Student Learns Her Lesson

By nightseeker67

Being a know-it-all student definitely has more perks than most people would expect. I am certainly a know-it-all; though I don’t claim to know the answers to everything I know enough to get the 100 average that I have. I am a believer in if you got it flaunt it, so in my classes I one-up people in answers and test grades and I even confuse most of my teachers with my advanced questions. One teacher it’s hard for me to baffle and confuse is Mr. Blake.
Being a world history teacher who has in fact traveled the world he can easily bring up information on topics that even I don’t know. He is much more critical on me about grades and school which makes me eager for his attention and praise. Another thing that contributes to that feeling is that Mr. Blake is the finest teacher in the entire high school—maybe the entire world. At 6’2 he towers over my 5’4 and his muscles are strong and compacted enough that he could lift more than three times my weight and I’m certainly ain’t no light 18-year-old. He has a strong jaw, sensitive lips, and hazel eyes that make me melt in my seat! I wear slightly provocative clothing in order to catch his attention. My shirts are always v-neck, my jeans are unbelievably tight and accentuate my ass, and my skirts are shorter than my knee. All my clothes are tight enough to show off my curves. I notice that sometimes he is fixated on my cleavage or my ass and I’m always eager to show them for his viewing pleasure. Well I didn’t know that that one fall afternoon would make all my dreams come true.
As usual I came to school dressed sexily—but not like a slut mind you—and I went through the day being my normal know-it-all self until finally my day ended with Mr. Blake’s class. I was nervous today for some reason always waiting to see if he was watching me or smiling at me but nothing! He treated me like a very average student the entire period! When the bell rang, I got up to leave frustrated but I heard his authoritative voice say, “Ms. Jackson would you mind staying for a while longer? I need to talk to you about something.” My heart started pounding in my chest but I waited near his desk until all the students left. I waited and waited and then finally he told me to go sit in one of the chairs. I sat down and waited for him to start speaking to me. Finally, he said, “Fayth, I’m very disappointed in you.” My heart plummets and I sit still trying to keep the tears back.
He comes from behind his desk and stands over me, imposingly and says, “Do you think it’s fair what you’re doing to me? You walk around in these clothes and show them off for me and you expect me to sit there and just take your teasing. You think that just because you can make my body burn with passion, you little ball of fire, that you can control the way I act towards you. Well you’re wrong.” I stare up at him in shock, slowly shaking my head back and forth.
“Don’t you lie to me you little temptress!” He places his hands on my shoulders and leans down till his face is right there in my face, my body slowly melting to his will as he stared at me with those mesmerizing hazel eyes. “You want me to fuck you don’t you?” I shake my head but he yells, “Stop lying to me! You want me to force your legs open and tongue your wet little pussy. You want me to throw you over the desk and fuck your cunt till you beg and scream for mercy. I wouldn’t give you mercy though I’d just keep going, they way you wanted it, and then I’d fuck that big fucking ass of yours. You like the sound of that don’t you? Don’t you?!” I shake my head desperately trying to break free and whisper, “No Mr. Blake I don’t want that.”
He growls at me and cups my pussy under my skirt making me gasp. “That’s not what your pussy says. Look at you, you’re dripping wet. You’re practically begging for my cock in you.” I tremble in his arms looking up at him. “You’re not gonna answer me are you? Well then, it seems since you’re such a bad, disobedient girl you’re gonna have to be punished.” Before I know what’s happening, he bends me over his lap and pushes up my skirt and then removes my soaking wet panties. I struggle to understand what’s gonna happen, when a blinding rush of pain explodes in my ass. WHACK! I gasp in pain just as another strike comes down. I cry out tearing up as he abuses my ass and spanks me like I’m a naughty child again. He continues to spank only stopping to ask “You ready to admit you want me to fuck you? Had enough punishment yet!” then he would keep spanking me.
