the truth about residence

Amber was only 18 her first day of university, ahe wandered though the hallways of her new home, nervously peeking into the rooms, hoping someone would stop her to say hello. When she passed by Katie’s room, she got everything she wished for and more. Katie waved to the young girl from her bed, noticing how her tight, full breasts pushed against her little pink sweater, and she licked her lips in hopeful anticipation.
“Hi, I’m Katie, this is my buddy Laura” she pointed to the petite red head seated on the other bed, who waved back politely,
“come in and sit down.”
Amber wandered in and sat at the edge of the bed.
“So, what room are you in?” Laura purred at Amber, eyeing up her slim hips and soft, round lips.
“I’m on the third floor, 306.” Amber noticed the was the girl was watching her and shifted her position, opening her legs slightly, giving the girl a quick glance at her bare, shaven cunt.
“So, umm.. do you girls like to have a good time?” Katie knew the answer before they gave it, before she knew what was happening Katie had slid across the bed and slipped her tongue deep into Amber’s mouth while Laura wrestled with her shirt, unbottoning it quickly. Amber moaned when Laura got her shirt off and began pinching her nipples to erection.
“You are so fcking hot,” Laura whispered into her ear as she groped at Ambers ass and breasts,
“I want to taste that tight little pussy you teased me with,”
Laura slid down and wrapped Amber’s legs around her shoulders, pushing the tiny skirt out of the way, she began to carress the moist cunt with her fingers, flicking over her aroused clitoris until finally plunging her two fingers into her juicy box. Amber reached down and grabbed the girls hair, putting her mouth exactly where she wanted it.
“Oh, baby, you have the fucking hottest clit I have ever seen”
Amber moaned loadly as she felt her pleasure mounting.
Realizing that she had been ignoring Katie, she reached over and began to fondle her small, firm breasts, removing her shirt slowly she began sucking feverishly on her nipples, making Katie cry out in delight as she gently nibbled on her tits, while Laura began fucking her pussy even harder with her fingers.
“Oh, god, you’re making me cum!” Amber screamed as the girl grabbed her ass and pushed her cunt into her face, fucking her box with her tongue.
“I want you to scream, you dirty little slut, or I’m gonna fuck you so hard”
Laura reached behind her and felt around for her dildo, releasing Amber’s hot pussy, before she had cum.
“You are gonna love this”, Laura moaned as she watched Katie switch positions so Amber could slide her fingers into the girl’s tight wet hole. Laura snuck up and jamed the 10 inch cock hard into amber’s box form behind.
“Holy shit”, Amber screamed when she felt the cock hit her pussy walls,
“That’s so huge”
Laura fucked Amber’s cunt until she came so hard, her legs were shaking violently with the orgasm. Katie came shortly after, screaming out as Amber sucked her tits and finger fucked her pussy. Katie and Amber rose slowly from their positions and eyed up Laura.
“You are in so much trouble you little skank”
Katie moaned as she crawled on top of Laura pushing her still gushing pussy against her moist one, I’m gonna show you how pussy eating is really done.
The girls fucked in every different position all night. In the morning, they realized their commotion had attracted some attention and their room was now known as the hot place for women to get fucked. It turned out to be a great semester.

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  1. Dennis North

    Nice short story.

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