the best party ever, part 4

After they both fucked me, they decided to fuck each other. “We really like to fuck each other. Why don’t we show you.” They went away and came back in white tank tops. “Let’s go to the bathroom”

“We like to put on a show”. Samantha and Nicole took the showerhead and wet their tee shirts and soon, you could see right through them. Then, they started to make out and french kissed. They pressed tightly against each other’s body. They we’re carrassing their bodies.

Then they ripped off their tee shirts. Nicole then said “Samantha, you can go first.” Samantha went down and put her face in Nicole’s tits. She sucked them and licked her nipples. They were moaning and it was awesome to watch. Then, Samantha ate her pussy completely and it was so awesome.

Then, Nicole fucked Samantha. She did the same things and it was so awesome to watch. Then, they were carassing each other’s tits. It was so awesome. Then, they fingered each other’s pussy. It was the most awesome thing.

“Well, now it’s time to get into the threesome again.” I was watching them while i was sitting on a chair. Samantha and Nicole sat on my lap. Samantha was on the right leg and Nicole on the left. Their bodies were awesome.

They both put their tits in my face. Then, Nicole took over. I licked hers and her nipples and it was so awesome. Sucking them was also amazing. Then, I licked and sucked Samantha’s tits. It was so awesome and they were moaning the whole time.

“Ok. Now its time to go all the way.” Samantha put her hands down my pants and took off my pants and boxers and sucked and licked my cock. She was so awesome at it again.

Meanwhile, Nicole took off my shirt and me and Nicole were french kissing as furiously as possible. Then, both girls were at my cock and it was the most awesome thing. We were doing all this with the steam of the shower and it was so awesome.

Then, Nicole put my cock in her pussy and we were making out furiously. Samantha was putting her nice tits all over my body. Soon, i was licking and sucking Nicole’s tits and making out with Samantha. Fucking them in the shower was so awesome.

We had to go to sleep. We dried off and went to the bed. I decided to sleep between the girls. I slept with Nicole tits on my back and Nicole with her hand on my cock. Also, I put Samantha’s body close to mine and I feel asleep with my arm pressing against her tits.

The end

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  1. SexyMom

    You might want to cut on using the word awesome.

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