Surprises-Part 2

My eyes widened. His cock was fully erect, and it had to be ten inches at the least. It was two inches wide, but it wasn’t rock-hard-it was the right hardness, so that it would bend when he thrust into me but would hold firm when he fucked me up the ass.

He took out a thin strap and tied my legs to the toilet so that it was wide apart, then tied my hands up behind my back. He slowly traced a finger to my pussy. He dipped it in, then out. I groaned. His finger was just as good as a cock.

He added another finger, until he put three fingers in. My pussy was very wet, and slippery. He pulled out his fingers with a pop. I whimpered. I wanted his cock so bad.

He held his cock firm. He guided it to my pussy, and the head slid in without complications but as he inched it further in, my pussy got tighter until it couldn’t stretch any more. I yelped in pain. He slapped my tits.

“Shut up!” He growled, but I couldn’t. It hurt so much.

He slapped me again. “You’re a nasty whore and you’ll act like one. now shut up.”

I did shut up. I gazed down at my pussy, trembling, and moaned when he started to slide in and out, it hurt, but it was followed by a wave of even greater pleasure.

In and out, in and out. I was wrapped up in heat. The toilet seat was now warm with my body heat. He started to thrust into my pussy further than before. I moaned again. It felt so good. My pussy made funny squelching noises, it was so wet. He moved faster and faster, until his cock was throbbing. But he took it out before it could cum.

“Not yet,” he chuckled, seeing my confused expression.

He loosed the straps that bound my hands and feet. He turned me over, so that I could hold the toilet cover and my stomach was on the seat. Then he strapped my feet onto the toilet again.

He grabbed hold of my ass, and then took out a bottle of purple liquid from his backpack. Jack took some onto his three middle fingers and then closed the top of the bottle.

He put the purple putty onto my asshole. I squirmed; it was slimy and slippery. He ignored me and collected a bunch of it right over my asshole. Then, without warning, he shoved his fingers in so that the jello-like fluid could trickle into my ass.

I yelped; his fingers were too big for my ass. But he ignored me and lubbed up my asshole. Wiping his fingers on a piece of toilet paper, he slid his still-throbbing cock into my ass.

I shrieked. The cock was way too big for my tiny asshole, but he managed to shove it all the way in. I whimpered; it was too big, but I didn’t dare say it because I knew what would happen if I did.

He grunted as his rhythm became steadily faster. His balls slapped against my ass. He slid a few fingers into my pussy, then switched it for a huge dildo that he had in his backpack. I moaned; I didn’t say it, but the dildo felt better than his cock.

The double penetration felt strange but pleasurable. It was like a pump; when Jack thrust in, the dildo went out; and with each thrust it pumped pleasure into my pussy and ass. I groaned when I felt his climax build-and it was released. Long, steady spurts of hot, thick, creamy cum flowed into my asshole. I moaned; and my orgasm came too. My pussy dripped onto the toilet’s floor and noone bothered to wipe it up. When Jack pulled his cock out of my cock with a pop, he did something I didn’t expect.

He rammed the dildo into my ass. He moved it in and out faster than he thrust his cock. I moaned with intense pleasure; this was the best fucking fuck I’d ever had yet-and he smirked. He took a second dildo and pushed it in as well, moving it as two separate cocks. I moaned again. This felt better than what I’d experienced before.

He loosened my straps with one hand and propped me up so that I was on my back on the toilet. He added another dildo to the bunch that was in my ass. Holding the dildos in one hand, dipping it into and out of my asshole, he thrust into my pussy.

I screamed. It felt so good-the dildos in my ass, Jack’s gigangic cock in my pussy. I felt his cock throbbing again, faster than it had before. Then-he released. Hot cum spread into me, and I sighed with relief. He thrust his cock a final time, then pulled out of my pussy, and tugged the dildos out of my ass. Smiling, he dressed, and walked away, as if nothing had happened. I wondered what I would do when I met him tomorrow…

~To be continued~

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  1. great

    you should right another one and soon cause i really liked it

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