twins after sex ed class

My sister and I are twins. My name is Josh and my sister’s name is Ashley. We were always very close and we always shared our secrets with each other. When we were 13 years old, we were in the same health class together. It was now the time in our health class to talk about sex ed.

I had seen many movies about it and I had gone to porn sites online. I was always wondering how it felt and always wanted to do it. One day in health class, they were talking about sex ed. It was all the stuff I’ve heard before. After school though, I realized my sister got a lot more interested in sex than before.

I got home and she was in her cheerleader outfit. It was very sexy. We were sitting on the couch watching tv when she started talking about it. “That sex ed class today was very interesting. I wonder how sex is” I suddenly felt a big attraction toward my sister and I decided to take advantage of the situation.

“Yeah. me took. I’ve also been wondering what a naked girl looks like in person, not just in photos or videos.”

“Yeah. I’ve been wondering what a penis looks like in person.”

“Well, let’s find out right now. Let’s have sex for fun and for practice. I’ve always wanted to. Let’s start by kissing and touching.” With that, I got on her lap and kissed her. I didn’t what to expect. At first, she was very shocked, but then she gave into it. She kissed back and became very passionate. I put my tongue right in her mouth and soon our tongues were wrestling. I squeezed her body onto mine and she was so warm. My cock was hard and it was pushing right onto her body. I could tell she was getting turned on.

Then she said. “Wow. Let’s get naked. I want to see your big cock and I’m sure you want to see my nice tits and pussy. Let’s start out by touching each other while we’re naked.” With that I took off my pants and my cock spran out. She took off her top to reveal her tits. They were D cup and look very nice. She took off her miniskirt and pussy and it was nice and shaved. She was already wet from being turned on.

Then I decided to say. “Let me go first.” I took my hands and put them on her tits. I endlessly carrassed her tits and they got rock hard. It was the best thing I had ever felt. I then took my hand and rubbed her nice shaved pussy. I put my fingers inside and she let out moans of pleasure. Her pussy was so wet and moist.

“Ok. my turn,” she said. She took her hand started rubbing my cock. She carrased the head so well it was like nothing I’d ever experienced. “It’s nice. You now, I’ve always wondered what cum tasted like. Now I think I’ll see.” Then, she put my cock in her mouth and furiously sucked it. It was an awesome experience and I let out big moans of pleasure. She got very turned on from hearing those moans. She swallowed all the cum. “That was good. Now it’s your turn.”

She took my head and buried it deep between her legs and my mouth was right at her her pussy. I liked it and stuck my tongue right into that wet moist place and sucked out all the juice. It was so sweet. She was letting out moans of pleasure. “Oh. Don’t stop. You’re so good.”

After a while I decided to say. “Now it’s time to go all the way.” I buried my cock right into her pussy. It was the most pleasurable thing I’d ever experienced I moved it up and down and she lets out the best moans of pleasure I had ever heard in my life. I continued for about 10 minutes and then I decided to say. “Let’s continue this in the shower”.

We went into the shower and seeing my sister with the water pouring onto her body and her rubbing her tits and pussy turned me on so much. I buried my head in her tits and started licking them furiously. They felt so nice. “o yes. Josh. It feels so good.”

I then stuck my tongue in her mouth and we shared another passionate kiss. We put our bodies against each other and I rubbed her hands all over her fine body. I took my hands and felt the fine ass she had. She took her hands and felt my hard cock. She took the hard cock in her hands and shoved it in her pussy. We continued to have a passionate french kiss. It was the best pleasure ever to be in a passionate kiss while my cock is in a nice pussy. I decided to finally say. “Let’s do some things we can only do in a shower. Let’s soap each up. I’ll go first”

I took the soap and rubbed it all over her body. I got to her pussy and rubbed it hard there. She let out more moans. I rubbed it hard on her tits and man that was nice. I also put it in her fine ass. After that, she took the soap and rubbed it all over my body. She rubbed my penis and balls like a pro and it felt so pleasurable.

After that shower, the rest of the day went by like usual. At night, mom and dad were away on a trip. They’d be gone the whole weekend. My sister and I decided to sleep totally naked on their bed. We slept naked with our bodies touching each other and my arm on her tits. We had sex all that weekend and I explored my sister in a way I had never imagined.

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