The Professor’s Big Bottomed Assistant

The Professor’s Big Bottomed Assistant

I thought my new Ancient History professor was adorable. He was an older man, with silver hair and a gray goatee, glasses, and a tall, thin build. He had such a sweet voice and nice look in his eyes, that I developed a crush on him almost immediately. And I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I caught him watching my large bottom bounce and jiggle when I would leave the classroom. I was pretty sure but couldn’t be certain.
I was a junior at an Ivy League school when I enrolled in his class. I am somewhat proud of my thick red hair, slender shoulders, and small waist, but I melt if I see a man enjoying the sight of my exceptionally wide hips and large backside. I like to wear clothes that show off my rear end and its enormous curves, and I have to admit that my big butt needs a lot of attention to make me happy.
So I was interested when I saw the professor had posted an ad asking for a Teacher’s Assistant. I signed up and went to meet him in his office for an interview. I wore a thin, delicate blouse, and a clinging, light pink skirt, to show off my best features as I entered his office and prepared to talk with him one on one for the first time.
In his office, I deliberately turned away from him to hang up my jacket, and took a moment to show him the full size of my big ass, and to make it jiggle a little for him as I fumbled with my coat. I swayed a little side to side to make sure he was looking right at my huge rump until I finally got my jacket hung and I turned to face him. I could see he was staring right at my big, wide hips and I smiled and said, “Hello.”
“Hello Emily,” he answered with that sweet voice. “Have a seat, won’t you.”
I turned a little so he could see my giant bottom and I said, teasingly, “I already have one, sir.” I patted my own huge butt.
He laughed. “Yes, of course you do. And a lovely one it is. But I was hoping you might sit down.”
I blushed at the compliment. I was hoping he was a “Big Butt” man of course, and that I had been right about him watching my big, fat rump jiggle when I walked. I still couldn’t tell for sure. I took a moment to straighten my skirt and I sat down across from his desk.
“Well Emily, let me tell you what I am looking for, ” he said. “I am part of a group of Ancient History fanatics, as well as being a professor, and we are trying to create an accurate role play historically to represent various eras of history. We have bought an old farmhouse and turned it into a castle of sorts, and we are missing a few types of people to create the realism we need.”
I was very interested. “So you would need me to play a role of some kind. What sort of role would that be?”
“Well, Emily, to put it delicately, I would be portraying an early Egyptian King and I am looking for a lovely young lady to be my slave girl. I understand if this would not appeal to you,” he said a little nervously.
I almost moaned with pleasure at the thought of this. I would be his slave girl!
“Of course, we would need you to try on the costume,” he added, “and the slave role is quite demanding, but otherwise I think you would be perfect. Do you have any interest?”
I stood up and said quickly, “Yes, I do. May I try on the costume? I’d like to see how I look in it.”
“Yes,” he answered, “I have it right here in the closet.” He smiled broadly as he examined the size of my rear end. He handed me a small silk bundle for me to try on. “Would you like me to help you put it on correctly? I’d be happy to, ” he said, looking at my huge ass the whole time.
“That would be helpful, yes,” I answered as I slipped out of my skirt, and unbuttoned my blouse. I stood before him in my bra and panties as he walked around me examining my curves and pausing for a while behind me to take in the sight of my giant rump clad only in my little silk panties.
He patted my big bottom gently a few times and watched it jiggle as he touched it, and said, “Your backside is absolutely perfect for this. The slaves were often known for the wonderfully large size of their derrieres.” I blushed. “Would you mind being naked, as I dress you? It would be ideal, ” he said as I shivered with excitement. I stripped down and now stood before him completely naked, this handsome professor, staring at me. I could feel the fat on my large butt jiggle every time I moved a little, much to his delight. He took his time unwrapping the little silk bundle I was to wear.
He wrapped the thin silk ties around my breasts, lightly touching me on my neck and shoulders, but careful not to fondle me. The silk barely covered my breasts, but it kept them somewhat concealed. He pulled a thicker silk tie over my stomach and through my thighs, sliding it between my enormous jiggling butt cheeks and pulling on it until he attached it to the silk around my neck. My huge, shaking butt was completely exposed in this outfit! He ran his hand down the small of my back and again gently patted my large rump as he said, “The fit is perfect. You look absolutely lovely in it.” This was the entire slave outfit. I felt beautiful in it!
“Would you mind bending over my desk so I can see how well you can move in this outfit? I’d like to see how it looks as you move, ” he said with that wonderful voice. I obeyed and bent over his desk, my gigantic butt shaking as I showed him all of it from that position. “Very, very good, ” he said as he caressed the jiggling fat on my bottom and ran his hand over my curves. “Now stand up, please.” Again I obeyed. I was getting into the role already.
“Now the next part of the costume is optional for you, and will be your choice, but this particular Egyptian king had his slave wear an iron collar, with her wrists and ankles shackled to some degree, and kept her on a leash most of the time, ” he said looking at me and waiting for my reaction. “That would be most realistic, of course.”
I smiled at him, my heart fluttering with excitement as I said, “Yes, I think I should wear the chains and collar. I want to be realistic. May I try them on? I hope you have them handy.”
“Yes, I have them in my desk, ” he answered smiling. He pulled out a collar and locked it around my neck, and placed shackles with chains on my wrists and ankles as I moaned with delight. He stared at me for a long while. “This particular king was obsessed with the enormous size of a slave girl’s rear end, and wouldn’t even consider keeping a slave unless her butt was enormous and jiggled as she walked and moved. You are truly perfect for this role, Emily. I have noticed that, while you have a very slender waist, you have the biggest butt of all the girls in class. I have watched it jiggle as you walk out of my classroom each day. ”
I knew it! I stood there in my little slave outfit, my huge ass exposed, locked in shackles, and began breathing a little heavy with pleasure as I felt his eyes on me. Then he surprised me by giving my huge butt a good smack! SMACK! I felt the fat on my heavy bottom jiggle for a while after that slap. I moaned out loud.
“Very good Emily, ” he said. “We have a long weekend coming up and I would like you to come to our castle and begin learning about your role, in costume. I will show you your small kennel cage, and the various wooden posts to which you will be leashed, and the place you will be shackled when the townspeople meet and all the rest. If it works out, you may wish to spend the entire summer at the castle. I think you will be wonderful. Oh and you may spend a certain amount of time chained and leashed to an iron loop at the head of my bed. Would that be a problem? Feel free to say no, if that is how you feel.”
I nearly buckled from joy. I was going to be the professor’s slave! I wanted to stay in my costume forever, showing him my big butt and having my bottom smacked by him! I said YES! YES! I wanted to be leashed to his bed! Well, the long weekend is coming up, so I need to get dressed for my king. I can’t wait! Bye for now…

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  1. sexybaby

    I can’t wait for the next chapter

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  2. Jessie

    I love this! I have a great butt fetish, and I just can’t get enough of when a guy fondles mai ass I hope the next part has a lot of foreplay with her butt (;

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  3. gotadesol4047

    I also thought this was great Big butts are awesome, and this story is hot ;)

    my gf loves when I do anything from behind !

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