The Bargain

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Chapter Twenty Seven: The Bargain

All Saturday evening I thought about what had happened at Amber’s. I liked Amber and I thought she cared a little for me. I could tell that we were two of a kind when it came to overactive hormones and I couldn’t blame her for that. But it hurt me to know she had invited a scum ball like Frank Armano over; especially after we just had sex together for the first time.

I’m sure things got out of Amber’s control from the beginning and I wondered what she really had in mind when she asked Frank over. I knew it had to be planned. I kept wondering why she didn’t ask me. Why Frank Armano? One reason came to mind and I didn’t like to think about it. Maybe Amber figured Frank’s cock was bigger and better than mine. I finally decided that there was no use stewing over the situation. The world was full of girls and there would always be other opportunities.

Sunday morning mom came to my room and said, “Bill I just had a call from Sylvia Connor. She invited me over for the afternoon and Amber asked if you’d like to come over and use the pool.”

I said, “Sure mom. That sounds great.” I was surprised by this call and obviously very curious. I put my swimming trunks, along with a couple of other items, into my backpack and went down to the car.

When we got to the Connors’ Amber’s mom told me that Amber was waiting for me out by the pool. When I went out Amber was sitting in a deck chair by the pool and I went over and joined her. As soon as I sat down she said, “Bill I have a big problem.”

I said, “Let me guess. Could it could involve Frank Armano?”

Amber’s face went white and then red as she exclaimed, “My God! What has Frank told you? Listen Bill what ever it was, I promise you that most of it was a lie.”

I replied angrily, “Frank didn’t tell me a thing. I wouldn’t have anything to do with a sleaze like Frank Armano and how in the hell did you get involved with him?”

“I don’t get it Bill. If Frank didn’t talk to you, then what do you know about my involvement with him?”

“I know what went on in the pool house yesterday afternoon Amber. I saw you sitting on his lap with his big cock up your ass. I heard you tell him how much you liked it and that it felt good.”

“Why you bastard, you were here hiding somewhere. You saw that monster beat me up, sodomize and rape me and you didn’t lift a finger to help! You’re really sick Bill! I’ll bet you were getting a hard on and drooling while you were watching!”

“If things were like you say, then where are the cuts and bruises? Why haven’t you called the police? I’ll tell you why Amber; because you invited Frank over. You planned it and you liked most of what he did. Yes he spanked you really hard and bullied you. I think things got out of control; but for the most part you were letting him do just what he wanted and liking it. I saw you on the bar holding your legs up so he could play with your ass. Don’t even try to tell me that you didn’t want any part of what was going on. I came all the way over here to see you and I find you with Frank Armano. I was worried that you were still upset about what happened between us. What a dope I was! What we did was kid’s stuff compared to what you were doing with Frank. It didn’t take you very long to decide you wanted more sex; but apparently not with me. So why should I have done anything? I was too hurt by what I was seeing to get a hard on. I thought you cared about me. I was really stupid. All you wanted was a hard cock and it looks like you didn’t care who it was attached to.”

“I can see you have a low opinion of me Bill and that makes me feel terrible. But it wasn’t like you think. I was afraid and pretended to like what Frank was doing. I didn’t know what else to do and I didn’t plan anything. I met Frank at school. He was working there this year and he would hit on me every time he saw me. I’ll admit I flirted with him a bit, but that’s all. You know that I was a virgin until a couple of weeks ago. You popped my cherry. So don’t try to make out like I’m some kind of slut. I might have mentioned to Frank that he should come over sometime, but it was just in the way of flirting and teasing. I never expected him to show up.”

“Amber I’m ready to believe that things didn’t go like you planned and maybe you even thought that you could get by with just a little playing around with Frank. But don’t try to make me believe that he just happened to stop by. I know better. I heard you tell him that it was OK for him to be here because your dad was out of town and your mom was going to be out all day.”

After a long pause, Amber said resignedly, “Alright Bill, I’ll admit it. I was attracted to Frank and I did plan to have him come over. But you have to believe me; I never planned for things to turn out like they did. I didn’t have that much experience. I didn’t know what kind of person he really was and after we were alone together I was afraid of him. I didn’t know what he would do if I didn’t do like he said and I was afraid to find out. You must have heard me tell him to leave and never come back when he was done screwing me on the table.”

“No Amber I didn’t hear that. I left before that. I couldn’t stand to see anymore.”

