The Truth Detector

Chapter Seventeen: The Truth Detector

The following week was great. It seemed that the incident in my room had actually strengthened my relationship with Amanda. She had never seemed more attractive. I could barely wait for the lunch period each day. All I wanted to do was be with her and talk to her.

On Thursday when I entered the cafeteria I saw Amanda standing by the exit. She caught my eye and motioned for me to follow. Then she slipped out through the door. I circled around the hallway and came up on the opposite side of the cafeteria. I saw Amanda apparently studying some notices tacked up on a bulletin board. Without looking directly at me she said, “Let’s skip lunch today.” Then she walked off down the hall. I stood at the bulletin board for a few more moments and then casually followed her. Amanda was looking fabulous. She was dressed in a blouse and a very short skirt that showed off her figure to near perfection. She had on a pair of flats with anklets that matched her dark blue skirt and her long shapely legs looked very sexy. I couldn’t help noticing that Amanda’s short little skirt fell just right to emphasize the alluring swell of her bottom. I don’t know if she realized it; but Amanda was putting on quite a show for me.

Just before the hallway ended, she turned left and then right down a narrow stairway. I couldn’t imagine where she was going; but it was obvious that Amanda knew her way around the school building much better than me. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw her standing by a door in dimly lit alcove. As I approached, she was rummaging around in a shoulder bag. I hadn’t noticed it before. Probably because I was too busy staring at other things. Amanda fished out a key and unlocked the door. We stepped inside and when Amanda closed the door the room went pitch black. I heard the click of a light switch, followed by a buzz and then a couple of overhead fluorescent lamps blinked on. I saw that we were in a storage room. There were shelves filled with all sorts of equipment; beakers, test tubes, scales and the like.

Amanda asked, “Well Bill what do you think? It’s a little more private than the library isn’t it?”

I asked, “How did you find out about this place and manage to get a key to it?”

Amanda replied, “That’s easy. You know old Mr. Bronson, the chemistry teacher. Well I’m his monitor for the Chem. Lab. You probably won’t believe this, but the first time he brought me down here to show me this stuff; he tried to cop a feel.”

I said, “I can believe it all right. You have to feel kind of sorry for those old guys, seeing cute girls like you all day. Just imagine what they have to go home to.” We both laughed a little at this.

Amanda said, “Come on,” and I followed her down a very narrow aisle between the shelves. At the end of the aisle was a small square of open floor space. This area contained a table and two chairs. Amanda put her bag on the table and took out two sandwiches enclosed in plastic wrap. Then she pulled out two paper cups, a can of Pepsi and some paper napkins. She motioned for me to sit down and then she said, “I was only kidding about skipping lunch. I know growing boys need their nourishment.”

I asked, “Where’s the linen table cloth and silver candlesticks?”

Amanda said, without missing a beat, “I stuffed them under the kitchen sink; but I don’t have time to pull it out now.”

As I unwrapped my sandwich Amanda said, “It’s only peanut butter and jelly. That’s the best I could do on the spur of the moment. I just thought of it when I was getting ready for school this morning.”

I said, “It’s good to get a sampling of your culinary abilities. I’ll have to make note of this for future reference.” Amanda smiled and we continued eating our sandwiches.

After we finished our sandwiches, I asked, “What’s the idea of this Amanda?”

She replied, “Well, it’s like I said. Growing boys need their nourishment.”

I looked at Amanda very closely studying her expression as I asked, “What do growing girls need?”

Amanda got up from her chair. She came around the table and sat on my lap. She said, “I’ll help you figure that out.” Then she unbuttoned her blouse. I put my hands around her waist and we began to kiss. Amanda’s lips parted under mine and our tongues were touching and moving inside each other’s mouths. As we continued to kiss, I slid my hands up and freed Amanda’s perky little breasts from the cups of her bra. I commenced to gently massage her nipples with the tips of my fingers and I felt them immediately begin to harden under my touch.

