Spanked housesitter

Paige picked up the ringing phone in her college dorm, expecting one of her girlfriends to be calling about some party to go to during this lazy Alabama summer. Instead, it was her father, who surprised her with an unexpected request. It seemed that one of his business associates needed a housesitter for two weeks, and her Dad, probably knowing she was in need of summer pocket money, had offered to ask around.
Page was intrigued. The man who needed a caretaker was Christian Carlsen, the youngest of her father’s partners, and tall, handsome, and blue eyed. He reminded her of Kevin Bacon, but with softer features. Paige, ten years younger at least, had secretly thrilled to meet him at a dinner party at home, several months earlier. She had even made up excuses to pop by her father’s office in hopes of a “chance” encounter. However, although he had been friendly, Paige had no illusions that she could date Christian, her father’s partner, as a practical matter. She had let any flirtation fade away so as not to be bothered by it. But now, her little crush rekindled, Paige felt a tingle between her legs, and sudden dampness. Before she knew it, she had impulsively told her father she could do the job.
When the appointed day arrived, her father dropped her off at Christian’ home near the lake. It was a clean and charming one-story affair, with a well-tended lawn and a set of steps leading to the front door. Paige hauled her bag up the steps, feeling somewhat apprehensive, yet excited. She knocked on the door, determined to keep her butterflies to herself. Christian opened the door, smiled, and he was as handsome as she remembered.
“Hello Paige, How are you?”
“Just fine, Mr. Carlsen. Am I on time?
“Yes, you are, and I like that. Come on in and I will show you around.”
Christian took Paige around the house, occasionally touching her arm or shoulder in a most appealing way. Paige checked him out as they toured. He was 6’1″, 170 lbs, and wiry, with blue eyes, brown hair. Such a contrast to her small 5’2″ 100lb frame, and her long brown hair. He finished showed her all the amenities, and then to her surprise, told her that she would be sleeping in his own room while he was away.
Paige was happy to see that “her” room was cozy and well-appointed, with a big screen TV, a stereo, and a porch leading to the backyard. This would be a fun two weeks, with a paycheck at the end.
Christian showed Paige the kitchen and the garage, and then the two sat down at the dining room table to discuss the list of tasks Christian had prepared for Paige. Paige tryed to listen to Christian as he went down the list of boring chores, but her mind wandered. As she was daydreaming, Christian interrupted her sharply, with a disaproving tone.
“Paige! Are you listening to this?!”
“Oh, sorry Mr. Carlsen, uh, I guess my mind wandered.”
“Well, don’t let it wander again, young lady! This is important. There are only a few things you have to do here, and you aren’t paying attention. So listen up, ok?”
Christian glared at her, and Paige felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She experienced a surge of shame and anger, that he would treat her like some teenaged babysitter, but she suppressed any urge to make a snappy comeback, under the circumstances. To her surprise, she heard herself mutter “Yes, sir.”
“Good. Now before I go, I want to make sure you know how to take care of my car. I have some really specific rules, and I expect them to be followed. “
“Sure, okay.” Paige said. Car rules? Whatever.
Christian explained that he had a vintage BMW, circa 1962, and that he wanted her to start it up in the garage every other day, in order to keep the battery charged. She was also to clean it with a feather duster, and keep the chrome shiny. Then, Christian paused, and told her directly that “under no circumstances” was she to ever drive the car. It was a valuable collector’s item, and he wasn’t going to risk any damage. She was allowed to start it up, and that was all.
Paige didn’t care about his precious BMW, but tactfully nodded her head anyway as he explained the antiquated start-up routine, which involved a choke and an engine warmer, and all the little details that only men bothered with anyway.
Christian finished his mechanical lecture, and and then got up and smiled, saying it was high time to go. He wished her well, and they politely shook hands. Paige waved from the stoop, as Christian waved back from the taxi, and then disappeared around the corner. Paige skipped through the front door, looking forward to her two week paid vacation.