He stopped eventually and sighed in relief but then I felt his hand brushing my inner thighs. Just as I realized what he was doing he forced4 of his thick, long fingers inside my pussy. I gasp in shock and my pussy throbbed painfully around his fingers. He fingered me hard and fast stretching my limits and when I thought the pleasure couldn’t get any more intense he started to spank me again. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK!!! He kept spanking me and violently fingering me the feeling of both causes my pleasure to build up painfully inside my pussy. It got stronger and stronger starting to build into a climax and I yelled, “Please stop Mr. Blake! Please, stop I can’t take it please stop!” He ignores me and spanks me harder and harder for daring to talk back to him. I twitch and moan in pain and then finally I climax on his hands my cum covering both our thighs. Still he doesn’t stop; he continues to finger me and spank my ass till another climax builds up in me. My scream is muffled against his leg as my body surrenders again to the delicious torture he’s inflicting on me. He doesn’t stop! He keeps going at me spanking me and torturing my poor body. I bite his leg trying to think through my sexual fog and to figure out how to make him stop and I realized what he wanted. “FUCK me! Fuck me Mr. Blake, please just pound my tight little pussy with your big cock!”
He growls and lifting me off his lap and forces me face down onto his desk my ass high in the air. He forces me up onto it making my clit brush the dark mahogany wood and keeping my feet from touching the floor. I hear the sound of his pants being unzipped and hitting the floor and I wonder what kind of sight this might be to anyone passing by the classroom window. All thoughts fled my mind as his cock penetrates my pussy and fills me up completely. He stayed still his hands digging into my hips as his cock throbbed inside of me. “Oh fuck so tight, oohhh so damn tight.” I gasp too because he’s much much bigger than any guy I’ve ever had sex with. I grit my teeth when he starts fucking me giving me time to accept his girth but soon he starts fucking me harder and harder spreading me wide open. I moaned and scream while he pounds himself into my growling and groaning like an animal in pain. My climax starts to sneak up on me and I scream to him in encouragement “Oh yes harder! Make me cum Mr. Blake please make me cum.” Just as I’m about to cum he pulls out of me.
I look over my shoulder at him whimpering, “Why did u stop I was right on the edge.” He looks at me with eyes full of animalistic passion and says, “Remember what I said before,” when I shake my head he puts his hand on my overheated bottom, “I’m claiming this as mine.” I stare at him in confusion but everything clears up quickly as his cock forces its way into my asshole. He didn’t give me time to accept the feeling of him in my ass and fucked me hard and fast pushing against his desk, my clit rubbing against the wood and his big heavy balls bang against it intensifying the feeling. I moan constantly though it’s impossible for me to breathe because he’s knocking the breath right out of my body. I have no idea when he put his cock back in my pussy but I feel him swell within my walls which signals that he’s close to cumming but he can’t force himself to cum. I realize that he’s unable to cum until I do. I grin reveling in the power I have over him and let me keep fucking him—enduring the extremely pleasurable torture of being inside my tight pussy. I tighten round his cock and I hear him groan in agony. I let him keep going and going fucking me as hard as he can but I can’t tease him much larger; the feel of him thrusting against me and my clit rubbing against the hard wood is too much for me to take. “OH FUUUCCCKKK!” I cum violently round his thick cock and this throws Nathaniel Blake over the edge. He pulls out of me and cries out like an animal in pain his cum shooting all over my back and dripping down between my ass onto to my pussy and legs. He covered my body in layers of his cum before he cleaned me and himself up. He pulls up my panties and skirt and rearranges our clothes till we are both presentable.
He grins at me and kisses me gently for the first time causing me to melt against him. When we stop kissing he smiles at me again, his gorgeous hazel eyes shining with a tender flame for me only. I bat my eyes at him and hold myself against him. He kisses my hair and whisper, “I’ll see you in class tomorrow.” With one more kiss, he’s gone.
I can barely remember what I did for the rest of the day; that incredible sexual experience left me so damn dazed. The next day I came to school, expecting Nathaniel to not pay any mind to me. After all he’s a teacher, he obviously wouldn’t be flaunting that he had a thing for me—if he had a thing for me. I walked to my locker and opened it using my combination and found a note addressed to me. Dear Fayth, thank you for the most memorable experience of my life. I hope it certainly won’t be the last time but I hope you have an idea how much you mean to me. I left you a little gift, angel. I hope you like it  –Nathaniel B. I looked to the back of my locker and saw a little statue of an African-American woman cupping fire in her hands. Looking closely at the face, I realized it was a statue of me and I recall when he said “you make me burn with passion, you little ball of fire.” I smiled my eyes filling with happy tears. Behind the statue was a video tape which said Best Experience of Our Lives and I was pretty sure what was on that tape. ;)
I turned to look over my shoulder and saw him passing by in the hall, my sexy Mr. Nathaniel Blake, and I grinned. Oh yes this was definitely going to be an interesting school year.

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    I love this story, it’s sexy as hell!

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