Amanda’s kisses became more urgent and I responded eagerly. Presently I moved my lips down to kiss Amanda’s neck and continued to move lower. I started to lightly run my tongue over each of her hard little nipples. She let out a soft moan and held me closer. As I started to lightly suck Amanda’s nipples, I moved my hands back down to her waist. Then I moved one hand up under her skirt and began to massage the top of one shapely thigh. Although I was very aroused, I didn’t try for anything more until I felt Amanda’s hand on mine, nudging it a little higher. When my hand came in contact with the thin silky material of her panties a shock wave of excitement coursed through my body. I slid a finger over just between Amanda’s legs and began to slowly move it up and down on the outside of her panties. Within a few seconds I could feel the moisture from her pussy as it seeped into the thin material. Then I moved my mouth away from her breasts and we began to kiss again.

Eventually Amanda broke off our kiss and placed her hands on my shoulders. She rose up off my lap a bit, looked down at me and said a little breathlessly, “Take my panties down. I want you to touch me there more.”

I placed my other hand under Amanda’s skirt. I grasped the waistband of her panties and slid them down her thighs; then further down to her knees. Amanda sat back down on my lap and spread her legs invitingly. I slid a hand up to the juncture of her thighs and in a moment my finger was brushing against the fuzz on Amanda’s little love nest.

Suddenly we heard a noise at the front of the room. Amanda jumped up from my lap and quickly yanked her panties up saying in a frantic whisper, “Oh my God Bill, there’s someone at the door!” As she began buttoning her blouse, she continued, “Quick get this stuff off the table and find someplace to hide!”

I scooped all our lunch things up from the table and dumped them into a waste basket by the end of a shelving unit. Then I slipped along the back wall and crouched behind another row of shelves at the far end of the room. I heard the door open and footsteps approaching. As I peered around the corner of the shelving unit, I could see Amanda now standing in front of the table.

In the next moment I saw a short balding man of about fifty and a girl enter the area. The man was wearing a rumpled blue suit and carrying a briefcase. The girl was a little taller than Amanda and appeared to be sixteen or seventeen. She was wearing black stretch pants that clearly indicated her bottom was delightfully rounded. Her tight fitting red sweater revealed the outline of her large breasts. She had short red hair and her face was very attractive. As they approached the table the man said, “Miss Haywood this is a surprise. What brings you down here?”

When Amanda replied, it was obvious that she was very nervous. She said, “Mr. Bronson, well…well I…I just came down to….to check the inventory on the scale weights. You remember the lab ran a little late yesterday. I was worried that I might not have gathered up all the weights.”

Mr. Bronson replied in a deep smooth voice that belied his appearance, “Well Miss Haywood that’s very laudable, very laudable indeed and on your lunch break as well. It seems that you are a very contentious young lady. But where, may I ask, is the inventor
y sheet?”

At first Amanda looked down at the table as if expecting the inventory sheet to s
omehow materialize there. Finally she wrenched her gaze from the table and looked at Bronson. Her voice revealed an increased level of agitation as she said, “Well…Well you see I haven’t quite gotten around to starting the inventory check. I brought my lunch down here. You know, just to save some time. I…I hope there’s not a problem with that.”

Mr. Bronson replied in the same smooth tone, “Of course not Miss. Haywood. This is a rather quiet and cozy area for a luncheon and growing girls do need their nourishment.” This last statement made me wonder if old Bronson had the room bugged. I wondered what Amanda was thinking.

Then Bronson said, indicating the girl who was with him, “Miss Amanda Haywood, may I introduce Miss Carolyn Collins? I’m afraid I’ve been a little remiss in the social graces Miss Haywood, but I’m sure you can appreciate my surprise at finding you in the store room. Miss Collins is a student in one of my senior classes. We had a little business to attend to, but it can be postponed for a short while.”

Amanda said hurriedly, “Oh no, it’s no problem for me to come back later. I’ll just go now.”