That first night, Paige snooped around Christian’ bedroom, and found some pictures of him. She felt slightly guilty about it, but did it anyway. In a drawer, she found a series of photos of him on a mountaintop, kin some foreign country. He was tan, muscled, and smiling, carrying a huge pack. In another, he was sitting on a rock, and in another, he struck a hero pose, with a desolate gorge falling away beneath him. He wore tan hiking shorts which showed off his athletic thighs and calves. Shutting the blinds, Paige arranged the pirctures of on the bed, and sat cross-legged in front of them.
Looking around, even though no one was there, she unsnapped the top buttons of her jean shorts, and slid her fingers down over her cotton panties. The pictures came to life in Paige’s mind: Christian kissing her in a candlelit room, a minutes long wet tonguing, him undressing her slowly. Piage rubbed her mound in a circle, pressing the white panties hard into the folds of her vagina, soaking up her warm, flowing wetness. As she kneaded her pantied pussy, each stroke of her crotch pulled the string of her thong tight in between her bottom cheeks, then loose again.
Paige let out a moan, feeling the gush of wetness soak her underpants even more. Breathing harder, she slipped off her jean shorts, unsnapped her bra, and leaned back on the fluffy pillows. Now clad only in her thong, white socks, and a t-shirt, Paige resumed masturbating, but more slowly, determined to prolong the delicious sensations. It was the same way she had always masturbated in her room at home, since the age of thirteen. Her room had been made up with lots of pink and frills, stuffed animals, and a canopy bed. But now she was in some strange, handsome man’s bed, his scent still in the sheets.
Paige finally explored inside her panties, mashing the naked folds of her slick pussy. She caressed her ample dark brown pubic hair, then slid her middle finger to her clit, tweaking it gently. She flicked rythmically, getting more and more turned on and flushed. As her pleasure mounted, she pulled out the waistband of her panties for better access, using her other hand. Suddenly, Paige thought of Christian scolding her that day, calling her “young lady” like a father might use with his daughter. She imagined Christian giving her all kinds of orders and commands, and she under his spell, having to obey. In her fantasy, Christian’s eyes were kind, but carried the threat of something harsh. The stern way he had said “Don’t let it happen again” when she had failed to pay attention, seemed so strong and masterful, with no room for doubt or compromise.
Her pussy seemed to expand as she fantasized about Christian’ masculine strength. Paige felt herself about to orgasm, and her breathing got ragged, her hips lifted off the bed involuntarily. Now she imagined Christian ripping off her clothes, throwing her on the bed hard, her brown hair wildly spread out. Then him, unleashing his raging cock from his pants, reaching down for the waistband of her underpants and ripping them down inside out, tossing them to the ground. Finally, Christian mounted her, lowering his body and his cock, gently finding her opening with the head of his penis, and plunging himself deep inside her pussy. Paige was split in half, stretched by his throbbing cock, her ankles at her ears, being banged and banged and banged…..
Paige let out a oud cry, her pussy exploding and contracting, orgasm
after orgasm flowing through her. Then, exhauste
d and glowing, she noticed the room was filled with her sex, and the sheets under her bottom were damp with sweat. Paige reached to turn out the light, took off her t-shirt and thong. She would sleep naked and content tonight.
Paige spent the next two weeks carrying out a steady routine. She woke up in the morning, went for a run, went back to sleep, woke up, ate some breakfast on the patio, and then set about cleaning the dishes. She watered the lawn, cleaned and dusted the house, fed the aquarium full of fish, and picked up Christian’ mail. After a lazy lunch, she napped, and then headed out to the garage to the BMW. She dusted the exterior, then climbed into the driver’s seat, pulled out the choke, flicked on the engine warmer, and started the car. Once the little sportster roared to life, she sometimes felt like just driving out of the garage to the mall or the beach. It was a beautiful, sleek machine, and she itched to take it for a spin, just once. But Christian had been very clear, and she was almost scared to think how he might react if she disobeyed. So she always turned off the engine, left the car in the garage, and locked the door after her like she had been told.
One hot day, Paige was in the garage, starting up the BMW again, when she had a surge of impatience. “Dammit, why not take this thing for a ride!!” How would he ever know, anyway, or even suspect? If she was smart enough to start it up, she was smart enough to drive around for a while without anything happening! With a look around, her heartbeat notching up slightly, Paige hit the button on the remote garage-door opener, gassed the purring engine, let out the clutch, and gingerly backed the roadster out of the garage into the driveway. There was no going back now. She got into the street, put the car in gear, and gunned the engine. Smoothly and powerfully, the BMW pulled her down the road, pressing her back into her seat. Her long brown hair flying in the wind, Paige let out a whoop, and shifted into second. No wonder he dug this car! The tires screeching, she zoomed out of the neighborhood and found the road to the beach.
