the bombshelter

Hey my name is Tanya I am 15 and I love to play dares with Adam, Georgia and Tony.
We have this club thing which is basicly us four getting together at our hideout (a converted bombshelter) me and Tony have a steady relationship going as do Adam and Georgia. One day we were at our shelter drinking and smoking when Adam suggested we play dares, we all agreed as we were getting bored. It started out pretty normal stuff truth here dare there, when I complained it was all too boring the (smirnoffs were out and we were down to our last cigarette) Georgia told me that we are doing what we always do.
“I know which is why it is so boring lets spice it up a bit.” I told her.
“Yeah we could limit the dares to sexual only and if you bottle a piece of clothing comes off!” chipped in Tony.
“I don’t know you guys why do that we were having fun.”
Georgia had always been a bit of a wuss when it comes to sex dares and pusses out but today there was a thunderstorm going on which was strange but all for the better.
“I can’t go home so I’ll watch ok?” Georgia asked.
I felt cheated I thought that she was gonna join in I would love to see her 32c sized charms and she had the most gorgeous hair, long and brown I wanted to see if it was collars and cuffs, it was Adam that salvaged the day.
“Nope sorry baby dares or storm your choice.”
“Oh ok then it can’t be all that bad, can it?”
I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, Georgia always walked off when these dares started.
“Ok Tanya I dare you to…get off with Georgia!” Adam declared that it was my dare and I wasn’t gonna back down.
“Ok then getting off with Georgia it is.” I told him, I was ecstatic inside I had wanted to do this for so long I just wanted to take her into my arms and kiss her like the end of the world was about begin.
“Hey what the fuck I am not letting her get off with me it is sick and disgusting Adam you are perverted to suggest it!” Georgia shouted at us all.
I walked up to her and whispered in her ear.
“Adam and Tony got off with each other now we have the chance to make them jealous.”
I looked at her face and saw a smile begin to emerge on her face.
“Ok then do it!” she commanded me.
We both stood up and embraced each other in an erotic slow lingering kiss that felt so good she tasted like honey from heaven, our tongues exploring each others mouth it was magic.
“That was better than I thought” Georgia said
“It gets better than that” I replied.
I could see the bulge in both the guys’ trousers and wanted to see them in all their glory.
“Ok this is a double dare Adam and Tony you both have to wank each other off” I told them.
Adam looked uncertain but Tony was all to eager to get on with the dare as he is bisexual (that’s what makes him so exciting and fresh like one time when we were “playing” with each other he asked me to use my dildo on his arse, but that’s another story).
“I don’t know I’m not really a gay person it just isn’t my style I mean he can do it if he wants but I don’t wanna touch his dick” Adam announced.
I looked at Georgia and she looked disappointed but then I saw a smile emerge on her face and I wondered what she was up to.
“Adam I’ll do you a deal if you go ahead with this dare I’ll take, and keep, my T-shirt off!”
I was astounded I never thought Georgia would have the guts to do that but I wasn’t complaining I wanted to see her in her bra just like everyone I knew wanted to.
“I…well…ok then but only if that top stays off!” Adam gave in secretly I thanked Georgia for her guts as not only would I see a bit of gay porn I would also see Georgia in her bra, which was a sight.
“Adam are you ready to do this?” Tony enquired.
“Ok then might as well get it over with.” Adam replied.
They both undone their zips and got their cocks out, for their age they were pretty big Tony was about 6 and a half inches long and about an inch and a half wide. Adam was roughly 7 inches long but only an inch wide they reached over to each other and started wanking each other off. It was so erotic and I was so turned on the I stuck my hand down my trousers and started masturbating myself I looked at a shirtless Georgia and that got me even more turned on I also noticed that she was masturbating. Adam and Tony were groaning and panting I could tell Adam liked what he was receiving. I got up and walked over to Georgia and took my top off, as I was wearing no bra my 36bs were revealed I sat on Georgia she looked at me wondering what I was doing. I took off Georgias’ bra, she still looked a bit confused so whispered in her ear.
“Lets not let them have all the fun!”
She nodded at me and started feeling my breasts and I sucked on hers. She moaned about the same time that Tony told Adam to blow him so Adam took Tonys’ cock in his mouth and started to suck, Tony moaned and groaned.
On this note I got off Georgia and knelt down before her, pulled down her cargos and thong and started to lick her out. I flicked my tongue over her clit and she went wild. I explored every part of her not leaving any part out then she started to shudder and shake she gripped the chair and came right in my mouth.
“Georgia you taste so good.” I told her as she recovered I watched Tony now giving Adam a blowjob it seemed that they had switched while Georgia and me was going at it.
“Right, Tanya it is time for me to return the favour.”
It was Georgia and she was holding a vibrator she had in her bag. I positioned myself under Tony and as Georgia started to pump me with the vibrator I was sucking off Tony.
I felt the tip of the vibrator on my clit and I almost came on the spot, she rammed the vibrator in me and I was in ecstasy the fake throbbing cock in my pussy felt so good.
“Hey Tanya I never knew that you had red hair on your pussy as well.” That was Adam he had never seen my pussy before and was the only one in our gang who hadn’t. Tony being my boyfriend had (naturally) seen it and I had flashed it to Georgia so many times (in hope she might flash back).
“There’s a lot you don’t know Ad…OH FUCK YES UHHHH OHHH FUCK ME UHHHHHH UHHHH!” A sentence that turned into my first orgasm of that day.
As I came that got Tony to come as well right on the side of my mouth and I licked it all up.
“Tony I want you to fuck me right here!” I ordered my bi-boyfriend.
“Yeah Adam you get over here and fill me with your spunk!” That was Georgia.
Tony came over to me and mounted me and we started to fuck each other, he beat the hell out of the vibrator me and Georgia used earlier.
“Adam give me more give it to me” Georgia it turned out was a very demanding teenager.
After about 10 minutes of ecstasy and passion I told Adam that I wanted him to fuck me.
“Georgia you won’t mind will you?” Adam needed permission first.
“I’m out of it go ahead.” Georgia was being kind enough to lend me her boyfriend.
Adam got on top off me and started to pump his prick reached further than Tonys but didn’t quite fill the rest of the space.
Then Tony, who obviously hadn’t quite had his fill of sex, started to fuck Adam while he was fucking me. The extra push I was getting from Tony was really getting me close to an orgasm, which would be my fifth that day. Out the corner of my eye I could see Georgia starting to masturbate again, she didn’t know what I could do.
“Georgia get over here now!”
She c
ame over and I told her to sit on my face and use her vibrator on Tonys arse at the same time. She did that
and was kissing Adam while I was licking her out I could feel Tony coming after 5 minutes which had Adam coming inside me as Georgia came in my mouth again. Both of them at the same time got my juices flowing as well but as I came the very people we hate walked in on a naked orgy of sex which was us.

To be continued…..

Please rate my story on how well you think it is. If you all like it then I will write a sequel.

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  1. shelly1hotgirl

    I like the subject, got me wet! but your format could use a little work

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  2. isaaccox

    I love this story, a total 10 out of 10! I want to hear more. I would especially like to hear if you got Adam and other guys to fuck Tony.

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  3. addicted2pussy

    awesome story
    cant wait for part 2

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  4. LargeMemeber

    I like the story a ton! maybe not as much gay stuff though

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