That girls leggins

At school there is a girl in my class, holly, none of the boys really like her cause she’s not that hot I was mean to her early in the year cause she wasn’t real hot. Throughout the year I made fun of her and stuff until swimming carnival day. She swam in this beautiful pink bikini and panties. She got wet and I saw her tight wet pussy. I didn’t talk to her for a while until one day the training band that she was in went on an excursion to play their instruments, they got to wear free dress. When she got back my class was in sport she came over to our soccer game in these amazing see through leggins I instantly got hard, I played soccer with a hard on that was weird she accidently kicked the ball out and ran after it. As she was running I saw her beautiful big ass it was amazing watching It juggle around. She turned around and gave me a bad look. I got even harder I had to cover it otherwise she’d see. So I did and she took my hand away grabbing my hand taking me away to the toilets, she did this sexy dance taking her pants off then her little panties. I cummed my pants and she cleaned it up with her tongue I kept spanking her ass. She hurt my cock saying this is for being mean I was starting to get scared as she went harder and harder she made me cum all over her and in her face she made me lick it off and do it all over again. We came out of the toilets sticky with cum on us and resumed our soccer game. That was one of the best days of my life getting that hot sexy ass.

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