Staying Overnight (Chapter 11)

Staying Overnight
From Bill Bradley’s Memoirs
(Chapter Eleven)

My next opportunity for a sexual encounter was also the direct result of a friendship my mom developed. After Mrs. Elliot faded from the scene, mom became chummy with Janet Saunders. Mrs. Saunders had two daughters Sarah, who was a junior in high school and Heather, who was almost a year older than me.

Dad was going on a short business trip and mom was to go with him. At first I insisted that I was old enough to spend one night at home alone. After all, I was thirteen now. But when I heard that Janet Saunders had offered to let me stay over, I immediately ceased my protests. I never expected to spend the night at Heather’s house. This was almost too good to be true.

Due to our mother’s friendship, I had the opportunity to become a little acquainted with Heather. She was a very pretty girl. She had long red hair and big green eyes. But, as always, the greatest attraction for me was her provocatively rounded bottom. Besides being cute, Heather had a great personality and I liked her a lot. I think Heather liked me too. But because she was a year ahead of me in school, I had no opportunity to try and progress beyond casual friendship.

That Friday afternoon I walked from school with Heather. She was wearing tight-fitting stretch pants and a top to match. I liked the way her pants molded to the curve of her bottom. As we walked along, I noticed how it moved under the tightly stretched seat of her pants.

When we got to Heather’s house her mom showed me to the downstairs guest bedroom and Heather went to her room to change clothes. While taking overnight things from my back pack, I was imagining watching Heather change clothes, speculating about what color panties she might be wearing and wondering how tightly they might fit over her attractive bottom.

In a little while Heather came down wearing shorts and a thin white cotton blouse. The shorts fit snugly in just the right place and I also noted the protuberance of her breasts under her blouse.

We went into the family room to watch TV while Mrs. Saunders prepared dinner. While we were sitting on the couch, I moved closer to Heather and shifted my hand around until it was just casually touching her thigh. Heather said, “Move over Bill there’s plenty of room.”

I whispered, “I like sitting close to you. You’re so pretty and I like you a lot.” Heather didn’t reply but she didn’t ask me to move again. This flattery gained me a reward. I got to continue my exploration. I slipped my arm around her and let my fingers stray over to touch one of her breasts, but when I tried to slide my hand inside the waistband of her shorts, Heather pushed me away.

Later on Mr. Saunders came home from work and we were called in to dinner. When we came to the table I noticed that Sarah wasn’t there and that dinner was begun without her. I asked where she was and Mr. Saunders said, “The less said on that subject the better.”

Dinner was eaten in near silence. I could sense a great deal of tension in the air. When Mrs. Saunders tried to talk to her husband, he either didn’t reply or mumbled a grudging response.
Heather said nothing and kept her attention on her plate and I did the same. I was beginning to think that this weekend might not be so great after all.

After dinner Heather and I went outside and sat on the patio. I asked, “What’s wrong with Sarah?”

Heather said in a confiding tone, “There’s nothing wrong yet. But there will be when dad gets through with her. She skipped out of school one day this week. Mom tried to cover for her, but dad found out about it last evening and she has to stay in her room until he’s is ready to punish her.”

“What will he do?” I asked.

“He’ll give her a spanking for one thing. But he may not do that until after you go home tomorrow. He was in a real bad mood this morning because mom said it was OK for you to stay overnight. He said she should have asked him first. He was even more upset because mom tried to keep him from finding out about what Sarah did.”

“Does he ever spank you?”

“Yes, but he only uses his hand and it doesn’t hurt too bad. But sometimes he uses a paddle on Sarah. Does your mom or dad ever spank you?”

“Oh sure lots of times; my dad spanks me, but I never let on that it hurts.” This was a lie. I had never been spanked by my parents. My dad was the lecturing kind and I could talk my way out of any trouble if I really had to. But I proceeded to tell Heather an elaborate lie about being spanked with a big oval hair brush and a ping pong paddle; drawing on my experiences at the Brandt’s for inspiration.

Then I asked, “When your dad spanks you how does he do it?” I was getting a little excited thinking about Heather being spanked and I hoped I could get some details out of her.

