Turning the Tables

Mr. Richardson always hated this time of year. His seniors were all ready go to prom that weekend, where most of them would have “the big night” and none of them were listening to his lecture on sexual protection. He always gave it to his students this week hoping that some of them would take it to heart, but still every year there was always at least one girl who ended up pregnant.
He looked out over his last period class and as usual caught sight of one of the only students paying attention. Oh poor Sara, she wouldn’t need this information. She isolated herself from all of the other students and wasn’t even going to prom. He looked over her petite 5’ 3” frame and once again wondered why she was still a virgin. He always heard the boys talking in the locker room after his practice with them on the soccer field, and every one of them wanted to get with her. “Saint Sara” they called her. She was beautiful enough to get any guy, but she never seemed to notice them. While they all leered at her during his protection lecture, she never took her eyes off of him.
As the final bell rang, all of his students ran out of the door; well all except Sara. She stayed seated and just looked at him and he couldn’t seem to take his eyes away from her piercing blue stare.
“Mr. Richardson?”
“Yes, Sara?” He took a steadying breath and adjusted his position to better hide his swelling erection.
“Why don’t you teach abstinence?”
“Well Sara,” His breath caught in his throat as she got up from her chair and walked slowly towards the front of the classroom. “I can’t bother with that because most of these students won’t stay abstinent such as you, so I have to prepare them.”
A brief smile crossed her lips as she said “Oh so you have been keeping tabs on my sex life Mr. Richardson? I had no idea you cared that much.”
“Oh no I… well I…” He stumbled over his words as he felt a sexual harassment suit coming his way. What had he been thinking? The truth was he wasn’t thinking much at all except about Sara and her amazing body. He may be her teacher, but he was still a hot-blooded male of 24. Sex with a beautiful woman was always on his agenda and Sara was definitely a gorgeous young woman. Young being the key phrase though.
“Darn Mr. Richardson, I was really hoping you would say otherwise. Today is my birthday you know” she said watching him shake his head as the blush slowly took over his face as he thought about exactly what she wanted him to. “Well Mr. Richardson, Alan, may I call you Alan?” She walked over and closed the door to the classroom and pulled the shade over the window.
“Well Sara, um…”
“Good. Well Alan, I would like a one of a kind birthday present from you.” She took another step towards him and watched him closely as she brought her hands to her pink button down shirt.
Clearing his throat, he took a step back from her and tried to tear his gaze away from her. It was hard as she started to undo the buttons one by one and slowly revealed the red lacy bra that was underneath. “Sara! What are you doing?! I am your teacher. This isn’t right.”
“I know Alan, but I can’t help myself and I know that you can’t either.” She had dropped her shirt to the floor and was pulling down the zipper to her skirt. The red material pooled around her feet revealing a beautiful figure now clad only in a red bra and matching lacy thong and wearing pink heels that matched the discarded blouse. “Now Alan, I don’t know much of anything about this whole sex thing, but I know that you do. You can’t even deny it. To be as good of a teacher as you, you need experience with what your teaching yes?”
“Well yes but…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence as she came closer and reached up to pull his head down so that her lips could capture his. At first all he could think of was his job and how she was a student, but his body took over and he grabbed her roughly and opened his mouth to her searching tongue. She pulled away and looked up into his eyes. She knew that she would win ever since the first time she had caught him glancing up her skirt at the beginning of the year.
“I have been counting down to my eighteenth birthday Alan, so that I could be with you. I need you. Only you.”
“Sara,” he said trying to gain a little control over the situation. “You are my student. This isn’t good on any level. Besides, why would you want me when you have all of these boys practically drooling at your feet?”
“Because Alan, that’s just it, they are boys. I want my first time to be with a real man who knows exactly how to make a girl feel amazing. So why don’t you teach me more about sexual education? Your student wants to learn.” She rose onto her tip toes and started to kiss from his lips, across his jaw and down his neck, where she stared to nibble and lick. Beneath her mouth, she felt the racing of his pulse and it turned her on even more than she already was.
Alan groaned from her assault and realized he was slowly losing control of the situation. He couldn’t seem to stop himself as his hands rose up and grabbed the delicious mounds that hid beneath her bra.
