickering voices of the boys she didn?t know. She smiled a cute, shy smile, hoping he would put his pants back on soon. The pillows around her were her only sanctuary, so she took them and buried her face in them. ?Hey!? said Johnny with his pants still down looking at the boy that had made the comment. ?I take offence to that!? After a few minutes of exchanging playful insults, the game continued.
It seemed for the next ten minutes everyone was gunning for Lyna, because all the dares consisted of making people do humiliating things, just to make Lyna red as possible. An especially bad one consisted of Johnny telling Jessica to show them her skills with her ?toys?. It took Jessica pulling down her pants and panties before Lyna realized what kind of ?toys? they were talking about. The motion of that pulsating toy was hypnotic to all of the guys but also to Lyna. All she could think was ?That must feel SOOOO good!? and ?Oh my gosh, I?m watching a girl masturbate!? which, of course, was the reaction everyone wanted to see. She got even redder, but she couldn?t take her eyes off of her until the very end.
?Okay everybody, now for the real fun. This is the last time around. Everyone can dare one thing, but everyone INCLUDING yourself had to do it.? Jessica says with a smile. ?Alright everybody, I?ll start. Um? Everyone will notice that we are all sitting boy girl boy girl. All girls sit in the lap of the boy that is on your right!? Fireworks go off in Lyna?s mind. That?s Rick!!! Rick whispers to her, ?Come on girl, I wont bite.? She timidly gets up and sits in Ricks lap. ?I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend.? Was all she could think to herself to keep her from being whisked away by Rick?s muscular legs and powerful arms that are now wrapped around her.
?Me next!? says Johnny. ?I like the way this worked out, so everyone take off your shirt!? ?NOOO!!!? Lyna thinks as she comes to grips with what is happening. All the other girls are revealing there breasts like its fun. Maybe it will be. After a moment of thinking, Lyna slowly lifts her shirt off, but right before she exposes herself, Rick reaches up and cups her extremely perky breasts. She gasped for a second, then was on cloud 9. All she could say was ?thank y?? while everyone was giggling at the sight.
Johnny said ?It?s your turn Lyna.? ?I?ll do one for you if you want? one of the boys she didn?t know grinned. ?U
m? ok? she muttered. ?Kelly
, all the girls here have no bra on except you, take it off!? ?Lyna, I?m gonna get you for this!? she playfully exclaimed as she let her DD size jugs fall free from their prison.
Rick looked at everyone with a mischievous look. ?Everyone, take off your pants, boxers, panties, the whole nine yards.? A ring of gasps followed except from Lyna, who was still way too out of it from being fondled by Rick to pay attention. In a moment the floor was covered with pants. When Rick got up to remove his, Lyna followed suit, still delirious and wanting to be part of the group. When everyone sat back down on their ?partners?, all you could hear was the muffled ?oh!? of girl who have just realized that they are all dangerously close to penetration. When Lyna sat down, Rick?s 8 in dick was so hard that it was already pressing firmly against her womanhood. This sent spikes of pleasure into her small body.
Kelly clears her throat to get Lyna?s attention. When Lyna looks, she realizes that it?s Kelly?s turn. ?Time to pay the piper girl.? She said with an evil smirk. ?All girls, take your boy?s dick!? The world almost went white for Lyna. She looked down to realize that Rick had taken the pleasure of slamming all 8 inches of himself into her slopping wet pussy! Everyone heard one of the boys yell ?bounce!? and all the girls took it to heart. Even Lyna was starting to pull Rick?s pulsing cock out and slam it back in. Kelly got off of her partner and dropped to her hands and knees to lick Jessica as Johnny was slamming into her full force. She raised her ass into the air which was all the hint her partner needed as he came over and started ramming her from behind.
In her deliriousness, Lyna spun around to face her lover as he pounded her without mercy. She screamed in delight as she felt an electricity building in her and then released in a flurry of bolts throughout her poor ravaged body. These bolts struck her three more times before she felt a flood of warmth fill her small cunt. This ignited an unquenchable flame that made her slam her body into him, taking every drop of this nectar into her sweet pussy.
When Lyna woke up, she felt Rick lightly licking at her sensitive nipples. She also noticed that all the sloppiness in her cunt was gone. ?I, uh, cleaned you up.? Rick said shyly. She looks down at his cock which looks to be a bit messy. ?Then it?s the least I can do?? Lyna kneels down and laps all the liquid off of Ricks hardening dick. Rick picked her up off of the ground, held her hands behind her back, put her legs around his waist, and slowly fucked her again to show his gratitude. All she could do is whimper and moan as the lightning bolts from last night became constant rumbles of thunder in her body.

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