“Well if I tell you about it you have to swear not to tell anyone else,” Heather said in her former confiding tone.

“I swear I would never say a word to anyone,” I declared earnestly.

“Well if I do something dad thinks I deserve to be spanked for, he usually doesn’t do anything right away. That’s the worst part, knowing that I’m going to be spanked, but not knowing when. Once or twice I was ready for bed and I thought he forgot, but dad never forgets. Anyway when he’s going to spank me, he has mom and Sarah come into the family room to watch. He gets a chair from the kitchen, puts it in the middle of the floor and sits down. Then I have to come over to him.”

At this point Heather’s face turned a little red and she hesitated for a moment before continuing. “Well what happens next depends on what I’m wearing. It’s really embarrassing, especially now that I’m older. If I’m wearing a dress or nightgown, he makes me hold it up above my waist and then he pulls my panties down. If I’m wearing shorts or jeans, I have to take them off before he pulls my panties down. Then he makes me get over his knees and he swats my bare bottom really hard all over. This may seem kind of funny, but when he’s spanking me it hurts but at the same time it feels a little good like I get this sort of tingly feeling. It’s always been that way even when I was little.

“Does he do the same thing to Sarah?” I asked. I was already imagining the sight of a well-developed seventeen year old girl being spanked on her bare bottom and I was getting a little excited.

“Sure he does. But like I said, sometimes he uses a paddle too. If he’s really mad at her; after he gets finished spanking her with his hand dad makes her bend over the arm of the couch or sometimes the chair and he spanks her with a little wooden paddle too. Sarah tells dad that she’s a grown woman now and too old to be spanked on her bare bottom like a little girl. But dad says that she’ll never be too grown up for a good spanking if she needs it”.

Then I asked, “Have you ever been spanked by anyone besides your mom or dad?”

“Yes once,” Heather replied. “My Uncle Allen, dad’s brother, spanked me. One time about a year ago Uncle Allen was over on a Saturday. Mom and Sarah were shopping at the mall. I was riding my bike and when I got home I went out to the patio to read a book. I noticed Uncle Allen looking at me from the family room window a couple of times. He and dad were watching a ball game on TV and I think they were drinking a lot of beer because they were getting pretty loud.

Then a little later dad called me in and asked me if I had run into the side of Uncle Allen’s car with my bike when I came in the driveway. I had bumped into the car but I didn’t think there was any damage. I told dad that I didn’t do anything to the car. Dad said Uncle Allen just went out to get some cigarettes from his car and noticed a big scratch on the door. Then I said that if I did hit the car it was an accident and besides it was parked too close to the edge of the driveway. Dad go
t mad then and said Uncle Allen didn’t need instructions from me on how to park his car. He said that he and Uncle A
llen had to go to the store to get some beer but that he was going to give me a spanking later for being careless and talking back. Then Uncle Allen said that he should be the one to give me a spanking because it was his car that was damaged. He said he could take care of it while dad went to the store. Dad said that was a good idea. Then he told me if I gave Uncle Allen any trouble that he would give me another spanking later.

After dad was gone, Uncle Allen switched off the TV and pulled the chair out from the desk. He sat down and told me to come over to him. I knew I had to do what he said; so I went over. He told me that he gave my cousins Mandy and Jenny spankings when they misbehaved and that this was going to be no different than if he were disciplining his own girls. Then he said a spanking wouldn’t make any impression through my jeans and he told me to take them off. I was really embarrassed but I had no choice. Once my jeans were off, Uncle Allen pulled me over his knees. He used one leg to raise my bottom up. I wished I could die; it was bad enough when dad spanked me like this, but having Uncle Allen do it was much worse.

Then Uncle Allen began to sort of massage my bottom. He was moving his hand all over the seat of my panties and breathing hard. Then he gave me a few light swats that didn’t really hurt at all. He lowered his leg and I thought he was done. I was beginning to think that his kids got off easy, when he told me to raise my bottom. Then he pulled my panties down. He raised my bottom again and began to spank it really hard. He made my bottom burn so bad that I was crying and squirming on his lap.