Amanda started to move away from the table but Mr. Bronson grasped her arm and asked, “Why the rush Miss Haywood? Please stay right where you are.” Then he released Amanda’s arm, stepped over to the waste basket and looked inside. He turned back to Amanda and said, “I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but I do have some experience in scientific deduction. Judging from the contents of this waste basket and certain other clues, I am led to believe that you weren’t down here alone. For example, I notice that your blouse isn’t fully tucked in and it’s not buttoned properly. Now I don’t mean to be inconsiderate. Forgive me if I embarrass you, but from what I can clearly see; your breasts are not fully within the confines of your bra. Something tells me that you had a guest for lunch and that your purpose for being in here had nothing to do with scale weights. Finally I suspect that your luncheon companion is still within this room. I’m certain that if I chose to give myself the trouble, I could ferret him out momentarily.”

At the conclusion of this speech, my heart began to pound and the other girl began to giggle. Mr. Bronson said to her, “Please Miss Collins, this is no laughing matter. I see no reason for mirth. Miss Haywood has a very serious accusation to answer. If she was in this room engaging in some type of sexual activity, please let me assure you that she and her companion will be in extremely serious trouble.”

Mr. Bronson turned back toward Amanda and asked, “Well Miss Haywood what do you have to say?”

Amanda stared at the floor for a long moment and then said in almost a whisper, “Mr. Bronson there was no one in here with me. You have to believe that.”

Mr. Bronson said, “I find it very difficult to ignore what I consider to be irrefutable facts, which I’m certain I could easily prove. However I may be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt; if you’re willing to prove to me the seriousness of your conviction.”

Amanda asked, “What do you mean?”

Mr. Bronson replied, “It’s very simple. I’ll use Miss Collins here for an example. During the last chemistry exam, I could have sworn that I saw Miss Collins copying answers from a class mate’s exam sheet. It seemed that my suspicion was verified when Miss Collins and the said class mate missed the very same questions for the very same reasons. However, Miss Collins has determined to prove to me that everything that occurred was simply misconception and coincidence. She has agreed to prove it by submitting herself to my truth detector. The police use a lie detector but I have my truth detector. It’s a much simpler device and I find it to be invariably infallible.

Amanda asked nervously, “Just what is this truth detector?”

“Please let me show it to you Miss Haywood.” Mr. Bronson replied. He sat his briefcase on a chair, opened it and brought out a thin little wooden paddle. The he said, “This is the Bronson Truth Detector. It works as follows; if a student wants me to believe something, no matter how illogical it may seem. I determine how many swats with my truth detector it will take to convince me. Using Miss Collins as an example again; I have determined that it will take twelve swats from my truth detector to convince me that she wasn’t cheating on that exam after all. Unfortunately for you Miss Haywood, your case is more serious. It’s going to take twenty four swats to convince me that there was nothing going on in this room before I arrived.

“To be fair, I must fill you in on all the terms before you make a decision. The truth detector only works on bare bottoms. You will bend over this table whilst I apply twenty four swats to your bare bottom. There is one other minor detail. Now you may think this unnecessarily sentimental, but I always like to have a small memento from each of my truth detector sessions. So I’m afraid you’ll have to give me your panties as a little keepsake.” Then Mr. Bronson glanced at his watch and continued, “I don’t like to rush you Miss Haywood, but time grows short and I do have Miss Collins to deal with as well.”

I was so sure that Amanda was going to tell old Bronson what he could do with his truth detector; I was getting ready to come out of my hiding place when Amanda said resignedly, “OK, I’ll take the truth detector.”

Mr. Bronson said, “Very well. Let us proceed.”

At this point Carolyn Collins said, “Wait a minute. If there’s a boy hiding in this room somewhere, I’m not going to take my panties off and let him see me get a bare bottom spanking. That’s not part of the deal.”

