The Locked Room

The Locked Room

It was 3:00 and everyone had left the school- except for Bridget and Simon, who got detention with Mr. Stanton.
ÒAll right you two,Ó He said.Ó I am going to the teachers lounge until your time is up at 4:30. Have funÓ He exited the room and locked the door.
ÒFinally!Ó Bridget said standing up. She stretched her whole body, revealing her smooth stomach, and brushing her dirty blonde hair.

Simon couldnÕt help but stare at her beautiful ass. Bridget was cute with dirty blonde hair; was about 5Õ4 with 34C size breasts, and has a huge, jiggling, soft, and fucking beautiful ass. She mostly wore leggings, which didnÕt leave much to the imagination, especially her lack of a panty line.
ÒLike what you see?Ó She asked playfully. Simon smirked.
ÒYeah, but mostly the lack of a panty line.Ó Bridget smiled and pushed her breasts together.
ÒAnd these?Ó
ÒThose too. Too bad your shirts blocking them.Ó
ÒI can fix that.Ó Bridget took of her shirt, revealing her baby blue bra. She turned around and Simon stood up and clutched her ass. Bridget squealed which turned Simon on a little.
ÒHoly shit! Your ass really is as soft as it looks.Ó
ÒGood now take your hands off of it.Ó Bridget moved his hands and grabbed his slightly hard cock. ÒHow do you-Ò Her words were cut short by the growing feeling in her hand. She quickly undid his belt and jeans and slid them down to his ankles, and gasped in amazement at his 9 ½ÕÕ cock.

Almost in a trance, she began to gently kiss and lick the knob. Simon only smiled and gave he permission to continue. Bridget then started sucking and licking the cock ferociously. His dick started to pulsate when she stopped sucking, knowing he was about to cum. She stood and pulled down her leggings to reveal her perfect ass. She slapped as an invitation for him to fuck her. Simon accepted and slowly slid his cock into her throbbing hairless pussy. Bridget bit her lip at its size. He started moving, faster and faster as the desk Bridget leaned against shook rapidly, until she grappled his back and moved her ass on his cock. Bridget moaned ever louder.
ÒYou ready bitch!Ó Simon asked
ÒYeah.Ó She panted. ÒIÕm a bitch and IÕm ready.Ó Simon moaned and Bridget squealed again and the explosion inside her pussy. Bridget sat on a desk and lick all the spunk from SimonÕs dick.
ÒHoly fuck that was great.Ó She said.
ÒHoly fuck weÕre fucked!Ó Simon said as they both looked at a wide- eyed Mr. Stanton.

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