When he was finally done, he told me to stop crying because he didn’t spank me very hard at all.
He started to rub my bottom again saying that it wasn’t very red and that this had been just a little butt warming. He told me to spread my legs so he could see if he had hit me anywhere else because I was kicking and moving around so much. Then he ran his hand over the inside of my thighs and let one of his fingers touch me… you know…. there…. and he started to move his finger around. Even though my bottom was still burning and I was really embarrassed, I was starting to get that tingly feeling I told you about. When he stopped touching me, I almost wished he would have kept on doing it. Then I heard a car pulling into the drive and Uncle Allen pulled my panties back up and told me I could put my jeans on and go.”

Just then Mr. Saunders came to the back door and said, “Heather you and Bill come in now it’s getting late.”

When we went inside Mr. Saunders told us to go into the family room. He brought a chair from the kitchen and sat it in the middle of the floor. Then he said to Mrs. Saunders, “Janet go get Sarah. I want to talk to her.”

Mrs. Saunders said, “Jim I know you’re upset, but now’s not the time for this.”

“No time like the present,” Mr. Saunders replied. “It’s too bad we have company but that’s not my fault as you very well know.”

Mrs. Saunders was still hesitating when her husband said disgustedly, “Never mind, I’ll deal with this myself.” Mr. Saunders left the room and we heard him calling, “Sarah Marie come down here right now, I want to talk to you!”

In a couple of minutes Sarah came into the family room. Sarah was a more mature version of Heather. She was really cute; dressed in tight jeans and a halter top. I noticed that she looked as if she had been crying. When she entered the room she said, “Dad I’m really sorry about what happened and it won’t ever happen again.”

“Well I guess you are young lady, but it’s too late for remorse now. I’m sure you wouldn’t be so contrite if your little afternoon drinking party hadn’t gotten out of hand. I know very well what went on at the Hanson’s. Kelly Hanson told all. By the time her dad gets through with her, I expect she’ll have hard time sitting down for the next couple of days. So I expect you know what you have coming.”

Sarah said in a placating tone, “I know I made a big mistake and I deserve to be punished, but please not with Heather’s little boyfriend in the room.

“He is not my boyfriend,” Heather shouted.

“Heather you better pipe down now if you know what’s good for you”, Mr. Saunders said.

“Sarah’s right Jim, Bill has no place in this,” Mrs. Saunders said. And then speaking to me she said, “Bill, you go back outside for a while. We have some private family business to deal with”

Mr. Saunders said, “You stay right where you are young man. For this evening at least; you are part of this family.”

Sarah cried, “Daddy please I beg you! You can’t spank me with that little boy sitting there gawking.”

“Since when do you tell me what I can and can’t do young lady?” Mr. Saunders shouted. From what I hear; you were doing a pretty good imitation of a stripper in front of about a half dozen boys at the big party yesterday. So how could one more matter?”

“That’s a lie!” Sarah screamed. “Kelly sneaked up behind me and pulled my top down and I slapped her. That’s why she’s making up stories about me!”

“Guess what Sarah, I really don’t care,” Mr. Saunders said as he sat down on the kitchen chair. “I’ve had enough back talk and arguing from you for one evening. A big part of the problem is that your mother continually undermines my authority and I intend to deal with that situation too. But for now; you have about three seconds to get over here if you know what’s good for you.”

At this, Sarah started to cry again, but she went over to where Mr. Saunders was sitting. Then she just stood there sobbing and wringing her hands. Then Mr. Saunders said, “That’s it! I’ve had enough! You’re not going to get just a bare bottom spanking. You’re getting a completely bare spanking.”

Sarah screamed, “No daddy, I’m doing what you want right now!” and she started to unfasten her jeans. She quickly pulled them down over her shapely hips and stepped out of them. She was wearing pink satin panties that formed to her ample bottom perfectly. I began to get excited anticipating what would happen next. My heart began to race and I actually felt a little shaky.

Mr. Saunders didn’t do anything for a moment. Then almost before I could take in what was happening, he ripped Sarah’s halter top off and threw it over to the couch.

