Squirting Rugby Uniform Girls

It was the start of the last term at high school for Sarah and she wanted to leave with a bang. Sarah already was known throughout the school as the slut who fucked the PE teacher and had an orgy with two rugby teams. She kept her cum covered rugby uniform at home and masturbated every night wearing it. Sarah could squirt her own cum like a fountain which made fucking Sarah a messy, wet experience but an experience that every guy loved.

Sarah had fucked almost every guy that she could in her school now and was looking forward to university to start her fuck mission all over again.

Most of the girls in school knew of Sarah, some hated her and thought she was a slut. Some admired her because of her fucking achievements. She had a cult following of 20 girls who she had being giving tips about female ejucluation and how to squirt over and over again. The girls also shared the same love of rugby that Sarah did. Every rugby game, the 20 girls would cheer on the team and then try to fuck one of the players at the end of the game.

Sarah has heard that the school was to issue a new rugby PE kit and she wanted to get her hands on it. There was a rugby game scheduled at the end of the day and this would be the first time the team would wear the new kit. As soon as Sarah arrived she gave the word that all of her followers should meet her in the locker room at lunch time. The morning passed and Sarah first arrived in the locker room and pulled out 20 rugby uniforms from the cupboard. She unwrapped one packet and undressed. The kit was made up of bright blue socks that Sarah pulled up almost to the top of her thigh, shiny wetlook black shorts which tingled her pussy as she pulled on, and a tight fitted bright blue rugby shirt with a large crisp white collar. The collar was lower cut than the previous shirt and had 5 buttons down which came down to underneath her tits. Sarah hated when guys buttoned up the shirt, but this time she button all 5 up to the top and waited for the girls to arrive.

The girls arrived one by one and Sarah gave each one a rugby kit. Each girl undressed totally and slipped on the rugby uniform. Sarah told them to button their shirts up to the top button and kneel on the floor. Sarah had bought some toys to take to university and had brought them in for the girls to use. She had brought a strap on and 10 double ended dildos. “OK girls, we’ve come here to mess up these uniforms and the guys will have to wear them in whatever state we leave them in the game tonight”. The girls laughed in excitement. “Start rubbing your pussies girls, I’m going to come round to each one of you and you’re going to deep throat my strap on”. “You’ll then pair up and fuck the dildos until you squirt 5 times on each other”. All of the girls began to quiver and moan in excitement at the thought.

Sarah attached the strap on and aimed it at the first girl, Lisa. “I want wet, I want messy, I want you dribbling all of your shirt”. Sarah knew that Lisa was the best girl to start with, she’d heard, and seen, her deep throating. Lisa filled her mouth with Saliva so much that it was already dribbling down her chin and took the strap on deep down her throat. Saliva poured out of her mouth and started drenching the shirt collar. Sarah popped the shirt collar and pushed each side into Lisa’s mouth. Sarah quickly pulled the strap on out of Lisa’s mouth, grabbed her collar and ripped open the shirt. Lisa screamed in excitement, she threw her hand onto her pussy and rubbed it through her shorts, “fuuuuuuck!” she screamed as a huge squirt erupted in her shorts. Sarah looked at the rest of the group of girls, “OK girls, I want the same from all of you”.

Sarah moved along the line of girls, each time they drenched their shirts while deep throating and Sarah ripped the shirts open. As she passed each pair of girls she gave them a dildo and the pair fucked it aiming the pussy squirt at each other. Excited moans were echoing around the locker room as one after another the girls fired their cum into the air and drenched their opposite partner. “finished!” one girl shouted. “i’ve cum 6 times”. She looked at her partner, Amy, who was dripping wet in clear cum liquid. “OK, now its my turn” Sarah said. “How many times have you cum Amy?”. “None”, Amy replied. “None?, why?”, Sarah exclaimed. “I don’t cum like the rest of the girls, my cum is thick and white, not thin and watery”. Sarah sat down in front of Amy and inserted the dildo into her pussy. “Amy, my cum is the same and I love it. Now spray me!”. Sarah violenting started to fuck the dildo forcing it deep into Amy’s pussy. Amy held her breath for a few seconds and then fired out a huge squirt which hit Sarah in the face. Sarah shouted “Again!” and opened her mouth. Amy fired another huge load into Sarah’s mouth and over her shirt. Sarah then reached orgasm and fired an even bigger load of Amy. Both girls screamed loader and loader and squirted again and again. After 5 times, the Amy and Sarah had more cum left in them. They kept on going and going. The rest of the girls formed a circle around the creamy cum pair and one by one fired a squirt onto the girls. After 9 squirts each, the girls stopped and flopped to the floor.

Sarah jumped up and picked up a camera. “Ok girls, all of you over there”. She set up the camera and ran back to the group. The camera flashed and captured all 21 girls dressed in rugby uniform covered in each others cum. Sarah shouted “quick girls, uniforms back to me”. The girls undressed and Sarah rewrapped all of the uniforms and put them back into the cupboard. She took out the remaining uniforms and gave one each to the girls. “Put these in your locker so the guys have to wear these uniforms”.

The girls left the locker room and went back to class for the afternoon.

As the end of the day approached Sarah met the girls and gave them a copy of the picture she had taken. “Here girls, take this photo. If you want a fuck tonight, just go and show it to one of the team and tell them thats your cum they’re wearing on them. Trust me, they’ll let you wear their kit again but next time it’ll be the guys cum all over you”.

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