Sara threw back her head and gasped. “Teach me Alan. Show me what real sex can be like.”
Alan lost control then and grabbed her by her long blonde hair and brought her face close to his. “You must promise me that this will never be found out. We could both be in serious trouble. You also need to realize that I am not a delicate lover, I like sex fast and hard. I can promise it will be amazing but you have to be one hundred percent sure Sara. Do you really want this?”
Sara’s answer was to throw her arms around Alan’s head and pulled herself up for a kiss that sent bolts of lightning straight through her body. Alan then took control and reached around unclasped her bra and ripped off her underwear without a second thought. Grabbing her hair once again, he pulled her away, at arm’s length, and looked at her body which was now only clad in a pair of heels. Smiling wickedly he pulled her close again and exposed her throat to himself kissing and biting down her collarbone and down to her perfect breasts.
“What size are you Sara? D? DD?”
“34 DD Alan.” She then yelped in pain as he gently smacked her breast.
“Call me Mr. Richardson Sara. I want you to realize that though you may have teased me to this point, I am now in control.”
“Yes Mr. Richardson.” Even though this harsh treatment wasn’t exactly what she had been expecting when she got up this morning, it was definitely turning out to be fun. She gasped when he leaned down and latched his mouth onto her breast and sucked on her. As soon as she grabbed the back of his head to hold him closer, he growled and let go of her breast and smacked her chest again.
“I am in the teacher Sara. You now have two strikes. One more and this may become something else entirely.” He leaned over and latched onto her again. His hands caressed her back and ass, before moving one hand around to the front and caressing her swollen pussy lips. He heard the gasp come out of her lips and he smiled around the tit in his mouth. When he pushed one finger inside of her, she once again grabbed onto him.
“Sara!” He yelled pulling away entirely. He stared into her lust filled haze and knew he had her exactly where he wanted her. “That’s the third strike. Now you are required to do some extra credit to bring your grade up. Do you have any idea what that means?”
As soon as she shook her head he grabbed her by her hair and forced her to her knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his very erect 8” cock. He pulled her face close and slapped her a few times with it before bringing the tip to her lush lips. She looked up at him a little nervously and as soon as she opened her mouth to protest, he pushed inside and threw back his head in ecstasy.
“Now you shall pleasure me Sara. As soon as you finish your extra credit, your grade will improve enough that maybe we can move back to teaching you.” His words trailed off as she started to gently trace her tongue over his mushroom head and slightly started to suck. When Mr. Richardson groaned, she took more into her mouth to try and get more “extra credit” so that they could move along. She was definitely getting pleasure from giving him pleasure though. She tried to pull more of him into her mouth, but she started to gag at about 6”.
“That is only partial credit Sara.” He reclaimed his firm grip on her hair and forced her father onto his aching cock. She gagged a little as he pushed his way down her throat, but he kept going until her nose was in his pubic hairs. He groaned as she choked around him for a moment before regaining her bearings and started to suck on him again. He pulled her head back a little and then pushed her back down the length of his cock. He set a fast rhythm that Sara seemed to have a hard time keeping up with but she seemed to be accepting what was happening, which just made him more aroused and pick up the pace. Shortly he felt his balls tighten so he pulled her all the way to him and came right in her mouth. He groaned as he released all of his seed down her throat and barely registered her slight struggle to pull away. As soon as he was finished he pulled out of her mouth and let her go.
Sara collapsed over onto the floor and licking her leftover cum on her lips, stared up at Mr. Richardson’s still erect cock in awe. This was better than anything she could have imagined. As she stared up at him, she began to rub her own clit in anticipation of what might come next.
Mr. Richardson stared down at this gorgeous girl who was slowly becoming a slut right in front of his eyes. He watched for a moment as she stuck two of her own fingers inside her pussy and started to stroke his own cock in response.
“Beg me Sara. Beg me to fuck you.” He smiled down at her sadistically as at first she looked apprehensive, but then she started to lay back and open up her legs so that he could see her dripping wet cunt.