“Well it was terrible. He couldn’t get it off because he had just fucked me in the ass. So he kept pounding me and pounding me. Finally he gave up and I told him to leave. But he said that he would be back. He said that he would watch my house and watch me until he caught me alone again. You can guess the things he said that he was going to do. He even said that he would bring some of his friends to share in the action. I’m afraid and I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell my parents. Bill you have to help me you’re the only one I can turn to.”

Just then the patio door opened and mom and Mrs. Connor came out. They brought us a tray with drinks and some sandwiches. Mrs. Connor said, “Amber, Billy’s mom and I are going down the street to the Shipman’s to visit for a while.”

Mrs. Connor was still calling me Billy and it made me want to puke.

Amber said, “OK mom. Thanks for the snacks.”

Mrs. Connor said, “Now you two behave yourselves while we’re gone.”

Amber said, “Sure mom.”

After our mothers left I said, “I know a bit about Frank Armano. First, he’s a bully and he can be dangerous. I guess you already know that. I won’t say he’s not tough; but he’s not the hot shot he pretends to be. In spite of his great build and good looks, Frank doesn’t actually make a big hit with most girls and he doesn’t have a lot of friends because he’s not very bright. His lack of intelligence is his weak spot and I believe that he can easily be bluffed. I know how to scare him off. I can guarantee that when I get done, he’ll never bother you again. In fact, if he were to see you on the street he would run the other way.”

“How could you do that? I know you’re big and pretty well built; but Frank is a lot heavier and stronger than you are Bill. I don’t think that you could intimidate him.”

“I don’t plan to do anything myself. Frank will never know that I’m involved. I have connections. My dad is part owner of a private security firm. I work there part time and believe me I know some guys that make Frank look like a ninety pound weakling. I could get a couple of goons to have a little talk with Frank. I could have them rough him up just to get the message across. By the time they’re done, Frank Armano will think the mafia has a contract on him.”

Amber said, “That would be wonderful. I knew you would think of something. I’ll never forget this Bill. I really mean it.”

I replied, “Hold on minute Amber. I just told you what I could do. I didn’t say that I would do it. Yes I have connections; but that doesn’t mean these guys are at my beck and call. They’re going to need some cash up front. I would be taking a big risk too. If anything got
traced back to me I could get in trouble. Now I’ll do this for you; but I want something in return right now.

Amber asked, “What do you want?”

“We can talk about that in the pool house, there’s a lounge chair in there I’m just dying to try out. After all, Frank isn’t stupid about everything.”

Amber didn’t say anything. She got up from her chair and headed toward the pool house. Walking behind her, I was again impressed by the swell of her firm round buttocks beneath her swim suit. I was glad I had brought along my paddle because very shortly I was going to be putting it to good use.

We entered the pool house and I locked the door. I went over to the table and pulled out a chair and sat down. I placed my backpack on the floor and took out my paddle and said, “Alright Amber take off you swim suit and get over my knees.”

Amber’s eyes widened when she saw the little wooden paddle in my hand. She said, “Please Bill, I’m sorry about what happened with Frank.”

I said, “Amber it’s too late to be sorry. The spanking you got yesterday was the result of your own poor judgment. The spanking you’re getting today is your punishment for that poor judgment and you know that you deserve it. So get out of your swim suit and get over my knees now.”

Amber reached behind her back and unfastened the top of her two piece swim suit. She slipped it off and her little perky breasts came into view. Her light pink nipples were erect and contrasted enticingly to the pale creamy skin of her firm little breasts. Then she began to get out of the skin tight bottom. She struggled a bit getting it down over her amply curved hips and I felt my rod begin to stiffen as I watched Amber strip. The skimpy bottom finally slid down Amber’s plump well shaped thighs revealing the patch of light blond hair at the junction of her shapely tanned legs. Her well defined pussy lips were visible hiding beneath the blond fuzz and I was longing to get my tongue into her sweet little box; but I knew I would have to exercise some restraint. What I had in mind for right now was more important. Amber stood there for a moment, perhaps hoping that I might change my mind after seeing her sexy body ready and waiting for me. I didn’t say anything and began to tap the paddle against the palm of my hand. Amber sighed and came over to the chair where I was sitting.

Her body looked fabulous and as she got over my knees she said, “Please Bill don’t spank me too hard. My butt’s still sore from yesterday.” I didn’t reply. I grasped her around the waist to hold her in position and raised a knee to elevate her bottom. I could see Amber’s buttocks clench in anticipation of what was coming next. I brought the paddle down with full force and it splatted into the center of her shapely bottom with a resounding CRACK. Before Amber had time to complete her first squeal the paddle was connecting with her vulnerable buttocks again and again. A loud CRACK echoed throughout the room each time the paddle connected. Amber continued to squirm on my lap and cry out as I paddled her sexy butt. I worked slowly and deliberately making sure that each of her plump bottom cheeks was thoroughly dealt with. I also gave the backs of her shapely thighs a couple of swats for good measure.

