Taming a Modern Shrew

Jane breathed a heavy sigh as she read the incoming phone call. The school was calling and that meant that her 18-year-old daughter, Katherine was up to no good again. Her suspicions were confirmed rather quickly.

“We have exhausted all efforts with Katherine. I do not want to expel her in her senior year, so I though I would call and see if you had any suggestions?” principal Smith explained.

She listened intently as the principal explained that new laws governing corporal punishment leaves the teachers with little leverage in administering needed discipline. The matter was even more complicated in that Katherine was a female and most of her teachers were males.

“Well, I understand that you are limited in what you can do, but I am not!” Jane exclaimed in a voice that indicated she meant business. “I will be down there within the hour and you can rest assured I will take care of her in a proper way!”

Jane had always known Katherine was head strong and stubborn. It was because of this fact that Jane had named her after the female character in “The Taming of the Shrew,” By Shakespeare. Lately, however, Katherine had exhibited an unusual rebellion that could be traced to the nasty divorce of her parents a few months earlier.

Katherine had wanted to live with her father, but Jane forbade it and he moved out of town. Now that Katherine was legally an adult, she was making her mother pay for that decision by rebelling against her, and anyone else who had authority over her. She had even had a few run ins with local authorities as of late and Jane was finished talking to her. What Katherine needed was a good old fashioned tune up on her bare ass and Jane was going to accommodate her in a way she would never forget.

Jane arrived at the school and went directly to the principal’s office and discussed her intentions with the him,

“Well, it is most unorthodox for a parent to discipline their children at school, but if you are sure that is what you want to do, I can arrange a private room for you and Katherine,” Mr. Smith spoke.

“Oh no that will not be necessary. I would rather do it exactly where she is,” Jane remarked defiantly.

“But the other students will witness it. We could be subject to legal action,” Mr. Smith replied.

“A mother disciplining her child is not a matter for the courts, especially since Katherine is no longer a minor. She just insists on acting like one,” Jane scoffed. “Now where is my daughter at?” Katherine inquired.

Mr. Smith could see that there was no deterring Jane from her intent to discipline Katherine, and the situation with the girl had reached a crisis state, so he looked through the schedules and informed Jane that Katherine was in her science class with Mr. Redding.

“Do you have a wooden paddle?” Jane inquired

“Well, yes. I do.” “Are you sure you want to do this?” Mr. Smith nervously replied.

“Kindly show me the way,” Jane remarked as she rose from her seat and clasped the large wooden paddle in her hand. The clapping sound of her shoes echoing off the brick walls sent an ominous tone as Jane and principal Smith headed down the long corridor towards her wayward and unsuspecting daughter.

In the science room Katherine sat talking with some of her friends before the class began.

“What are they going to do to you?” one of her friends asked about her latest trouble.

“Not a damned thing. I have them all stumped. I can practically do anything I want and get away with it. I am a senior what are they going to do? It is three months from graduation,” she remarked gleefully.

The words were just out of her mouth when the door opened and principal Smith and Jane walked into the room and to the teachers’ desk.

“MOM?” Katherine exclaimed aloud as her face went ashen and her mouth agape.

Every student in the room was looking at Jane, then back to Katherine. The paddle in her hand was the source of much of their amusement. Jane watched in stunned disbelief as the three held a conference at the desk.

Finally, the teacher rose and called Katherine to the front of the room. Katherine blushed crimson as everyone watched her stroll reluctantly towards the front.

Katherine was a tall blonde girl with long, shapely legs and a well shaped ass. She was wearing a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of black slacks that hugged her frame sensually.

“The principal called me. This is your last chance to accept correction or face being expelled.” her mom explained. “Now get against the wall with your hands on your head. I am going to do the honors young lady!” Jane scolded.

“The hell you are!” Katherine squealed. “There is no way you are whipping me here in front of the entire class!” she thundered out. A few snickers could be heard in the background and Mr. Redding and principal Smith quickly hushed them.

Jane literally shoved Kathrine against the front wall and guided her hands to the trembling girls head.

“Now stand there and do not move until I say so,” Jane huffed as she readied the paddle.


The first blow landed on Katherine and made her ass quiver beneath the tight slacks she was wearing. Her lips trembled as she sought to control her emotions and humiliation before her classmates. Her thoughts were interrupted by two more strikes. She sought to shield herself by removing her hands from her head and placing them over her butt, only to have Jane forcibly place them back on her head.

Two more strikes and Jane paused. Katherine breathed a sigh of relief thinking the ordeal was over. She was wrong.

“Pull down your slacks and panties!” Jane ordered.

“Wh-what? Katherine replied with trembling lips.

“You heard me. Pull down your slacks and your panties. The last strikes are going to be on your bare ass young lady.” Jane scolded.

“You can’t do that mother. Not here, not ever. I am too old,” Katherine replied.

What Katherine did not know was the room had been emptied. In her emotional turmoil at being publicly disciplined, she had not heard the students leave. The room was empty except for Katherine and her mother.

“Then I will do it for you!” Jane thundered and began loosening the button on Katherine’s slacks. Katherine was mortified that her mother would do this and soon felt her slacks being pulled down to her knees. She was not about to let her mother pull her panties down.

“Stop! I will do it,” Kathrine replied tearfully.

With shaking hands Katherine lowered her panties to reveal her bare ass. She began weeping at the thought of the students viewing her humiliation, which is exactly what Jane wanted her to think.

The next three strikes sent a crimson heat across her tender ass cheeks and left them well streaked.

“Please mother, stop it,” Katherine wept in total submission and surrender.

“Turn around!” Jane ordered.

Again the thought of exposing herself to the class was horrible as she slowly turned. Her fear turned to surprise when instead she peered out to an empty classroom.

“You didn’t really think I would do this in front of your peers did you?” Jane asked the weeping girl.

“But mark my word. The next time there will be witnesses. Now pull your things up and get to your next class. We will discuss this further when you get home,” Jane thundered.

Jane watched triumphantly as Katherine strode down the hall rubbing her butt, and feeling a new-found respect for her mother. Jane returned the paddle to the principal and notified him that there should be no further trouble with Katherine for the rest of the year. She left the school confident that she had tamed her modern shrew of a daughter.

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