Teacher Ring; Chapter 2, Mrs. Beck

Jacob walked into Mrs. Jenkins room like she had asked him to do. Yesterday was the most exciting day of his life; he got to bone one of his sexy teachers, and today he was going to get the chance to screw another one.

She was doing some filing in the back of the room and had her back turned to him. She had on a black sweater, a grey skirt the accented her beautiful ass, and black leather boots that went up past her knees. He walked up to her quietly, placed his arms around her, grabbed her breasts, thrusted his crotch against her ass, and said quietly in her ear, ‘I want your hot bod!”

“Ohh, yea big daddy,” she moaned, “but there’s one problem.”

“What would that be?”

“There’s a teacher waiting for you after school today,” she said in a regular voice, her way of implying ‘Not me, not now.’

“Oh, really?” Jacob said in a usual voice, he had gotten the message to stop, “Who’s the lucky lady who gets to be taught a lesson by me?”

“Mrs. Beck,” she said.

“Mrs. Beck? The Spanish teacher?”

“Mmm Hmmm,” she nodded, “Here is a record of her credentials. Age, weight, breast size, fantasies, fetishes, it’s all there.”

He took the folder and read through it, “Alright, 43 years old, Brown eyes, brown hair, 36D, she’s pretty enticing for a 43 year-old,” he said

“Yea, she’s been teaching here for 30 years, and is always screwing her students. If you look, that’s one of her fantasies.”

Jacob looked at the list of fantasies and sure enough, right there at the top of the list: “Fantasies: Student teaches teacher lesson in sex” He skimmed the list of her other fantasies and fetishes; “likes to pretend to be a bull and be ridden by a matador. Fetishes: Anal, Blowjobs, Using Dildos on guys”

Jacob closed the folder and kissed Mrs. Jenkins goodbye. He spent the entire day fantasizing about his rendezvous with his next sex toy.

The day finally ended and Jacob packed up his things and went to Mrs. Beck’s room.

The door was closed, so Jacob knocked, and the door opened, revealing Mrs. Beck dressed in a red pair of panties and a matching bra. She wore high heels on her feet that were also red. Her lips were colored devil’s red by her lipstick. Jacob walked in and she shut and locked the door behind them.

“Take a seat, take off her coat, and relax,” she told him in a tempting voice. Jacob obeyed; he took off his coat, sat down and looked around the room. He also felt his cock begin to grow.

Mrs. Beck came back with two glasses on a bottle of Tequila. “Have you ever had liquor before, babe?” she asked him.

“No I haven’t,” he replied.

“Oh, well then you must try this, it’s very good. It’ll help you relax really quickly,” she said while pouring him a glass. Jacob took it and gulped it. He scrunched his face by the shear power of the drink. Moments later the liquor kicked in, he started swaying and slurring his words. He asked for a refill and chugged that as well, now he was drunk.

“How does that make you feel, sexy?” She asked him.

“I feel… like… a cloud in the… ground dirt, with the little bitty thingies.” He somehow managed to get out. His voice became quieter, “Hey, c’mer…” he motioned for her to come close, she did and put her hand on his inner thigh and rubbed it back and forth, he put his hand on her shoulder and continued speaking, “I got a seret…”

“A seret?” she questioned.

“Shhhh….. a seret.” He said even quitter, “hookay…. You have no idea how many times I have jacked off in your class thinkin about you and you’re hot body.”

“Really?” she said in a quiet voice, “My hot body? This hot body?” she grabbed his hand and moved it from her shoulder down to her pussy.

“Oh yea,” he said excitedly. He put the glass down and said, “Listen bitch, I came here to screw, so get down on the floor and suck my cock, and you better suck it good.”

“Yes, sir!” she said eagerly while sliding on to the floor and pulling off his pants. His cock stood at a full grown 10 inches. It twitched with every pulse that surged through it. She grabbed the base and slowly began sucking the knob. Jacob leaned his head back and began to groan. She started going faster and faster.

“Oh my God,” Jacob slurred; he put his hand the back of her head and gently guided her up and down.

She stopped, and said to Jacob, “Are you ready for the next part?”

“Sure, what so special about it?”

