The Big Bottomed Sorority Girl

I had to go through my six week pledge period before becoming a member of my chosen sorority, and I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Melanie, my Pledge Mistress, was a petite, pretty blond with a sweet smile, but she was known as a tough and demanding Mistress who showed no mercy.
“You have the biggest butt I have ever seen,” Melanie said, as she looked me over head to toe. “Walk around the room so I can watch it shake and jiggle, ” she ordered.
Melanie was sitting in the large drawing room looking at me. I was dressed in a tiny pair of silk panties, and a short, thin silk blouse, as part of my sorority pledge hazing, and my little silk and lace panties barely covered the top of my big, heavy butt. My waist was too slender for the lingerie, but my rump was way too large, and it stuck out, jiggling as I moved around. Melanie laughed as I walked around the room, as ordered.
“Look at all that fat jiggle!, ” she said. I continued walking.
“Your ass is HUGE!,” she commented. I walked around her.
“Don’t stop! Keep making it jiggle for me! Your behind is enormous!,” Melanie laughed.
I could feel every ounce of fat on my giant backside bouncing and jiggling as I walked around the room for her. She laughed as I obeyed.
Suddenly Melanie, my Pledge Mistress, stood up and asked me to come over to her. I walked up to her and she wrapped her arms around me and began to caress my huge bottom gently and say soft things to me, like “There, there, I like your big butt. I think you look good with your huge ass jiggling…” I shivered a little as I felt her hands run over the fullest curves of my enormous rump. I arched my back and moaned.
“I think it is a shame that you are so self conscious of your big, heavy bottom, and I think I know the solution, “Melanie said as she sat down on a plush chair. “Bend that enormous ass over my knee and I will give you a good spanking, ” she said as she pulled me closer to her. “Do it now, ” she added quickly, ” bend that big, jiggling bottom over my knee for a good spanking.”
Embarrassed, I crawled over her knee and offered her my huge, shaking butt, nearly completely exposed, as she patted it gently and laughed. “Now hold still, while I spank your big butt, ” she giggled. SMACK! I could feel my giant ass jiggle as she slapped it. SMACK! SMACK! I gasped as I felt her hand land on the biggest, fattest part of my oversized rear end repeatedly. SMACK! I began to arch my back and squeal. The silk panties forced me to feel every shake and bounce of my huge ass as she continued to spank me.
“That’s enough, ” she said suddenly. “Get up and go stand in the corner until I say you can turn around. That’s right, go face the corner and show me your big butt until I say otherwise.” She gave my jiggling bottom one more good smack, and I went to stand in the corner of the room, facing the wall, my exposed bottom sticking out toward Melanie.
I stood in the corner for a while, as some of the other girls came into the room to ask Melanie about the upcoming party at the fraternity house, and to discuss our grade point average, and chat about other topics.
“That must be the new pledge, with the big butt,” I heard one girl say, giggling.
“Look at the size of her ass, ” I heard another comment.
Finally, we were alone and all was quiet in the room as Melanie said, “Okay, my big bottomed pledge, I have to run to class, so I am going to have to tie you up so you will be secure until I return.” She took my wrists and tied them together, lifting them to an iron bar on the wall so I was standing upright facing the wall, my huge, jiggling rump sticking out into the room. I was bound securely. She gave my big backside a good smack and said, “I will leave you here then, and I think I will put a sign next to you, so the girls will know what to do with you.” I heard her writing something, then I saw her place a large cardboard sign next to me which said, “I am a pledge with a big butt. Please spank me.” She laughed.
“Okay then, my big bottomed pledge slave, I will be back in two hours. Don’t go anywhere, “she laughed, giving my huge, heavy rump a good spank. She started to walk out the door, but stopped and came back. She whispered in my ear, as she caressed the fat on my enormous ass, “I almost forgot something. I’m so sorry.” Suddenly I felt her placing a silk gag in my mouth and pulling it around my neck, tying it firmly. She was going to leave me tied up and gagged for two hours with my giant bottom jiggling for all to see! I tingled with embarrassment.
After an hour of being tied up in the drawing room, three girls came in to drink some wine and talk about boys and giggle. Every so often, one would get up and give my huge ass a good spanking as the sign said, then she would sit back down and chat with the other girls until one of them felt I needed another good spanking. I moaned softly into my silk gag as I felt my enormous rump jiggle every time I moved or one of the girls was slapping it. After a while the girls left and I waited alone in the drawing room for Melanie to return. I could hear people outside playing Frisbee and shouting, while I remained bound and gagged, dressed in nothing but silk panties and a short blouse, my big butt jiggling nervously.
It seemed a lot longer than two hours when Melanie finally returned.
“My goodness your big butt looks nice in those silk panties, with you tied up like that,” she said, giggling. “I think you will wear those panties and that bra for the next six weeks. And nothing else!”
I tried to say something, but my words were muffled by my gag.
“Good, “she said, “I’m glad we’re in agreement, but now it is time to put you in your collar. From this point on, you will be my slave. Wherever you go, you will be on a leash, and if I’m busy, one of the other girls will walk you on your leash, anywhere you go on campus, or off.”
I gasped and squealed through my gag, and squirmed in my ropes.
“Furthermore, “she continued, walking up behind me and patting my giant, shaking rump, “you will sleep in the little cage downstairs, leashed, and you will eat and drink from the bowl in your cage.”
I yelped and tried desperately to say, “No, no, please!,” but my gag stopped me from getting the words out.
“If you behave perfectly, I will chain you by your collar to my bed at night, so I can enjoy your enormous butt and watch it jiggle for me, but that will be the only time that you do not sleep in your cage,”she said, firmly.
I went limp and moaned.
“And everyday, one of the girls will measure the size of your bottom, and it had better stay big, fat, and jiggly, or you will be punished,” she said in my ear. “You will be fed food in your bowl that will keep your huge butt heavy, fat and jiggly the way we like it!”
I could feel every inch of my giant ass shaking as she spoke.
“And lastly, at the end of six weeks, you will have learned to love being my slave, and you will beg to remain my slave permanently,” she said softly, “and if you behave and do well, and keep your rump big and fat, I just might let you.”
I moaned and began breathing harder, and wondered, after all that, and being tied up, spanked, and made into a slave, why I felt so beautiful, feminine, and happy. I made my huge bottom jiggle a little just for Melanie’s pleasure.

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