The best party ever, part 2

After the best truth or dare ever, Samantha and Nicole decieded to start a threesum with me. “Ok. We’ll start. get on the bed now” Nicole said to me.

I got on the bed and first Nicole started at my cock. She first felt it and then sucked it nice and hard. Meanwhile, Samantha and I had the best french kiss ever. It was so passionate and she was amazing.

Then, Samantha moved down and stuck her tits in my face. They felt awesome. I squeezed them with my hand and licked and sucked on them furiously. Her tits were so awesome.

Meanwhile, Nicole decided to stop sucking and moved down her body and slid my cock in to her pussy. She let an amazing moan of pleasure and her pussy was so magnificant. She kept doing that for a long time and it was awesome.

Samantha then decided to have me stop plating with her awesome tits and had me suck her pussy. I first decided to put my finger in her pussy and it was awesome. I then licked and sucked it and it was an awesome thing.

Then, they switched and Nicole was at my mouth and Samantha was at my cock. They pretty much did the same thing and they we vigorous and awesome to fuck.

“Ok, we’ve just done an awesome threesome fucking. Now, Adam, me and Nicole like to fuck a lot and we want to see who fucks better. I will go first and then Nicole and for an hour, we will fuck you in the best manner possible.” Then I said “Ok, but after, you will both have to fuck each other vigourously for me to make my judgement.”

So then, they went out of the room. They told me to get dressed first. Samantha came in first with her cheerleader outfit on. “go under my skirt and take my panties off” So, she lied down, and I crept my hands under her sexy skirt and took off her panties. She was already wet. I put my finger in it and she let out the best moan I heard all night.

“Feel free to take my top any way you want” I went under her midriff top feeling her tits and lifted the top off exposing her wonderful tits. I decided to squeeze them and then lick and suck and their awesomeness.

“Now it’s my turn”. She took off my pants and boxers. Then, she squeezed and rubbed my amazingly hard cock and took her mouth and sucked on it nice and hard. She licked the head of my penis amazingly well and my cum shot out in 7 seconds.

“Let’s go all the way now.” I took off her cheerleader shirt exposing her nice pussy and slid my cock into it. It was so amazing and her pussy was so amazing to be in. My cum shot out quickly.

We then went on the bed and she got on my lap and slid her pussy into my cock. She then put her tits and my face. It was the most amazing thing ever. We then french kissed as vigorously as we could and she was wild and amazing. My tongue had the best workout ever.

“Ok. I think our time is up. That was an awesome fucking experience. Now its time for Nicole to come in and you can see how well she fucks”

>>To be continued

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  1. awesome,awesome

    wrote awesome 8 times! 3 in one sentence, it ruined the mood with all those awesomes

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