“You’ll see,” she giggled. She put his rob back in her mouth and began rolling her tongue against the knob. Jacob’s muscled went stiff because of this. He couldn’t even speak just odd noises were made. She kept rolling and rubbing until Jacob’s penis just exploded with cum. For a minute and a half he sprayed his cum all over Mrs. Beck.

“How was that?” she asked him.

Jacob, being out of breath, nodded.

“Good, I’ll be right back.” She said. She sent to her closest and brought out a box marked ‘bull’ on it. She took out with looked like devil horns and an odd liking hat. She put the horns on and gave the hat to Jacob and said, “Now, I am a bull, and you are the bull-rider.” And then in the sternest most serious voice said, “Now ride me bitch.”

Jacob put the hat on, took off her panties and began to screw her slowly, doggie style.

“I said ride me not take me for a walk!!” She yelled as loud as she should without anyone outside the room hearing.

Jacob kicked it into overdrive and fucked her harder than anything he had ever wanted to.

She started moaning and Jacob, getting into his role as bull-rider, slapped her ass and yelled, “Hee-ya!!”

He fucker her so hard that milk began to come out of her titties. Jacob started to groan as he started to climax. Mrs. Beck could feel it, too, “Cum in my ass!” she told him.

Jacob pulled out of pussy and inserted it into her ass. The juices from her pussy provided a good lubricant. He started to fuck her in the ass. Her arms collapsed and she started moaning louder and louder. Jacob was now ready to cum and thrusted in harder than he had before. She let out a loud ‘yelp!’ Jacob grunted and rammed her ass again. This time she moaned and started crying from the enjoyment of it all.

Jacob pulled out. Her ass was beat-red; his penis was just as red and throbbing.

“Oh God,” she said in a whisper as she sat down on the chair in front of Jacob. “That was so good.” When she caught her breath she asked Jacob to hand her the box. She took it from him and took out a long pink-gelled strap-on dildo and a bottle of lubricant. She put the strap-on on sat down and began rubbing it with the lubricant. Jacob became excited.

“Now,” she said looking at him deviously, “you’re the bull, and I’m the rider. Bend over my desk.”

He did. She grabbed he hips, sat down on her chair, and guided his asshole onto the dildo. Jacob moaned with delight.

There he sat, on a dildo that was strapped to her. He had always thought he’d be the one sitting on the chair, and the girl on his penis, not the other way around.

She lifted him up, and slammed him down. Jacob’s eyes bulged and he let out a scream, but she quickly covered his mouth and whispered “Shhhhh,” into his ear. She took her hand off his mouth and began to lift him up and down. Jacob groaned with each downward thrust. He could feel her tits rubbing against his back. He grabbed the bottom of the chair and held on.

Up and down. Faster and faster she went. Jacob clenched the chair harder. Her moaning, his groaning, and the force of the dildo in his ass caused his cock to start shooting cum everywhere. It was being shot clear across the room.

She stopped, and let him off. He squirted the remained cum onto her boobs, then sat down on the chair next to her. Both were breathing heavily.

“We’re gunna do this
all night long, you hear me?” she said.

“Alright, but we’re gunna need more Tequila.” He laughed. She did too, then sat down on his lap and began kissing him.

Jacob woke up t
he next morning on top of Mrs. Beck’s desk. His head was pounding from the amount of alcohol he consumed. She was lying next to him sleeping. He got up and looked around the room. He was amazed. Chair were tipped over, desks that used to be in neat rows were scattered about the room. He looked at his penis, it was down and sore. He felt his ass, it was sore as well.

“You better go to the cafeteria and get some breakfast.” Mrs. Beck said in a half-sleep half-awake way.

Jacob nodded and got dressed.

“That was the best I’ve had from a student.” She told him.

“Thanks.” He said. He kissed her once more and left.

To be continued….

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  1. blowhard

    Story is ok but a couple of things wrong. The teacher was 43 but had been teaching for 30 years? She would have started teaching when she was 13. And milk from her tits because she was fucked so hard, not very realistic.

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  2. TheWriter

    Thank you for your suggestion… I never gave the 30 year teacher thing a second thought. As for the milk thing.. i will try in the future to make the stories more realistic… thanks again for ur comment. I hope you continue to read the stories.

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  3. hardcore4000

    I almost cummed instantly! it was great whens the next one!

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