Sarah had large full creamy white breasts with dark pink nipples that were standing straight out. In the next instant Sarah’s panties were pulled down to her knees. I got just a quick peek at the lush triangle of hair at the tops of her thighs before her father pulled her over his lap and began adjusting her position to get her bottom just where he wanted it.

Sarah’s hands were on the floor on one side of the chair. Her long hair was draped to one side and her large breasts were dangling enticingly. Her large shapely bottom was centered directly on her father’s lap and the tips of her toes were just touching the floor on the other side of the chair. Then Mr. Saunders raised one knee and hooked the heel of his shoe over a chair rung. This raised Sarah’s ample bottom a few inches so that her legs were now in mid-air with her panties dangling at her knees. Her father then grasped her around the waist with one arm just above the swell of her lush buttocks.

In the next second he brought his hand down right in the center of her plump bottom cheeks with a resounding CRACK, that made Heather and I both jump and this was just the start. The next CRACK resounded from the left bottom cheek and then CRACK on the right bottom cheek and then back to the center.

I was fascinated by the way Sarah’s springy bottom cheeks bounced back after each well-aimed swat. Within a minute or so, Sarah began wailing and kicking her legs. She was twisting trying to get her bottom away from the punishing hand. But she was too well positioned and she was held too firmly in place. As the spanking continued her
bottom turned bright red. Her father kept to his pattern; center, left, right and back to center with a s
low deliberate rhythm for at least another two minutes. When he abruptly stopped; Sarah was sobbing and wiggling her bottom frantically.

Then Mr. Saunders said as he released Sarah’s waist, “Now young lady we’ll see if this little warm-up session has taught you anything. If not, I guess we could do it all over tomorrow. Go get the paddle and bring it to me.”

Sarah got up and began to frantically rub her bottom cheeks. She hobbled to the desk; her panties slipping on down to her ankles as she went. Sarah opened a drawer, took out a little wooden paddle and brought it to her father. He got up from the chair and told Sarah to bend over and put her palms on the seat of the chair. Then he walked around to survey his target. He pressed down on her back and made her bend lower. By the time he was satisfied, her nipples were almost touching the chair seat and her bottom was raised high in the air. Then Mr. Saunders tapped the backs of Sarah’s thighs with the paddle. She obediently shuffled her feet apart to the extent that her lowered panties would allow. Now the pouting lips of her pussy were clearly visible between her legs. By now, I was becoming uncomfortably hard. I knew that I might be embarrassed if I had to get up. I was feeling a little moisture down there too and desperately hoped it wouldn’t be enough to show.

Sarah’s father directed at least another dozen good swats at her raised bottom. With each loud CRACK of the paddle on her bottom cheeks, Sarah let out a high-pitched little squeal. After he was finished Mr. Saunders said, “Now go stand in the corner by the desk until I say you can leave the room.” Sarah was rubbing her bottom cheeks and sobbing as she slowly shuffled over to the corner.

Then Mr. Saunders sat in the chair again and said, “Alright Janet get over here it’s your turn now.”

Mrs. Saunders looked at her husband in amazement and said, “You’re not going to spank me; at least not here and now. My God Jim you’ve got to be crazy!”

Mr. Saunders replied, “No I’m not crazy and yes I’m going to spank you here and now. I said at the beginning that I was going to deal with this situation and that’s what I intend to do. I’ve been too lax and let things get out of hand. I had a talk with Allen after I found out what’s been going on behind my back and he agreed that some discipline was in order. You’re as much at fault as Sarah. If it wasn’t for your lenience with her and your deception of me; situations like this wouldn’t occur. You constantly undermine my authority as head of this household and it’s high time you got a reminder of who’s in charge. It’s been way too long since the last time you got a spanking and I’m going to make up for that now. Because of Bill being here, I won’t insist that you be completely bare. But if you’re not across my knees in about ten seconds, I might change my mind.”