Paige tooled all around town that day, enjoying “her” little sportscar. In fact, every day thereafter, she found an excuse to take the convertible out for a spin. She showed it off to her girlfriends, and they even took it to a bar together. Paige made sure that no one touched the car, and that it was always safe. She didn’t want even a scratch to tip off Christian that she had violated his rule. After all her fun, she seemed to have gotten away with it too. The day before Christian returned, Paige put the car back in the garage, and cleaned it up good. It looked like it had never left.
The next day, Paige was happy to see Christian return, lugging his bags up the steps and greeting her cheerfully. He asked how everything had been, and she explained all was well, and how much she had enjoyed living there. That morning, she had cleaned the house so that it would be spotless. She had even fixed him some lemonade, which he seemed to appreciate, telling her how sweet she was to think of him. After they finished their refreshment, Christian asked Paige to wait in the den while he went to get his checkbook. Paige was sorry her two weeks were over, but also happy to get paid, and for the chance to have seen Christian again.
Christian was gone for ten minutes, and Paige figured he was just unpacking a little, or freshening up after his trip. Suddenly, Paige was startled by the door to the room opening and slamming shut, as Christian came through, a dark cloud on his face.
“Paige, what the hell is going on! Didn’t I tell you not to drive my car!?”
Paige’s stomach tied up in a knot, but she put on a neutral face and spoke up.
“No! Why are you saying that!?”
“Are you denying it, young lady?”
“I didn’t drive your car, ok?” Paige said brattily.
Christian put his hands on his hips and stared Paige down, which made her wilt inside.
“Well then, how do you explain the fact that there are 50 miles more on the odometer than when I left, Paige!?”
Paige stammered that she didn’t know, how could she know, she just cleaned it and waxed it, and he must be wrong!
“I’ll show you who’s wrong around here young lady!”
Christian moved like a flash and grabbed Paige’s upper arm before she could move. She yelped, but he dragged her over to the couch, and pushed her into the pillows, in a sitting position, as he towered over her.
“Paige, you lied to me, and you broke my golden rule. I recorded the mileage on that car, and you put 50 miles at least driving around while I was gone. And what’s more, you took the 20 bucks in my glove compartment, didn’t you?” Christian glared at Paige, his eyes full of fury and disappointment.
Paige’s heart sunk. Now she was caught, with no excuse. She had forgotten to put the 20 dollars back, after her friend Karin had borrowed it when they went to the bar. Shit! How could she have forgotten? What was he going to do to her?
“You just lied to me, didn’t you young lady?”
Paige muttered something unintelligible, hardly believing she was caught, and getting lectured by the handsome Christian as if he were her father.
“I know you did. And I am going to teach you a lesson you are not going to forget for a long time. Now stand up and face me.” Christian yanked Paige by her wrist to her feet. Paige’s heart was beating, her knees felt weak.
Paige stammered “What are you going to do to me? I didn’t do anything to your car! I didn’t!”
“I’ll tell you exactly what I’m going to do young lady. I am going to put you over my knee, take down your pants, and give you a good spanking! You disobeyed me, you lied to me, and you stole money from me!”
Paige was stunned. At hearing the word “spanking” she felt a knot in her stomach and a familiar sense of panic. Her last spanking from her parents had been almost a year ago, by her father for staying out past curfew. It had been a really hard over the knee spanking, with her pajamas and panties down in her Dad’s den. She cringed at the memory of that embarrassing scene, and of all the other humiliating spankings that she had received during junior high and high.

Against her will, Paige felt the same old rushing fear that she had always felt when her parents announced a spanking. Her bottom tingled and her hands shook. She felt like she would cry. And he had said “pants down”! Just like before her parents’ punishments, she did a nervous mental check of her underpants. White Jockey bikini panties, clean that morning, underneath her blue jogging shorts. Oh God, she thought, please don’t let him take them down. This was unbelievable. But she couldn’t think of a way out of it.