“Please fuck me Mr. Richardson. Please stick your cock in my pussy. I need you.” Sara had watched enough porn masturbating to the thought of Mr. Richardson that she knew what he wanted her to say. She watched as he kneeled down between her legs and positioned himself to enter her. His eyes softened a little as he realized what he was about to do. He had never had a virgin before.
“Sara, are you sure? This is your last chance.”
“Fuck me.” Without further direction, Mr. Richardson slowly sank his cock into her cunt and gasped at the tightness. Her muscles gripped him as he entered like no other woman’s pussy ever had. He paused for one moment as he reached a barrier. He looked down into her lust filled eyes as he pushed and broke her in. Pain flashed through her eyes and she bit her lip but other than that she showed no other signs that this hurt her. He quickly began thrusting into her and watched as the lust once again became the prominent facial expression.
After about 2 minutes in missionary, she started moaning, so he pulled out. Before she could protest, he turned her over and told her to get on her hands and knees. Knowing where this was going, she quickly did as she was told and was rewarded by a cock filled cunt him grabbing her hair and pulling, heightening her experience. He rode her like this for another couple of minutes before Sara cried out and he felt her muscles spasm as she had her first climax. It took all he had in him not to finish in her but another idea crossed her mind.
“Sara, do you want an A+?” When Sara nodded, he pulled out of her dripping pussy and slowly started to push at the entrance to her tight ass. She tried to pull away instinctively, but he just pulled her hair harder and pushed harder into her asshole. Finally he started to make some headway as the tip slid inside of her and he heard her whimper. Without remorse he pushed hard and buried himself in her all the way to the hilt. They both groaned aloud, and stayed still for a moment savoring the feel.
Sara knew that she was going to be very sore tomorrow, but her one orgasm had felt so good and she knew that she needed more. Her ass hurt and the feeling of cock inside was very weird. She tried to move to get more comfortable, but Mr. Richardson just yanked her hair which held her still. Slowly she felt him start to move inside her ass and she gasped at how good it felt. Within moments she was coming to her second orgasm. She would have collapsed, but the hand in her hair made her stay upright as Mr. Richardson kept banging himself into her tight ass.
“I’m going to cum in your tight ass Sara,” he said between gritted teeth. “What do you think about that?”
“Yes please Mr. Richardson.”
“Please what Sara?”
“Please cum in my ass!” No sooner had she yelled the words did he grunt and spurt his cum into her ass. She could feel the hot cream inside of her, which caused another small orgasm to overtake her. Both of them collapsed to the floor taking deep breaths to regulate their wildly beating hearts.
It was Mr. Richardson that gained control first as he tucked himself inside his pants and zipped them back up before standing and straightening his clothes. It was at this point that Sara noticed she was stark naked except for the heels while he was still elegantly dressed. She laughed at the lunacy and sat up and started to pick up her clothes. She put her bra and shirt on, but when she grabbed her thong, she paused. Using the material to wipe her cunt of blood and her own juices and her ass of his, she stood and put her skirt on.
Alan looked at this beautiful young girl who he had just defiled and smiled as she sauntered over to him and handed him her ripped panties. He held them in his hand as he used his other to trace the contours of her face before he leaning down to kiss her. She sighed into his mouth and leaned her whole body into his. He chuckled.
“Go now, before we ruin my floor anymore.” He indicated the small bloodstain from their tangle. “Lesson one is complete.”
“Lesson one?” She looked up at him with hope in her eyes, wanting more.
“Yes. I hope to see you at my home this Saturday night. You definitely need some more schooling.”
“That is definitely a great way to spend prom night. I’m really glad I didn’t buy a ticket.” Sara reached up and kissed him on the cheek and spun around receiving a hard smack on her ass as it revealed itself from under her short skirt. She grinned back over her shoulder as she grabbed her backpack and strolled out of the classroom leaving the smell of sex in her wake.
“Let the schooling commence.” Grabbing his own briefcase, he brought the panties up to his nose to smell their joining one more time before tucking them away. He looked down at the small bloodstain once more before turning out the light and closing the door to a room that for once in all his years at this school, he couldn’t wait to return to the next day.

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