Spring break Ch2

“I cant believe I have to rent a car for this weekend”complained Kim as her and Jeff drove out of the parkinglot.”How do you just forget about someone?I mean I know I was out there for 2 houres but still.”

Thanh you old man,thank you.Thought Jeff as he drove listing to kim.It had been a few months now sence Jeff had last gotten laid.And even then dating 30 year old College proffesers wasnt much fun anyway.Jeff could barley focus on the road, constintley glancing down at Kim crosing her legs back and forth and lets not forget about thouse full bright red lips.

In his glances at the sexy T.A. Jeff noticed she had undone a second button on her blowse letting him finally get a peak at her nice full chest.

Noticing this Kim let the back of her seat go back to just the angle Jeff needed.Kim couldnt help but smile at the reaction she was getting from him.”So do u have children Jeff?”She asked while noticing no wedding ring.”Me?No!”Laughed Jeff.”Im horrible with kids.How about you do u plan on having kids soon?”asked Jeff as they made there way closer to Kims place.

“No I still havent found the right guy yet.”Said kim with almost a suggestive tone then slowley licking her lips.Jeff couldnt help but drive a little faster yet he still had no idea what to say once he did drop her off.Just the look in his eyes made Kim a little wet she had always had a thing for sex with a coworker.Her x was her old boss and nothing turned her on more than fucking him at work.Once even infront of his secretary.

As they pulled up to kims apartment Jeff turned down the music.”I’d envite you up for a drink but my roomate has her parents over.”said kim.”But It;s my sisters birthday tonight and seeing how I dont have a car for the weekend maby you could give me a ride?”asked Kim with an even more suggestive tone.

At first Jeff hesitated.He could loose his job if he was seen with a coworker at a bar.But after his hesitation Kim gave him a begging look that he couldnt resist.”What time do you whant me to pick you up”He asked.

That night Jeff wearing jeans and a tight black t shirt that showed off his muscular build picked up kim at the lobby of her building.Kim looked absolutly stuning in a 1 peace backless black dress,diamond earings and fishnet stockings.”Wow”stuttered Jeff as Kim got in the car “you look great”Kim couldnt help but blush not only at the complement but at his sexy build.”So do u whant to join us for drinks?”she asked.”I dont think im dressed for where your going”Joked Jeff as he looked himself over.”Oh no not at all hun and besides I didnt just dress this nice for the birthday party.”said Kim followed by an inviting smile.

The club the birthday party was held at was full of a few hundred people.The dj had the people bouncing and everyone was having a great time.Kim introduced Jeff to everyone and they all settled for drinks.Kim and this cute 20 year old red head named Steph were drinking a lot together right from the start.”Julie where are you birthday girl?”Shouted a now really druk Steph.”We need another round of shots.Kim get your little boy toy there to get us a round of shots”Slured Steph as she looked towards Jeff.And before Jeff could say a thing Kim who was almost as drunk as Steph said”Would you mind cutie?”

“Not at all”Responded jeff.When he got back to the table Kim,Her sister and a few others were on the dance floor.Jeff set the tray of shots down with the groop and then proceeded towards the dance floor.It had been a while sence Jeff had been dancing but he got the hang of it again rithere quickley.Kim made her way half way across the dance florr to the corner Jeff was in.A few tracks later and Kim was all ove Jeff.Jeff couldnt take it anymore and grabbed her by the ass and pulled her behind a set of large speakers out of sight.Kim let out a long moan at the feel of Jeff taking control of her.And as soon as he het her go she reached for his belt and unziped his pants.Jeff grabed her by the wrist.”we can’t do this here”he said in her ear.Kim gave a seductive grin before kissing him but still looking into his eyes as she broke from his grip and finally got ahold of his swelling shaft.Jeff finally broke the kiss as Kim knelt down a little lower to run her hand over his balls.As Jeff let his head fall back at the feel of her bussy hands Kim brought those sexy lips to jeffs ear “I whant it right here so bad”In her most seductive tone ever.Jeff was about to explode and so he grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her out of his pants and zipped them up.And with all her strength kim reached for his nice 7 inch cock again.Jeff responded forcefully by grabbing her by the back of the head and putting his lips to her ear.”Go wish your sister a happy birthday I have to drive you home.Now go.”

Just the way Jeff had taken controll of her had Kim so turned on she could feel drips running down her inner thy.After a quick goodby and jeff leaving his keys with a friend of Kims sister Kim and Jeff were in a cab on on there way to his place.Kim had been so turned on by the way Jeff had handled her she would have takin him right there.Instead she let her hand slid up Jeffs leg.She could still see the hard cock she had felt before through his jeans.Now she whanted to taste it.Instead of wasting the time of undoing his pants Kim just reached down and grabbed Jeffs cock and started rubbing it.As she slid closer to Jeff she glanced over and noticed the cab driver watching them in his rear view merror.This only excited Kim more.And jeff was finding it harder and harder to stop her soft hands from exploring his cock.With her free hand she pushed Jeff back against the seat then let his zipper down half way giving her just enough room to slide her tight grip up and down his swollen shaft.After a good minute of pumping Kim could hear Jeff wisper “faster,tighter,faster”.Kim got so turned on at the thought of getting him off in the cab that she didnt even think before she knelt over Jeff’s lap to pull his cock free.She just had to she it she thought.She couldnt wait any longer.But before she had the chance Jeff with the last bit of resistance he had left pulled her back.”Were almost home”He reluctintly said.

Kim and Jeff got into the elivator and before the doors had a chance to close jeff grabbed Kim by the hips and proped her against the wall of the elivator.Holding her up with both hands Kim pulled at her dress pulling it up then undoing his jeans letting them fall to his ankles.”Fuck me Mr.Blackburn”begged kim as she pulled Jeffs Cock closer to Her dripping slit.Then with the same hand she pulled her thong to one side.Jeff inched his thick 7 inch cock into her just letting the head penitrate her tight pussy.Kim inched forward needing to feel it all the way in her.But Jeff pulled back and said “I whanna hear you beg for it”
“Please Jeff Pleeeeease!”Begged Kim as Jeff slowley gave her another inch.”Pleassssseeeeee”Begged Kim once again.Inch by inch Jeff filled her dripping pussy untel she couldnt take it any more and shoved herself away from the wall and forcing herself conpleetly over Jeffs Amazing cock.Jeff had never felt so turned on as Kim wrapped her arms around Jeffs broad shoulders and rode him as hard and as wildley as she could.Before they knew it they were at the top floor.Finaly they got back to Jeffs floor and made there way to his appt.

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