Feeling desperate, Paige yelled “You can’t! You’re not my dad!. All I did was use your car!”
“I can’t eh?” Christian suddenly grabbed Paige and bent her over at the waist so suddenly that she didn’t have time to run. Paige struggled and yelped but couldn’t move. Christian held Paige by the waist, her head down and her slim bottom raised, stretching out her blue shorts and showing her panty line underneath.

Christian raised his hand and brought it down.
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He delivered three hard spanks to Paige’s bottom. Paige’s jockey panties were not much protection beneath the shorts.
“Owwwwwwww!!!” Paige yelped.
SMACK! SMACK! SLAP! The spanks moved Paige’s whole body, they were so hard.
“Owwww! God, please don’t!!” “I’m sorry!!”
“This is for your own good Paige. I am so disappointed in you! You stay right there! You are going to get the spanking of your life, young lady!
Paige’s bottom burned, and she felt tears in her eyes. “Oh God, please don’t spank me! I’ll never do it again!”
Christian didn’t answer as he reached for the drawer in the side table, and pulled out a long, thick plastic ruler, about two feet long and two inches wide. Paige twisted to stare in shock at the ruler, her bottom already hot from the previous slaps. Her free hand went involuntaril
y to her stinging bottom, at the sight of the evil looking ruler.
se Christian, don’t do it, please. I’m so sorry I lied and everything. I couldn’t help it, it wasn’t my fault, and my friend Karin took your money, not ME!!!
Raising the ruler high, Christian just shook his head.
The ruler cut into her bottom and hurt like hell.
“Nooo! Owwww”
Christian let her out of his grip and stood her before him. He noticed tears in her eyes and her scared look.
“Please don’t spank me, I’ll be good, I swear!” Paige heard herself begging like she had so many times during a spanking, and felt humiliated.
“It’s way too late for this, Paige. Now pull down your shorts to your knees, and your underpants too. I am sick of all these lame excuses!”
Paige backed away, and Christian quickly grabbed her by the ear and pulled her toward the couch again.
“Noooo! Pleeeeasssse don’t! Oww!”
“Get down those shorts, NOW Paige!”
Paige hesitated, holding on to her waistband.
Christian grimaced, put the ruler down on the table, and then pushed Paiges’ hands away. He reached for her waistband, and yanked her shorts roughly down before she could protest. Standing in her bikini panties, Paige felt vulnerable and exposed. She quickly adjusted her underwear so that her pubic hairs stayed inside, and then held her hands sheepishly over her crotch.
“Down with your panties, young lady!”
“Please, can’t I keep them on?” Paige pleaded.
Christian yanked Paige over his knees with a single pull, and locked her hand behind her back.
“Nooo! You can’t! I’m sorrry!” Paige was staring at the floor, her wrist locked behind her back, and painfully aware that her pantied bottom was open to view.
Christian picked up the ruler with his free hand, and raised it high above his head.
“OWWWWWWW! NOOOOO!” Paige yelled.
WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP!!! The ruler cracked down on Paige’s white panties over and over.
“You have been a BAD BAD GIRL!!” THWAP! THWAP! THWAP!
“I will not tolerate lying and stealing!!” THWAP! WHAP! WHAP!
“When I tell you to pull your panties down, you DO it!”
The thick plastic ruler was so painful that Paige yelped and cried out after every spank. It made a terrible sound every time it landed on her bottom. Paige couldn’t believe she was being spanked again. She imagined that her bottom showed another red stripe, underneath her panties, with every crack from the unfeeling ruler.
“Have you learned anything yet, Paige?” THWAP THWAP
Paige’s throat was constricted, and she only mumbled and groaned.
“Are you going to disobey me in the future?!” WHAP WHAP WHAP!
“NOOOO, I’m sorry, please stop spanking me!” Paige pleaded tearfully.
“We are NOT even started yet, young lady! I told you that I was going to spank your bare bottom.”
“Oh GGod, no!!”
Paige struggled desperately, trying to break loose, but she was firmly pinned down across his lap. She then felt Christian reach for the waistband of her underpants, and slowly peel them inside out to her thighs.
