Spring break Ch1

(This first chapter is only my interpitation as to how Mr.Blackburn and Ms.Wilson first got together.It’s my first story email comments welcome)

Jeff Blackburn sat at his desk as he sipped the last of his coffie going through his history tests for next Mondays class.It was earley January and he needed to make sure his 3 classes were ready for the exams that were comming up.It was going well onto 5:00 pm and he was still not done and now out of coffie.Jeff pushed on for another 15 minutes before caving and headed for the office for a refill.Unfortunatley the office was locked.”Shit and I left my keys in the classroom” he thought as he headed back feeling the stress of a long week that just wouldnt end.Even though he didnt have any big plans for the weekend he still needed to get away from work for a while.On his way back to class Jeff noticed he was alone besides the janitor and even he was packing up for the day.”Don’t work too hard jeff.I’ll leave the the history wing exit unlocked for you and Kim.Just dont forget to lock it,have a good weekend”At first the name kim didnt ring a bell and then Jeff remembered the sexy brunet that started at the school a little over a moth ago.She wasn younger than Jeff maby 22.she was about 5’8 130 with long shiny light brown hair and nice blue eyes however the first thing that came to mind were thouse lips.Even though she did have a nice chest on her it was her lips that he couldnt stop thinking about.On his way back to his class Jeff took a look out the window to see onley 2 cars left in the parking lot.Jeffs curriosity as to where kim was finally came to an end when he passed by the photo copy room.”Peace of shit”Kim said to herself as she kicked the photo copyer followed by a sharp pain in her toe.Jeff looked her up and down in her dark blue blowse and matching skirt before Jeffs unexpected laughter startled Kim as she whiped around to see who was behind her.Kims startled expression was quickley replaced by a look of excitment at the sight of the sexy teacher that stood before her.Don’t worrie I hate that thing too.Hi Im Jeff Blackburn” he said as he held out his hand.Kim tried to set down the huge stack of papers that she was attempting to photocopy but dropped them as she gazed at the sexy teacher.”Uh…Umm hi I’m Kimberley Wilson”She said felling a little imbarassed.”So who’s class Are you working with?”asked Jeff as he knelt down to help pick up the papers.”Mr.Kullins’s!”Kim snaped.”Lazy old man hope he retires soon”
“Oh Garry has you doing all his dirty work I see”laughed Jeff as he stood up.Kim gave a warm smile back and held her hand out for the papers Jeff had picked up.Yet instead of handing them to her Jeff said”Look its late this can wait tell monday and if Kullins has a problem on monday tell him i needed the photo copeyer ok hun?”Wow Kim thought to herself Hes cute and nice.Mr.Blackburn was 28 but looked 24 on a good day 6’0 140 with wavy black hair and brown eyes.He had amazing shoulders and a smile that could melt your heart.”Besides,I have to lock up now anyway”said Jeff as he put his hand around the small of her back to guide kim out of the room.Just his slight touch made Kim shiver and as she walked pass him she suddinley walked slightley higher letting his hand guide across her firm ass.Then to look back over her shoulder to catch Jeffs heart melting smile.Jeff was in shock he couldnt believe what just happened and he could feel himself getting hard at the thought of bending her young curvy fram over the photocopy machine.A million thoughts raced through Jeffs mind as he walked Kim back to her class feeling young again in a way.”…yes college was fun”finished Jeff as they came to Mr.kullins’s room.When Kim tried to open the door her lustful mood was spoiled when she realized Mr.Kullins had locked the door behind him forgetting he sent Kim to make photo copys.”What next?”She siged as she hung her head felling the fustration again.”Here…”said Jeff as he reached for his keys to unlock the door but just then an even better thought came uppon his racing mind.”…I can give you a ride home”finished jeff followed by that asuring smile that Kim had realised he could give all to well just when he needed to.”Sure”was about all Kim could get out,feeling her heart race she smiled back and tosed her hair.This is too good to be true He thought as they made there way down the hall.

Once they got outside Kim noticed Jeff had a master key for the school.He could have easely helped her unlock the door.Kim decided not to say anything for she knew her chance would come soon enough.

End Of Chapter 1

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  1. hotchick24

    um nice story but please use spell check next time cant understand half of what was in there!

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