Mr. Bronson said, “On the contrary Miss Collins. I assure you that there is no one in this room besides us three. Miss Haywood has proven that fact by agreeing to submit to twenty four swats from the truth detector. If there was a boy hiding somewhere in this room, then it would mean that my truth detector doesn’t work. In that case, I would have to conclude that you really were cheating on that exam. I assume you’re following my logic. Now we simply have no more time for discussion or delay.”

Mr. Bronson turned back to Amanda and said, “Miss Haywood, please be so kind as to remove your panties and give them to me.”

Even from across the room, I could see that Amanda’s face was bright red as she put her hands up under her skirt. She pulled her panties down over her thighs, bent over slightly, slipping them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Trying to avoid looking at Bronson, she dangled the panties from one hand and stretched it out to him. Mr. Bronson took the panties, held them by the waistband and shook them out. Then he turned them from front to back examining them closely. I didn’t think it was possible for Amanda’s face to get any redder, but now it did.

Mr. Bronson said, “Very nice Miss Haywood. These are really very pretty. They’ll make fine addition to my extensive collection.” Bronson reached into his briefcase and pulled out a Post It pad and then took a pen from his pocket. As he began to write he said, “Let’s see, from Amanda Haywood on the occasion of her first truth detector session.” Bronson pulled a straight pin from his coat lapel, pinned the note to Amanda’s panties and dropped them into his briefcase. He said, “I know that may seem a bit much, but after all I am a scientist.”

Now Bronson turned to the other girl and said, “Your turn Miss Collins. Your panties if you please.” Carolyn Collins didn’t seem nearly as embarrassed at the situation as Amanda. She kicked off the black sandals she was wearing. Then she worked her black stretch pants down over her ample hips, slid them down her legs and slipped them off. She then carefully folded the pants and hung them over the back of the chair. Carolyn was extremely sexy. Her legs were very attractive. Under the stretch pants she was wearing red bikini panties and when she started t
o slip them down, I got a good look at the lush bush of red hair between her legs an
d I felt myself becoming hard at the sight of it.

Bronson took the panties and went through the same procedure of examining them and writing his Post It label. This time he commented, “From Carolyn Collins on the occasion of her fourth truth detector session.” Now I understood Carolyn’s apparent lack of embarrassment.

Mr. Bronson said, “Now that the preliminaries are over it’s time to get down to business.”

Carolyn faced the table and bent her upper body across it; positioning her shapely bare bottom over the edge in a convenient spanking position. Amanda seemed to be mesmerized as she stared at Carolyn’s bare butt bent over the edge of the table.

Finally Mr. Bronson said, “Come now Miss Haywood, it must be obvious to you what is required. Please bend over the table next to Miss Collins.”

Amanda slowly turned to face the table and bent over it. Mr. Bronson said in a somewhat disgusted tone, “Really now Miss Haywood, your stalling tactics are becoming very tiring. Please remove your skirt and get your bare bottom bent over the table properly.

Amanda got back up from across the table and slowly reached for the waistband of her little blue skirt. She quickly slipped it off and tossed it over to the chair, where it landed in a heap on the seat. Just before she bent over the table, I caught a glimpse of the thin patch of blonde hair on her cute little pussy. Amanda bent over the table positioning her bare bottom over the edge like Carolyn’s.

Although I felt very sorry for Amanda and truly wished this event wasn’t taking place; I couldn’t suppress a thrill of excitement. The sight of these two sexy teenage girls’ bare bottoms so beautifully displayed was causing my hardened tool to literally throb. I couldn’t help envying Bronson. The old guy was a lot sharper than he looked and he had quite a racket going for himself.

Bronson critically surveyed Amanda’s and Carolyn’s bare bottoms for a few moments. Then he stepped over behind Amanda and ran his hand over her delightfully globed bottom cheeks as an appreciative look crossed his face. I saw Amanda’s bottom tense at his touch and she quickly looked back over her shoulder at Bronson saying angrily, “I agreed to twenty four swats. I didn’t agree to let you feel me up.”