Paige felt the air rush across her burning bottom, and knew her sex was exposed to Christian completely. There was nothing she could do.
The next spanks were so loud and painful that Paige felt herself begin to sob.
The ruler landed mercilessly again and again on Paige’s bare bottom, the sound filling the whole room.
“This is for your own good, Paige. You have to learn to listen, and not to lie, isn’t that right?” SMACK SMACK SMACK
“OWWWWW!! Yes, yes, I’m sorrrryyy!” Paige cried openly now.
“You know I am sorry to have to do this, Paigey, but you left me no choice!”
“Owwwww, oh god, no more, please, I’m so sorry, I’ll be goood!!”
Paige felt herself beginning to lose her inhibitions, and she began sniffling and crying like a baby. Her tears ran down her face, and onto Christian’ thigh. Her bare bottom burned and glowed, and was splotched a cherry red. As with her Daddy’s spankings, she felt loved and punished at the same time, and so embarrassed to have her panties down. She knew she deserved this spanking, but could hardly believe it was happening.
“Now Paige, I want you to count the last five, which I am going to give you with my palm.”
SLAP! Christian huge hand landed firmly on Paige’s tiny reddened bottom.
“Owwww. One!” Paige gurbled.
SLAP! Christian’ hand landed on her right bottom cheek, flattening it and taking her breath away it was so hard.
“OW!! Two!”
SLAP! “Three!” The other butt cheek flattened and burned into Paige’s brain
“oh God, four! Please Christian, please don’t spank me anymore!”
“One more, and we are done, sweetie.”
“WHACK” Christian landed the hardest spank of the whole spanking.
“OWWWWWWWW! ” F-f-five, oh no more, no more.”
Paige was sobbing, her tears flowing freely, her bottom on fire and feeling raw.
“Now stand up like a good girl” Christian pulled the sobbing Paige up by her arm, and stood her in front of him. He inspected her flat belly, and her big brown patch of pubic hair, then turned her around and peered at her reddened ass.
“Go stand in the corner, this instant, and you think about why you got spanked. And you keep your pants and underpants down the whole time, and don’t move. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Sir” Paige had no resistance left in her.
Christian led Paige to the corner, and pulled down her panties and shorts from her thighs to her ankles. Making her face the corner, he caressed her burning bottom, and Paige felt her pussy throb. Rubbing his hands through her long hair, his voice went from hard to soft.
“Don’t cry now, it’s all over, and you learned a good lesson, Paigey. You know I had to do it, because I care for you, and want you to improve. Don’t you?”
Paige nodded through her tears, her sex pulsing with desire. The wetness began to run down her leg, and she prayed he wouldn’t see.
“It’s ok, my love, you just got a spanking, dont’ cry now.” Christian took his huge hand and placed it over Paiges’ burning bottom, rubbing and kneading her exquisitely. He moved it down to her thighs, which he lightly caressed and stroked. The burning deep in Paige’s bottom traveled straight to her asshole, then up to her pussy, leaving her breathless and soaking.
“Now I am going to pull up your pants, and you are going to think about your spanking and your bad behavior for ten minutes. Then I’m going to drive you home, ok?”
Paige nodded, embarrassed at her free flowing sex, and the juice running down her leg. Christian reached for the jockeys, and pulled them tight up into Paige’s crotch, soaking up Paiges’ pussy juices. Then he yanked the seat of her panties up hard into her crack, so that her red buttocks were exposed from behind, giving her a snug wedgie. The white cotton bikini contrasted with Paige’s reddened, punished buttocks, and Christian made her stand there humiliated, for the whole ten minutes, softly telling her over and over what a bad girl she had been, and how she needed to be spanked. Paige felt loved, punished, and embarrassed, and was glad her panties were up, so that Christian couldn’t see the constant soaking flow into her panties, as he lectured her so lovingly for that ten minutes.
When it was over, Christian would not let her pull her wedgie down, but he pulled up her shorts for her. He then led her by the hand to his BMW. On the walkway to the garage, a neighbor glanced with surprise at the cute co-ed with the reddened ass, being led to the car. On the way home, they said nothing, but Paige felt warm and content, as her bottom glowed from her spanking.

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