When I was done, Amber was sobbing softly and I felt a little sorry for giving her such a severe spanking; but I knew that she deserved it for the way she had betrayed me. I began to gently massage her reddened bottom cheeks and she began to move her bottom against my hand. In spite of everything, I had to admit that she still turned me on and I knew her well enough to know that she was getting turned on as she lay across my lap.

I said, “I’m sorry Amber, but I can’t see how you could want to be with someone like Frank after what happened between us. Maybe it didn’t mean that much to you, but it did to me.”

Amber replied, “I told you that I was sorry about Frank and I know that I deserved this spanking. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove that I’m sorry. That’s why I’m here with you now. Bill. You should know that since I was a little girl I’ve craved sexual stimulation. Remember what happened in your room that time. I had been touching myself for a long time before that. I liked what you did and I would have let you do a lot more. But at that time I still felt guilty about my feelings and thought that I had to pretend not to like being touched. We’re two of a kind. You just have to accept that.”

Amber was right. As much as I liked her, I knew that I wouldn’t pass up the chance to be with someone else if I got the opportunity. Of course I wasn’t about to admit that to her. It wouldn’t suit my purposes.

I said, “At least you’re being honest with me Amber. Now I’ll be honest with you. I did get excited when I saw what you and Frank were doing, especially in that lounge chair and I guess you know what I want.”

Amber looked up at me over her shoulder as she lay across my knees and said, “I know. I heard what you said about the lounge chair before. But you have to get me ready for that. Whether you believe it or not, I was really afraid when Frank did that to me. I think I could have enjoyed it if it wasn’t for that. So please try to make it nice for me this time.”

I replied, “I intend to make it nice, now bend over the table like you did for Frank.”

Amber got up from across my knees, went to the table and bent her upper body across it. She then spread her legs apart making her pussy accessible to me. She reached back and grasped her bottom cheeks spreading them wide. I moved my chair forward and placed a hand between her legs. I slid a finger into her pussy and began to massage her clitoris. I bent forward and began to probe around her well displayed anus with the tip of my tongue. Amber immediately responded to this stimulus. She thrust her bottom back into my probing tongue which was darting in and out of it with deeper and deeper thrusts. By now her pussy was getting wet and her clitoris was rising to the occasion as well.

After bringing Amber to a high level of arousal, I stopped and got a small container of Astroglide out of my backpack. I put a generous amount on my index finger and started to lubricate Amber’s bottom hole. She moaned and pushed back against my probing finger, which easily slipped inside. With the help of the lubricant, I was soon inserting three fingers into Amber’s butt. As I continued to rotate my fingers slowly inside, I was using my other hand to good advantage in stimulating Amber’s moist pussy. After a few more minutes, I brought Amber to a powerful climax. Her knees buckled a little as she cried out and leaned heavily on the table.

I got up and brought the lounge chair over. I quickly removed my jeans and under shorts and lay back. My tool was rock hard and throbbing. I said,”OK Amber, now it’s my turn.” Amber came over and I helped her climb up onto the chair. She was straddling me, with a foot placed on either side of me. She grasped my shoulders for balance. I held my stiffened rod straight up between my legs. This time Amber needed no instructions. She looked down between her legs and began to slowly squat down moving her bottom into position over my stiff rod. When the tip came in contact with her tight little anus she let out a gasp. I held my rod more firmly and thrust upward. Amber’s little elastic rim yielded and the tip of my tool slipped neatly into her ass. Amber hesitated for a moment twisting her bottom a little to align it directly onto my shaft. Then she continued to lower herself. She reminded me of someone getting into a very hot bath. But in this case, it was the length of my tool sliding up into her butt that accounted for her caution.

What a view I had from my reclining position. Amber’s legs were spread wide as she was doing a deep knee bend down onto my stiff tool. So her cute little pussy was right in front of my face. At the same time I could feel and observe my rod slowly sliding up into her tight little ass; watching my shaft slowly disappearing into this sexy girl’s butt almost m
ade me come before I was fully inside.

When Amber’s butt came to rest
on my legs, I looked at her serenely sitting astride me. Knowing that my rod was sunk to the hilt in her ass gave me one hell of a rush. After a few moments I asked, “How is it?”

Amber replied, “It feels good. Play with my pussy a little.”