Bronson said, “There’s no reason to get nasty with me. It’s totally uncalled for. If you’re willing to take some very good advice; you’ll find that a better attitude will definitely make things go much easier for you. In your case Miss Haywood that almost imperative; you have twenty four swats coming and those swats could be very hard indeed. Their severity depends a lot upon your willingness to please me.”

Amanda turned her face away from Bronson and lowered her head. Bronson commenced massaging her bottom again and said, “You can’t possibly know how I’ve longed to see this cute little butt of yours. I had almost despaired of getting a chance. Then fate stepped in on my side. Life is good; it’s very good.”

Then Bronson stepped over behind Carolyn and began to run his hand over her plump bottom cheeks. “He said, “Ah Miss Collins the sight and feel of your bottom always pleases me; even though I’ve had the pleasure before. I hope you won’t think I’m being unkind. Please believe me I mean this only for your benefit. But Miss Collins you really should cut down on the sweets and fast food. I’ve noticed that the plumpness of your bottom has increased significantly during the past two years. Not that it’s unattractive in any way yet. My admonition is just a word to the wise.”

Bronson picked up the paddle and stepped back over behind Amanda. He said, “Now that the pleasantries are over, it’s time to get down to business. Miss Haywood I’m going to give you half of your swats first. Then I’ll give your bottom time to cool down a bit whilst I give Miss Collins her swats. When I’m using my truth detector, I prefer to have my subject’s bottom displayed prettily to receive my attentions. If you’ll oblige me by observing Miss Collins for a moment, I’ll impose upon her to demonstrate the preferred posture.”

Amanda raised her head and looked toward Carolyn Collins. Bronson nodded and Carolyn raised her bottom up slightly above the edged of the table. Then she shuffled her feet well apart spreading he legs wide. I’m sure the purpose of this position was to give old Bronson a good view of the girl’s pussy from the rear. Mr. Bronson said, “Thank you Miss Collins. Now Miss Haywood shall we begin?”

Amanda turned her head back and lowered it; but she made no effort to assume the requested position. She kept her thighs held tightly together, with her bottom over the edge of the table as before. Bronson said, “Very well Miss Haywood. I see that you’ve made your choice.”
He moved just to Amanda’s side, took aim and in an instant the paddle came swishing down connecting squarely in the middle of Amanda’s butt with a very loud CRACK. I heard Amanda let out a little gasp as the paddle THACKED down. Bronson took aim again, and the process was repeated. The paddle came swishing down again; followed by another resounding CRACK as it connected. Amanda cried out a little on the second swat. The imprint of the paddle was clearly visible on her vulnerable little bottom. However Bronson was in no mood to show any mercy. He brought the paddle down three more times in rapid succession. By now Amanda was emitting a high pitched little squeal with each swat and I was sure that if Bronson kept up this pace her cute little butt would be terribly bruised.

I was on the point of coming out to stop Bronson, no matter what the consequences, when he stopped and said, “We have a very long way to go Miss Haywood. Perhaps you want to reconsider your posture?”

Amanda was softly sobbing and she didn’t reply. However I saw her raise her bottom up slightly above the edge of the table and move her feet well apart spreading her legs wide. Bronson glanced down and said, “Yes that’s very nice. It’s much better.”

Bronson brought the paddle down again bouncing it off one of Amanda’s springy bottom cheeks. It was evident that he was now applying less than half the force of the proceeding swats. The paddle continued to CRACK down on Amanda’s butt until the first dozen swats were delivered.

After the twelfth swat Bronson said, “And now it’s Miss Collins’ turn.” Amanda quickly rose up from the table and her hands flew behind her back as she began to rub her bright red bottom cheeks. I’m sure that Bronson was now getting a good look at her pussy, but I think Amanda was beyond caring. Bronson let a few more moments go by. Then he said to Amanda, “That’s enough Miss Haywood, our little session isn’t over, as you well know. Please resume your position over the table now.”