I had no doubt that Mr. Saunders was completely serious and apparently Mrs. Saunders’ assessment was the same. She quickly got up off the couch and went over to stand beside the chair. She raised the full skirt of her dress above her waist and got over her husband’s knees, positioning her bottom in his lap. Mrs. Saunders was not a big woman, but her thighs were on the heavy side and her bottom was large. Mr. Saunders wasted no time once she was in place. He quickly pulled her panties down to her knees and began to swat her ample buttocks with the wooden paddle. Each time he brought the paddle down across her large bottom a loud CRACK resounded throughout the room. He worked slowly and deliberately. Using the paddle, he covered her entire bottom with a series of forceful swats. In about two minutes he had her bottom cheeks up to a bright red hue. Now she began to squirm on his lap and cry out with each successive swat. Finally Mr. Saunders finished up three really hard swats right to the middle of her bottom. Then he turned to Heather and me and said, “You two get out of here now.”

That night I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about what I had seen. I kept imagining that it was me with Sarah over my knees, her panties lowered and her bare bottom raised. I also imagined that I was giving Heather a bare bottom spanking too. This seemed like a possibility. She had said that in a way it felt nice when her dad was spanking her. Could it be possible that she got turned on a little having her bare bottom swatted? I made up my mind to try and find out. However I felt that with her parents in the house there would be no way I could risk it.

As it turned out luck was on my side. Mr. Saunders was working that Saturday and after breakfast Mrs. Saunders said that she had to do some shopping. So Heather and I were going to have some time alone after all.

After her mother left, I helped Heather load the dishwasher and straighten the kitchen. As we worked, I was thinking of some way to bring up the subject of the spankings. But Heather saved me the trouble.

“Bill mom asked me to get you to promise that you wouldn’t say anything about what happened last night.”

“I’m won’t say anything. I know that was private family stuff,” I replied.

Then Heather continued, “Dad says Sarah has to stay in her room for the rest of the weekend. I feel sorry for Sarah and mom; but Sarah should have known better than to skip school like that and mom shouldn’t have tried to keep it from dad. I guess I can’t blame dad.”

“When dad spanks me he says that too many parents don’t care enough about their kids to bother disciplining them. I know he does what he thinks is right because he loves us. What did you think about what happened last night?”

“Then it doesn’t bother you when your dad spanks you?” I asked.

“Well maybe a little. It’s embarrassing. But you didn’t answer my question. What did you think?” Heather asked.

“Well you won’t tell anyone if I tell you kind of a secret?”

Getting an affirmative response I continued, “You know how you said that you sometimes got a sort of a tingly feeling when your dad was spanking you and that it felt a little good? Well, when I saw your dad spanking Sarah and your mom I was getting kind of excited and I was thinking about something for a long time last night. I was thinking about spanking your bare bottom. I don’t mean hard or anything. I wouldn’t hurt you. I think that it could be exciting for both of us. Maybe it could be like a game?”

Heather said, “I’m not sure about that. I don’t think it would be right it’s not like you’re my father. But if we did do it you would have to stop if I told you to and you couldn’t tell anyone about it. It would have to be our secret”

“Sure no problem, if you don’t like it we’ll stop and I swear I would never say a word. Like you say, it will be our secret.”

Then my heart leaped as Heather said, “I guess it’s OK, but we have to hurry before mom gets back.”

“We can go into the bedroom down here and shut the door,” I said as I grabbed a chair from the kitchen and headed down the hall with Heather following close behind.

Once in the room, I shut and locked the door, placed the chair in the middle of the floor and sat down. Then I said in a stern tone, “Come over here right now young lady. You know you have been very bad and I have to punish you.”

Heather came over and stood facing me and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be bad”

I said, “Because you were very bad I’m going to spank you and its going to be completely bare this time. Take off your top and bra. Then take off your shorts. I’ll take down your panties when I’m ready to spank your bare bottom.”

Heather didn’t say anything. She unfastened the buttons of her blouse, took it off and dropped it to the floor. She hesitated for a moment and then reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, slipped the straps over her shoulders and tossed it on the bed.

