That Girlfriend

Nothing about him would lead you to believe he was a player. He was silent on the edge of brooding, kind, and a bit shy. Nor was he very handsome; not the kind of movie star handsome, but he was very attractive none the less. He also seemed intelligent, and sensitive.

And yet, despite all this, she knew, as he did, that this first time would probably be their only time. She realized it, with a resigned melancholy; would anyone ever truly want her? But oh how she craved it. He could feel her hunger through the clumsy way she responded to his kiss.

More obvious, perhaps, was the way she did not resist his purely sexual approaches; the way he unbuttoned her shirt and squeezed her small breast, the way he unzipped her pants and let his hand fall where no shy boy like him should dare to touch a girl so bluntly. The ultimate resignation came as sensual, erotic kiss turned into sex when he brushed through her geek virgin’s bush and played around the bump of her pelvis, and she broke the kiss in a sigh, clutching hard at his back.

He met a feeling both glorious and hideous, both sweet and corrupted, as he stroked the tight, untouched lips, and pressed an impatient finger between them. As he slid the finger further down, straining against taut jeans, finding a silky wetness at the epicenter of her sex.

He kneeled, smiling with his wicked triumph, and mercilessly pulled the cyan jeans to the tiled floor, all the while penetrating further with his finger. She had a brief impulse to cross her legs to hide herself, but smiling at the stupidity of that, she opened her thighs slightly instead. She wanted him to make love to her, do her, fuck her. No matter what the term, she wanted him inside her as he was now, but more. Why deny a momentary bliss, when the alternative was none at all? She leaned her head back against the bathroom wall and moaned silently, thinking only of the long finger penetrating deep between her legs.

She wanted more, more, more, now. Why had she waited so long? She felt as if he was melting her inside, and they were dripping down on the hand steadily fucking her. She grasped his head, tangling her thin, long fingers in his hair, and while he was pleased at her eagerness, he wanted more. This was too easy, too right, however wrong. He wanted her to moan loudly. He wanted to risk being overheard. He wanted her to scream. Pulling out of her sweet unsullied little genitalia, he used both his hands to spread her, getting all of her hair out of the way before burying his face in her crotch, eating her like some sort of rabid dog. He licked at her wetness as a starving man licking clean a bowl of gravy. The wrongness of that nauseating, salty sweet taste only made him crave it more. There was a taste of blood mixed into it…

She could not have been happier as he plunged his face into her nether, his tongue finding exactly those spots she had touched so many times, imagining this moment. It was not the same as her imaginations, but it was better. It was so carnal, so primitive. She spread her legs further, pushing his face unto her, and she moaned loudly. Too loudly, but she did it again. And again.

His cheeks and jaws ached, but he pushed his tongue into her one last time, then stood up and kissed her. He knew the kiss would taste of her own pussy juices, and the thought excited him. The kiss was brief, and then she fell to her knees in front of him, starting to unbutton his jeans.

“Don’t bother,” he said softly, “Virgins never know how to give oral.”

The thought should have offended her, but she wanted this, so she ignored him, and pulled his pants and underpants down with one decisive jerk. His manhood almost slapped her in the face, already large in its errection. She took it in one hand, and put it in her mouth. It felt huge in her mouth, and yet she wanted to swallow all of it. The warmth of the thick shaft against her lips was perhaps the most erotic thing so far, as she slipped his penis deeper inside her mouth. She moved back and forth, as she had seen in porn and tried to suck at it, but it occupied her mouth so completely that she barely could.

When she was pleased she leaned back from him, looking up at him, and if the blowjob had been unsatisfactory, that sight made him want to ram his dick in her mouth again. She had wanted to suck him, and now she was kneeling in front of him, waiting for his lead, hairy pelvis fully visible and forgotten. He joined her on the floor.

Pushing her down against the floor of the roomy, relatively clean handicap toilet he loomed over her like a god of sex. She tore off his mellow shirt, revealing unexpectedly impressive musculature. He expertly undid her bra, and displayed her unimpressive, but deliciously shaped bosom. But he had no interest in her breasts, and she knew instantly from the way he spread her legs that he was going to fuck her. From the fierceness in his eyes, and the way he violently pinned her arms to the cold floor, she knew that he would fuck her hard no matter what she wanted, and she knew from his muscles that she could not escape him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and crushed at him, and then she could feel the tip of him brushing, and then pressing against her.

She was his. He was going to take from her what she would have saved for the perfect moment, and he did so without any affection or sympathy. Yet she craved it, the way she crushed at him, showed him her lust more clearly than the fluid trickling from between her legs. He pressed inside her, and the tickling, tingling feeling of slipping his organ into an under-sized counterpart forced a sigh from his lips.

It was as if he had stabbed her cunt with a knife, and she cried out in pain. He was not gentle as he forced himself inside her. He was too big – her pussy felt like it was tearing. He pulled out and thrust in again, renewing the pain, and she screamed. Again, and she screamed, and again. Again, and the pain was shot through by a delicious heat, she crushed him tighter, and screamed “Yes!”

Through the cries of pain, he pounded at her; he wanted to go deeper into her. He wanted to leave his load at the very center of her. He felt the tightness around his dick pulsing, and she half screamed, half moaned another “Yes!” Again and again, he went as deep as the position would allow him. He imagined the way she would look at him tomorrow, and the way he’d treat her as always; coldly polite. The thought almost made him come inside her, and he pulled out.

She panted, and released him from her embrace, but she could not believe it was over. She wanted more; so much more. She wanted him deeper, harder. But it was over, and he kneeled, moving away from her.

He moved to flip her over as she looked at him, seemingly afraid. He did not heed her, but rolled her unto her stomach, and her head ended up near the foot of the toilet. He did not care. He mounted her again, and pushed into her from behind, pinning her to the ground. He felt himself press against the walls of her pussy, and thrust faster. She moaned. He wanted to come inside her like this. He wanted to fill her up. He thrust deeper, faster, slapping against her little butt.

She was trembling in his grip, the first explosion had left her sensitive, and every thrust now sent an extremely intense tingle shooting through her body, numbing her head. Her breasts were being rubbed back and forth against the tiles, and the helplessness of her situation made her feel completely his. She was his, given up body and soul. Another explosion chased any thought from her mind, and she screamed as he thrust into her in a fury that ended all too quickly, and all too pleasantly. He burst inside her filling the already wet conflagration of feeling with burning hot substance.

Then he was inside her no longer, and she was his no more. He stood up, carelessly wiped his cock with a convenient piece of tissue, and pulled his pants back up. She sat up, panting and trembling, looking up at him warily. He grabbed his shirt from the floor, and pulled it on.

Then he left, and probably went back to that girlfriend he kept talking about.

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