Teacher Ring; Chapter 1, Mrs. Jenkins

“Holy crap,” Jacob stated, “its 3:30, we’ve been here for an hour working on this paper.”

Jacob was a high school junior and an editor for the school newspaper. He and the newspaper teacher/advisor Mrs. Jenkins had agreed to work together after school to meet an upcoming deadline. Jacob was an average high schooler; he stood 6’2″ weighed 150 lbs., and had long curly blonde hair, and blue eyes.

“Wow,” Mrs. Jenkins replied, “Time flies when you’re rushing to meet a deadline, huh?” She laughed. Jacob did too.

Mrs. Jenkins was an attractive woman. She was in her late twenties, had straight blonde hair that hung to her neck, was slightly, but noticeable tan, and had brown eyes. Aside from that, she had a noticeably sized chest. She wore 40 CC cup sized bras, and had a nice round ass. She had been the late night thought of Jacobs hormonal bursts many times.

“Yeah, but we’re almost done here.” Jacob stated. Mrs. Jenkins nodded in agreement.

“Ugh… the administration at this school is trying to kill us,” She said, fanning herself, “they never turn the air conditioner on. Do you mind if I take of my shirt? I have a tank-top on underneath.”

“Alright,” he said as he watched her take it off, causing her breasts to bounce about. He could feel his dick getting ready to grow.

A moment passed and Mrs. Jenkins yawned and leaned back in her chair to stretch, forcing her boobs outward so that Jacob could see them. Now he was getting hard.

“Just to mess with her”, he though, “I’m going to take off my T-shirt. I have an undershirt on underneath.”

“Yeah, it is starting to get a little muggy in here,” he said as he carried out his plan. Mrs. Jenkins watched as he stripped off his outer layer of clothing.

She looked at him teasingly and slyly said, “Well, if we’re going to try to cool off, I might as well take off my shorts.”

Now Jacob’s cock was standing upright. His eyes were bulging at his teacher’s legs. They were perfect; smooth and slender at the ankles, gradually getting wider as they became her nice tight ass.

Moments passed. They kept typing at the computers until she broke the silence. “Do you have a girlfriend, Jake?”

“No,” he responded, “Haven’t had one since seventh grade.”

“Oh, that sucks,” she replied sorrowfully. She leaned over and placed her hand on his shoulder, and said “You’ll find someone someday who you’ll love till you die.”

His heart just about skipped beats. He could see her boobs in front of him, her hair, her eyes, her smile, all enticed him. He was losing control of his body and emotions. With all of the emotions running through his mind and hormones through his body he leaned forward and kissed her; wrapping his arms around her. Surprisingly to him, she didn’t fight back. She sat there too, rubbing her tongue against his, feeling his body from top to bottom.

She then forced him away. Jacob, confused asked, “What’s wrong?”

Breathing heavily, she point to his crotch and said, “I can feel him. I must see him. Take him out, now!”

Jacob whipped off his pants and his boxers exposing the monster that had been growing for some time now. Stand erect at a full 10 ½ inches, two inches longer than normal, Jacob motioned for her to start sucking.

She pushed him back into his chair and knelt down in front of him. He pushed her back, “I want to see you, strip for me bitch.” She was stunned by his command, but did it anyway. She preformed an erotic routine using the chair. She took off her top and her boobs fell and bounced, they were perfect. They hung well down her chest, the nipples pointed toward Jacob.

“Now, may I?” she asked pointing at his dick.

“Yeah, baby,” he said. She began kissing his throbbing knob, which was now the diameter of a golf ball, she worked her way down the shaft, licking and caressing every bit of skin, she started off slowly, and began to work faster. Jacob began moaning deeper and harder. She could feel him about to explode, his muscles began to tighten and flex and then she stopped.

Jacob, now panting, asked, “Why’d you stop??!!”

She looked up and smiled devilishly, as she began the process over again, kissing his knob and licking slowly.

“You bitch!” Jacob sternly said as he grabbed her head and began to force it up and down his dick until she got the message. She rubbed it harder until Jacobs legs tensed up and extended fully, his arms were out-stretched; his head back with him making random sounds off a person out of control. The rubbing intensified until a load of cum exploded into Mrs. Jenkins mouth; she pulled it out of her mouth and squirted his cum on her breasts, and then more on her face. After this she swallowed it again and sucked out some more cum, then went to kiss him releasing the cum into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her and rubbed her back.

He pushed her off gently and motioned for her to bend over the chair. She did, and he came from behind and fingered her pussy now teaming with juices. She moaned. He placed one hand on her firm ass and used to other to guide his cock into her.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“Go slow,” she whimpered, waiting for the assault to begin.

He began to insert it slowly, then when two full inches were submerged, he thrusted the rest as hard as he could into her.

“AHHHHHHH!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, “I said go slow.” She stated with tears of pain and enjoyment began to fall down her cheek.

“That’s for teasing me during my blowjob,” he devilishly remarked. He began to work his penis in and out of her, slowly, like she had asked. Each time she moaned harder and harder, louder and louder.

He continued the pace until she forcefully said, “Faster…. Faster, bitch, faster….”

He began to move quicker.

“Unggh…. Yea that’s it, yea… get it up in me, ooooooo yea, that feels good,” she moaned through clenched teeth.

“Ungh!” she cried loudly and in a high pitched voice, “You found my spot!! Oh God!! Oh sweet Jesus! I’m about to cum…. “

Jacob was getting close to spewing too, he bent over and began kissing the back of her neck while fondling her boobs, all while thrusting his dick in and out until he could wait no longer; he stood upright and thrusted as hard as he could into her ass.

In response, she screamed at the top of her lungs, Jacob thought that someone would walk in and see them there. But no one came.

He thrusted again while grunting as loud as he could. This time, the juices released by her forced his penis out. The juices flowed out her pussy and onto the floor. He turned his moaning partner around and rubbed his dick until the rest of his cum was on her face.

He ran his fingers through her hair while she regained control of herself.

Shivering, she said in a quiet voice, “Oh my God. That was the best sex ever. Oh God.”

They got dressed, and she approached him and said, “You’re definitely gifted at the art of pleasing a woman. There is, um, a…. society.”

“Society? Of what?” Jacob asked intrigued.

“Of teachers.”


“Yes, teachers who enjoy having sex with students.”


“Yeah, every few years a student appears who has sex with one of those teachers and ends up screwing all the ones in the society.”

“Cool. I’m in.”

“Great!” she said then kissed him once more. “Come by tomorrow, I’ll let you know who wants your sweet package next.” She cupped his crotch on saying package.

“Alright, see you then!” he said, and walked out the room. Tomorrow he knew he would have another partner to bury his dick into. Sweet.

To be continued…

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