I slipped a finger between Amber’s legs and began to massage her already swollen clitoris. She started to move and twist her bottom a bit as she slowly rose up a little then went back down on my shaft. I placed my hands under her buttocks to give her some support. Then Amber took one hand away from my shoulders and began to massage her pussy; picking up where I’d left off.

I pushed up against her buttocks now and she rose up fairly high on my shaft. Then I helped lower her back down. Before long we had a good rhythm going and Amber was riding up and down on my stiff cock just as she had done on Frank’s. Watching my shaft slide in and out of her butt was driving me crazy with excitement and all too soon I shot my hot load of cum directly into Amber’s hot little ass. She placed her hand back on my shoulder and continued to ride up and down on my tool at an even faster pace. I picked up massaging her pussy and very shortly she climaxed again.

For a while we clung together, both of us pleasantly lethargic and sated; at least for the moment. I could feel my slowly deflating rod still slightly throbbing inside Amber’s tight little butt. I helped her get up and watched my shaft slowly slipping out of her. I knew how Frank must have felt. Amber got me so hot I wished I could go again right this minute and I actually felt that I could.

Amber walked over to where her swimsuit lay on the floor and picked it up. Then she said, “I’ve kept my part of the bargain, now I expect you to keep yours.”

I said, “You don’t have to worry about that. I told you that I could take care of Frank and I will. But we’re not quite done yet.”

Amber glanced over at me and asked, “What do you mean?” Then her gaze followed mine down to my tool, which was beginning to stand straight up again. She said, “My God, I can’t believe it! You’re still not satisfied! I just let you fuck me in the ass and that’s not enough for you.”

As I got up from the lounge chair I said, “I’m afraid not. There’s something else I’ve wanted from you since day one and there’s no time like the present.” I pulled a chair out from the table and sat down, spreading my legs. Then I glanced down at my rock hard tool. Amber sighed, dropped her swim suit on the floor and came over to me.

As she knelt down between my legs and grasped the shaft of my swollen member, Amber said, “I’ve never, you know, sucked a guy off before.”

I replied, “Well it’s like I said, there’s no time like the present and it’s about time you learned. I’m sure your natural instincts will be a sufficient guide.”

Amber leaned forward and ran her little pink tongue over the tip of my tool. In the next moment it was slipping into her mouth. My prediction was correct; within a very short time Amber was going down on me and sucking as if she was born with a hard cock in her mouth. As I watched her head bobbing up and down and her full sensuous lips slide down the length of my shaft, I felt like I was going to explode. I reached down and pushed her long blonde hair out of the way to get a better view. In spite of the fact that I had just shot one load a short time ago, it didn’t take very long for me to reach the ultimate point again. As I continued to enjoy watching Amber suck me off, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. Suddenly I thrust forward into her sucking mouth and shot most of my load of hot cum down her throat. Amber began to choke and pulled away from my tool. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said, “Damn! I didn’t think there could be so much of that stuff left.”

I smiled and said, “Sorry about that.”

As Amber got up she said with a tone of bitterness in her voice, “You know Bill you’re not very different from Frank. You’re a little more civilized in your manner; but that’s all. You got to fuck me in the ass like you wanted and I sucked you off too. I hope I’ve satisfied you for a long time because you’re not going to be doing anything with me again. The next person I’ll do anything like that for will be my husband, if I ever get married. As much as I like sex, I don’t like being used and so far I’ve been used and abused by both you and Frank. After today, I don’t want to see you ever again.”

I didn’t know what to say. I guess it was true that I had used Amber; at least this time. But I felt that I was justified. I said, “I’m sorry you feel that way. I know that you liked what we did. So what’s the problem?”

Amber replied, “There has to be more to it than just the physical sensation and we’re both too immature and oversexed for any deeper feelings. Maybe there was something there the first time and I guess I ruined it by being with Frank afterwards. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s all in the past and I want to leave it there.”

I didn’t try to argue with Amber. We got dressed and went back to the pool side. We ate the snacks in silence and then Amber said, “When we hear mom’s car in the drive, jump in the pool with me and pretend we’ve been having a good time.”

Later that evening in my room I thought about what Amber had said and I had to be honest with myself; I guess I had used her from the start. But it wasn’t like she hadn’t let herself be used. I was a little depressed because I thought I had found someone with whom I could share a continuing sexual relation and now that seemed to be out of the question. I consoled myself with the thought that something else might turn up and maybe after some time I could get back with Amber. I knew her well enough to be sure that she wouldn’t go without sex for very long and she just might call on me again.

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