the best time ever

my friends,amelia,kaylee,rhiannon,
ashleigh and i were at school ,after school we had cheerleading practice it was great all the popular hot footy guys were watching us!so we tried our best then when it finished the boys were followingus into the showers then one of the teachers shut the gate then when we got out the hottest,popular,and strongest guy had came to me and said” hey babe u wanna come to my house and go on a date?”
i replyed and looked at my friends that were nodding so i said yes so while we walked(he walked me to myhouse)he asked me out i said yes and then i got home and got dressed in a white dress then when i went out in the living room i told mum and dad i would be going out for dinner with some friends then i went out the door.

he was waiting for me out the front of my housethen we went to the resuraunt then after we finished we wnt to his house i wasnt allowed so he said to me to climb in the window.
when i got in to his room heshut the window and locked the door and started kissing me i didnt no watto do so i kissed him back then he pulled up my dress and pulled my undies down and started licking my pussy then i pulled his pants down while i sucked his cock ………itvwas the best time evver!

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