Her breasts were small and stood up perkily. The nipples were like her sister’s. They were dark pi
nk and were standing straight out. I couldn’t resist reaching out and cupping Heather’s breasts in my hands.
I loved the feel of them as I gently rubbed my thumbs over each erect nipple. Heather gasped and drew in shaky breaths as I continued to massage her nipples. Suddenly Heather pulled away and said, “Bill we have to stop this right now. We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“You said that I could spank you and you can’t back out now. We haven’t even started yet. Take off your shorts.”

Heather hesitated a moment and then hooked her fingers in the waist band of her shorts and slowly pulled them down over her knees, let them drop to the floor and then kicked them aside. The sight of her standing there now wearing only white silky panties had me so excited that I could barely breathe. Then I reached out and slid both hands around to momentarily cup her bottom cheeks. Then I drew her panties down to about mid thigh. Heather’s little pussy lips were visible beneath a good bit of light reddish hair between her plump thighs and I slid one finger up between her legs. Her little slit was very moist and she began to tremble as I continued my exploration. Then I pulled her across my knees. Her plump bottom was flawless. Her cheeks rose up in two perfect mounds. I gently massaged her bottom and I could sense her relaxing under these ministrations.

Then I lightly slapped each firm resilient cheek. Heather squirmed a little on my lap but didn’t cry out. I now began to spank her bottom with a little more force. Seeing her plump bottom cheeks bounce back after each swat got me even more excited and Heather began to move on my lap as her bottom cheeks began to turn a dull red. Then I let loose with some really forceful swats that cracked loudly in the confines of the small room. Heather cried out, “Stop that’s enough. It’s really hurting now!”

I gave her five or six more good swats right on the center of her red bottom, each one provoking a little squeal, before I stopped. Then I began to gently massage Heather’s bottom again as I said, “Let me make you feel good now. Spread your legs a bit.”

Heather obediently spread her legs until her lowered panties were pulled taut. I slid a finger into her moist little slit and began to massage. In response she began to moan a little. Then I moistened a finger of my free hand and began to slowly probe Heather’s tightly puckered anus. She stiffened at first and started to say something. But at that moment the tight opening gave just a little and the tip of my finger slipped inside.

As I continued to massage her little pussy, she became very wet there and this with the added sensation of another finger massaging inside the tight elastic rim of her bottom hole was really getting her excited. Heather began to alternately thrust her body against both of my probing fingers. I now increased the pace of my massaging and just as my finger slid quite a bit deeper into her bottom hole, Heather let out a cry as her whole body seemed to tense and the relax. There followed a series of little shudders and I felt the elastic rim of her anus clench around my finger. I removed my fingers and began to massage Heather’s bottom as she lay there gasping.

By this time I was so hard that it was becoming painful and I was too excited to think. I lifted Heather off my lap and before she knew what was happening I had placed her on the bed and had her panties off. I took my jeans and shorts off and was on top of her almost immediately thereafter.

When Heather realized what I was trying to do, she pushed me aside and rolled away saying, “No Bill we can’t do that. I could get pregnant. But I can try something else for you. Sit on the edge of the bed.”

Heather got off the bed and knelt between my legs. Then I realized what she was going to do. She began to lick the tip of my stiffened tool. She slowly swirled her tongue around the tip and then took me into her mouth. She began to suck a little as she took me in a little further. I wished this moment could last forever, but the sight of my tool in Heather’s mouth, her head bobbing a little as she sucked and the sensation of the sucking was too much to take. I came almost immediately.

As my pent up load shot into her mouth, I saw Heather’s eyes widen in surprise. She started to gag and quickly pulled away, putting her hands over her mouth as she ran into the adjacent bathroom. As I was getting dressed, I heard the water running accompanied by some more choking sounds.

When Heather came out of the bathroom, she gathered up her clothes and began to get dressed. I said, “Heather I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold it back.”

“That’s OK. I’ve never done it before and I just wasn’t expecting it to be so quick with so much of that stuff coming out. It tasted pretty bad too. I was afraid I was going to throw up,”

“How did you know about doing that?” I asked.

