Stephani Anderson & Mr. Enderle

Stephani Anderson was quite the slut back in high school. At 5’5″, 105 lbs, black/Italian mixed, and long curly black hair.She had fucked 65 guys by her 19 th b-day. She was f’n beautiful. She’s also my wife now.I will tell you several stories about her….but I’d like to start with this one I think you’ll like. As beautiful as she is(was) Stephani has never had any tits. She is pretty flat chested….but she is perfect everywhere else. If you looked up exotic in the dictionary her picture should be there. Anyway….Stephani was well known as a HUGE FUCKIN FLIRT. She liked to wear tight blouses or sweaters…very short skirts/dresses with thigh highs that showed off her remarkable toned,long legs………and nothing less than a 3″ heel at all times. besides just high school guys and college guys of all races, she fucked a few older married men as well. One in particuliar was one of her teachers Mr. James Enderle. As a class advisor above Stephani in extracurricular type meetings..he always noticed Stephani and her apparel or lack of. Her lips are the essence of “dick sucking lips”. And this tall,dorky white man couldn’t help himself sometimes. Marriage and a kid on the way couldn’t stop his lusting. The really bad part was Stephani,being the flirt that she was, new this and did all the leg crossing, hair flipping, lip perking and sexy posturing that she could all the while playing innocent with her words. After several days and weeks..Enderle had enough and had a plan. He knew at times that Stephani had to walk home if her father couldn’t pick her up. So he waited for the next occurence and sprung……………………………………..” Stephani…I can give you a lift home if you need a ride” he said politely. ” Well….Ok, I guess that would be fine” Stephani said cautiously. Now you must understand that she was never a girl to see a bad situation coming and she was afraid to tell men or boys no.So, while on the way she told him where she lived and he acknowledged that he know how to get there. He drove in what Stephani believed to be the way to her home. But when her street passed and he didn’t turn up it…she looked quizzically. “Don’t worry..I forgot I had to pick something up” he said. About two miles down the road he made a left turn on to another road. They came upon an orchard on the right hand side and he pulled his jeep into it and drove about a half mile down the dirt road.He then stopped and shut off the jeep. Before Stephani could say a word he tore his belt buckle loose and unzipped his pants…she was speechless. Not knowing what was going on yet. Next thing she knew…with one hand he lifted her up over to his lap facing him…only her skirt and thong panties between her pussy and his erect cock. he was average size but he was 34 and she only 16. He didn’t undress her in the least. No he just slid her panties over with his fingers and plunged them into her now wett pussy. He did this only to make sure she was moist enough but it was enough to make the lil italian chocolate vixen moan. She didn’t really want it or not want it…she just kind of let it happen.He began to tongue kiss her while positioning her tight lil high school snatch over his cock.As big a slut as she was Stephani wasn’t very good at sex…usually she just lay there and let some young guy prematurely ejaculate after 4-5 pumps. She never really enjoyed sex.just did it because. Only her “girlfriends” and there tongues and vibrators ever got her off. Mr. Enderle would be no different.He didn’t really fuck her…more like jacked off with her body..the same rhythm and stroke he’d use with his right hand. So he held her by her waist and slid her up and down on his shaft. ofcourse the cock in her pussy felt good…but not enough to make her cum..not hardly..and his kisses were forced. After about 20 mins he nutted up in her and wiped his dik with a McDonald’s napkin. He gave her one and started the jeep. Dropped her off at her house without saying a word. Fulfilled his objective and left Stephani to shower before her parents got home. All the while she felt bad ,like the lil slut that she was and may still be to this day. Her depression only serving to lead her to spread her legs to many more meaningless cocks.

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  1. The guy

    I loved that story

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