Surprises-Part 1

I am Madeleine, Madi for short, and I am currently a freshman in college. I live an ordinary life, with ordinary friends, ordinary boyfriends, and ordinary sex. That was different three years ago though, when I was a junior in highschool.

It was a Monday morning, shortly after a three-day weekend. Sitting in assembly, bored, and I was about to sleep when the shithead master announced, “Everyone, we have a new student. He just moved here from London, England. His name is Jack Stewart.”

I looked straight and my eyes were glued onto the new student. My jaw dropped. HE WAS THE HOTTEST FUCKING GUY IN THE WHOLE AUDITORIUM. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body. Without thinking, my eyes flickered over to that secret spot between his legs. “Holy fuck!” I muttered, “His cock is gigantic!”

My pussy began to get wet as I imagined him as my new boyfriend, fucking. I quickly dismissed the thought. I wasn’t even pretty, I had mediocre brown hair and brown eyes. I was fit from all the sports I did, but not slender like the movie stars and the magazine covergirls. I’d be lucky to have any boyfriend at all in this school. So I sat back, zoned out, and ignored the principal and headmaster for the rest of the assembly.

The first class I had that day was science. I will never forget it. I was ignoring the teacher completely and staring dreamily at Jack, fantasizing all the different sorts of kinky sex that we’d have if we went out together. But then, in the middle of my daydream about doing a 69, the teacher asked me a question. Or… I think it was a question. I wasn’t listening.

“Madi, do you want to take a guess?”

I panicked. This teacher isn’t really known for her kindness.



“Well… can you repeat the question?”

“Class, did you not hear the question clearly or do you think that Madeleine is not listening?”

The entire class echoed, “We think she wasn’t listening Ms Holly.” If anyone objected to the teacher in this class, technically we would be kicking our own asses, because first the person who objected would be punished, sent to the principal’s office, be phone called at home, or be given detention. Of course, all of the above may happen too.

Ms Holly smirked. “I thought so. Madeleine,” I winced-I hated my name- “You can spend the rest of the class writing me an essay on good listening skills.”

I groaned. I’ve done this essay a hundred times-by now I write the same thing over and over, since I memorized what I wrote on my first one. But without complainnig, I started to write, “To… listen… well… the… listener… must… keep… eye… contact…..”


The rest of the day, I was never called. It was a repeated routine of pass notes, giggle, pass notes, stare at Jack, giggle, pass notes. Jack seemed to like the attention he was getting from the female members of the class (plus one fag who sits at the back) but took no notice. By the time the last period was finished, everyone was whispering about Jack. Well, almost everybody.

I trudged back to the locker with my heavy algebra books. I wrenched the lock open, heaved the door open, thrust my books in, and slammed the door back shut. Throwing my homework assignments back into my bag, I turned to leave-but someone was standing in my way.


“Hey,” he said. His voice was quite deep, and up close he was even hotter than he looked across a classroom. “You’re Madeleine, right? Can I talk to you for a second?” Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to the third floor of the school building. Noone goes there; school supplies are stored there but only one person a week comes here, one person in three days at the most.

My heart was racing. Had he already heard about the Valentine’s Day Dance and was he going to ask me to go? Or had he been annoyed at the way I was staring at him and was he going to ask me to stop?

“You like me.” He said abruptly.

“/WHAT?/” I said, shocked. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“You wouldn’t stare like that to everyone in class, would you?”

I blushed. A lot of people were staring at Jack, but I had noticed it myself that my gaze was the most intent.

“So, you admit it?”

I pushed him away. /What am I doing?/ I thought, but I was too confused to control myself. I ran into the girl’s bathroom. The third floor bathroom was a place almost noone ever goes into; mainly because it was so far away from any of the classrooms.

Jack beat me there. He dragged me into a toilet stall and locked the door. He suddenly yanked my shirt off, kissing me deeply to muffle my shouts.

I struggled. Maybe I had been daydreaming about fucking him since the morning, but I didn’t want it to be like this!

He loosened the buttons of my skirt and took his shirt off, also his pants. He admired me in my bra and panties, before resuming his kissing.

He rubbed my clit from above my panties. My pussy was already wet. He pryed it loose from my body with a finger, and before I could blink I was naked.

He sat me down on the toilet. The seat was cold against my bare skin. He spread my legs. “Time for fun!” He cackled, revealing his enormous cock.

~To be continued~

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