Sorority Sluts

Sorority Sister at a different house hear about me and the twin pledges having sex for all the sorority sisters to watch and enjoy. Then decided to us me for a sex toy for the Pledges. At this Sorority House the object for the sex play was to have me fuck all the pledges off to orgasm. Everytime I came from fucking pledges to orgasm the rest of the pledges would have to do whatever it took to turn me on to fuck them to orgasms. This sex party would continue until all the pledges had orgasms. I was a luck guy because there was 8 Pledges that year. The pledges all got in a circle around me and decided by drawing cards who would get fucked high card was next to get fucked. I had 6 orgasms myself fucking all this hot sorority pussy to orgasms. A hot little redhead with big natural breasts was the first sister for my to fuck. She liked for me to have her legs over my head so i was fucking her pussy nice and deep. She stated screaming for me to fuck her hard and cum all over her tits and face. I really would have given her what she wanted but I had 7 more sorority sister to fuckoff. The secound sister liked getting fucked like a dog slow at first and speeding up as you fucked her. She came allover me cock and it was time to fuck sister number 3. She was a small,tight little package who i fucked to my first cum of the night. She liked to ride my cock the whole way from head to my balls with each stroke getting a little faster and pushing a little harder. She came allover my cock which made her go crazy and ride my cock superfasted and scream she was cumming again and please would i cum in her. When I came in her she when on riding my cock until it started getting hard again. Then she got off and said who’s next to get fucked. Sorority sister 4 was a full bodied brown eyed girl who liked to be fucked doggie style and have her ass spanked to turn her on more. We fucked for a few minutes when she started saying spank me harder and i will fuck you harder. We fucked for a few minutes with me spanking her harder with each stroke. Then she let out a very loud scream and said i’m cumming on your cock bang me harder you fucking bastard fuck my pussy until it cum’s for you. Then she was yelling fuck my pussy off and i felt her get tighter around my cock and hold her body all the way down on my cock and yell i’m cumming for you. Sorority sister 5 gave us a sex toy to play with a swing which she got into with her legs wide open so i could fuck her pussy nice and harder and see how much she enjoyed getting fucked. We fucked for 5 or 6 minutes this way then two sorority sister got behind her back and forced her down harder on my cock which she enjoyed because she started yelling bang my tight little pussy and spray you hot cum allover me. We fucked this way for about 3 or 4 more minutes and after that she started yelling please cum allover you fucking bastard. Then i felt her cum on my cock and she was yelling cover my with your hot cum please so i gave her a nice hot load of cum allover her body. Sorority pledge sisters 6,7,8 all got in the swing with their legs wide open so i could fuck their pussy really hard and deep. Each pledge 6,7,8 had two pledge sisters get behind their back and force them harder onto my cock so they would cum for me and I came for each of them too deep in their pussy’s. The last pledge sister must have had a hard time walking the next day because she was last she had to make me scream i’m cumming in your tight little pussy. The hard part was to get me to cum because with her being last this would be my 6 orgasm of the night. Me and her fucked for along time with the sorority sister pushing at her back and her yelling i’m cumming about 4 to 6 times. When i cum and yelled i’m cumming in your tight little pussy i was so tried from fucking i pasted out on the floor and when i came to one sorority sister said the sisters told me that you and i being the last one you fucked,fucked for one hour straight. She said it was a super great fuck and that she lost count of how many orgasm’s she had.

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