As Amanda bent over the table again, Bronson stepped behind Carolyn. Sensing his presence, she assumed Bronson’s preferred position; raising her bottom and spreading her legs wide. Bronson began to run his hand slowly over her bottom again and then his hand slid lower between her legs. Although I couldn’t see clearly, I was sure that the old boy had slipped a finger or two into Carolyn’s pussy. I saw her bottom begin to rotate slightly and I’m sure she was rubbing her pussy against Bronson’s fingers. In the stillness of the room I could hear his breathing becoming more rapid and I noticed a somewhat glazed expression coming over his face. Then Bronson seemed to pull himself back to reality as he quickly stepped back. He raised the paddle and taking careful aim, brought it squarely down into the middle of Carolyn’s bare butt. As the paddle CRACKED down Carolyn cried out, “Ouch, take it easy!”

Bronson said, “Miss Collins, as I have already observed, there is considerable padding on your bottom. I believe a little force is required to make an impression.”

Bronson brought the paddle down again, bouncing it off one of Carolyn’s large bottom cheeks. On the next swat, the paddle splatted down on her o
ther bottom cheek. Then he brought the paddle swishing down to connect with the center
of her bare butt. Carolyn let out a little squeal on each successive swat. By the time the twelfth swat landed, her ample bottom was thoroughly dealt with. I had to give the old boy credit; he knew what he was about.
Following the last swat, Bronson stepped back to survey his handiwork. Then he said, “Very well Miss Collins. You may go now. Be sure to properly secure the door as you exit.”

Carolyn got up from the table and like Amanda; her hands immediately flew around to her bright red bottom. She frantically rubbed it for a few moments and then she retrieved her pants and shoes. In a minute or so she had slipped them on and exited the room.

Bronson then returned his attention to Amanda. Her little butt was still bright red and Bronson commented, “Miss Haywood your bottom is still considerably reddened. I hope there won’t be any bruising. But I’m afraid you only have yourself to blame. That being said, I’ll give you another opportunity to alleviate some pain. I’ll dispense with the use of the truth detector for the remainder of your swats. You may choose to get across my knees for a little girl style spanking to conclude our session.”

Amanda raised her head and nodded. Bronson pulled a chair away from the table and sat down. Amanda got up from the table, stepped to Bronson’s side and draped herself across his knees. Bronson shifted Amanda on his lap to get her bottom in an optimum position and then gently patted each of her nicely globed bottom cheeks saying, “Miss Haywood I congratulate you. Your bottom is unusually firm and resilient. I find it to be exceptionally spankable.”

Now Bronson brought the palm of his hand down into Amanda’s beautifully displayed little butt and the resultant CRACK was nearly as loud as those elicited by the paddle. Amanda began to emit little cries of pain as her bottom was subjected to another very sound spanking. At the conclusion, Bronson came down with two quick hard swats right to the center of Amanda’s bare little seat. Then he allowed Amanda to get up from his lap.

Bronson said, “Well Miss Haywood I’ll leave you to lock up. I really must be going now. Oh, one word of friendly advice; I would be very careful for the rest of the day; especially when ascending stairs. I afraid the length of your skirt will be a distinct disadvantage to you in the absence of your panties.”

Bronson got up from the chair, placed the paddle back in his briefcase and exited the room. Once the door closed, Amanda began to sob and I rushed out to hold her in my arms. As I held her close, Amanda pressed her body to mine and then she suddenly pulled away. She stifled her sobs and a black look came over her face as she said, “You bastard! You’re hard as a rock! I could feel that thing poking me. Jesus Christ, you really got turned on watching that old letch abusing me didn’t you? Knowing you, I guess I shouldn’t have expected any different.”

I was truly contrite and I tried to convince Amanda of my sincerity; but she was having none of it. She said, “Get out of here right now Bill! I have to get dressed. I went through hell to keep us out of trouble and I’m not going to screw it up by being late for my next class.”

I knew it would take all my powers of persuasion and a healthy dose of charm to get back in Amanda’s good graces. I could only hope that I would be up to the task.

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