“Sarah tells me plenty. She does that for her boyfriend sometimes. If dad knew what she and her friends really got up to, he’d keep her in her room for a year and probably spank her twice a day”, Heather replied.

Just then we heard a car in the drive. I rushed from the bedroom taking the chair as Heather was straightening the bed cover. By the time Mrs. Saunders came in, we were sitting in the family room watching TV.

About two hours later mom came by to thank Mrs. Saunders for letting me stay over.

As we were leaving I thanked Mrs. Saunders and told Heather that I had a great time. Heather smiled at me and said that she had had a good time too.

On the way home I was in a state of ecstasy. I was already dreaming of the next time I could be alone with Heather. How could I know then that my ecstasy would turn to agony in a very short time?

On Monday and Tuesday I tried calling Heather all evening; but there was no answer. I was puzzled, it made no sense that the whole family would be out two evenings in a row. After school on Wednesday, I went to the Saunders’ house. Mrs. Saunders answered the door and said, “Bill we’re kind of busy right now. Perhaps……”

Mr. Saunders called out, “Who’s there Janet?”

“It’s just Bill Bradley from down the street Jim,” Mrs. Saunders replied.

Heather’s dad came to the door, pushed his wife aside and said, “Look young man don’t you think you imposed on our hospitality enough last weekend? I think you should go home where you belong. As my wife said, we’re busy and have no time for company.”

I didn’t know what to make of this. I had a moment of panic thinking that Heather had told about what we had done. But that made no sense. In any event, there was nothing for me to do but leave. I could tell that Heather’s dad was in no mood for argument.

As I walked home I continued to speculate what might be going on at the Saunders’ but I could come up with no plausible answer. The puzzle was solved as soon as I got home. As I came into the kitchen mom said, “Bill I got some unexpected news today. Janet Saunders called to say that they were moving to Circleville right away. They’ve been down there making arrangements”

“Why are they moving? Heather didn’t say anything about moving and where the hell is Circleville?” I nearly shouted.

“Calm down son and watch your language, mom said. According to Janet Saunders, Circleville is a little town about two hundred and fifty miles south of here. The whole thing was unexpected. It seems that Jim Saunders and his brother have the opportunity to take over a small independent real estate agency in Circleville. But the catch is that they have to close the deal within the next two weeks. I know you’re going to miss Heather. I think you’re kind of sweet on her, but in time you’ll get over it.”

I did manage to talk with Heather once before she went out of my life forever. I took a chance and walked by her house later that evening. I was in luck. I saw her sitting on the patio. Since there were no cars in the drive, I went over. I could tell that she was really depressed. “Heather what’s going on?” I asked.

>“We’re leaving for Circleville by the end of this week. Heather replied glumly. “You already know that. My mom
told your mom all about it. Mom and dad are out now checking out places to store the furniture.”

“I know what your mom said, but is that the real story?” I persisted.

“What mom said is mostly true. Uncle Allen has been after dad to go in business with him for a long time. But, up till now, dad always said it was too risky. Then things changed. Remember how I told you if dad really knew what Sarah was up to he would keep her in for a year and spank her twice a day? Well, even I didn’t know all that was going on. Sarah is pregnant. She told mom and dad Sunday night.”

“What did your dad do when he found out?” I asked.

“He didn’t spank her if that’s what you’re getting at,” Heather replied. “He can’t do that now because she’s pregnant. Dad said that it was mostly mom’s fault anyway and that we were both exposed to too many bad influences here. So he decided to go into business with Uncle Allen. He called Uncle Allen and Uncle Allen said we could move in at his house until we found a place. So we’re going to Circleville and that’s that. There’s no reasoning with dad. I really hate Sarah for screwing up everything for all of us.”

“Me too,” I said.

Heather said, “You better get going before mom and dad get back. Dad’s suspicious of all boys now. He’s already been quizzing me about you and asking if we did anything when you stayed over. If he sees you here, I’ll be in big trouble.”

There was nothing else to do or say and I made my way home with a heavy heart. The thought of some hick from Circleville eventually taking my place with Heather made want to wail and gnash my teeth like they did in the bible days.

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