Two Girls and a Pick-up Truck

Two Girls and a Pick-up

Becky and Natalie were two of the closest friends ever. Becky was a beautiful blonde, about 5’8″, with a perfect athletic build and dreamy blue eyes. The way her body curved drove every guy wild. Her hips were perfectly shaped along with her perfect ass to fill out her size 4 jeans. Her breasts were also perfect for her body with their 34-C cup size. Becky always knew she was good looking.
Natalie was a brunette, also beautiful, with pretty green eyes and about 5’7″. She wore size 5 jeans that she filled out beautifully. Her hips and ass were also perfect. Her breasts were a little bigger than Becky’s. Natalie wasn’t as sure of herself as Becky, but she was just as perfect.
It was the beginning of their summer of their junior year of high school and they decide to go on a road trip together. They lived in the country outside of New York and decided they were gunna go to the west coast and back. They barrowed Becky’s boyfriends truck for the trip. It was a red ’03 dodge ram raised 5″ with a roll bar and high power driving lights. They made their way through the back country roads to enjoy the scenes that the country provided.
They had been driving for about a week without getting lost and decided to take a detour down a dirt road they saw that would take them to a highway they needed to get to. As they were driving down this road with nothing but wheat fields as far as the eye could see. They had their music blaring and were having the time of their lives when a very large hole in the road unexpectedly made them drive of the road and into a field.
It was about noon when they ran off the road and they were tired anyway so sence they saw no houses near they decided to take a nap in the bed of the truck. The sun was out and it seemed deserted so without a care in the world the two fell asleep next to each other.
They slept for an hour or so when a car drove by and woke Natalie. She sat up and wiped her eyes as she gradually came back to fully being awake. She looked over at her best friend who was sleeping so peacefully beside her. Her eyes glanced from head to toe of her sleeping friend who was wearing a white collared shirt that was completely unbuttoned and tied right below her breasts revealing her stomach and her cleavage and her white bra that pushed her breasts up slightly. Her jean shorts were cut off right below her ass showing her perfect legs from the thigh down. Natalie always loved her friend’s body more than her own; she couldn’t quit looking at her friend.
As she sat watching her friend sleep another car drove by waking Becky. Becky noticed that Natalie was watching her and, knowing her friend was wishing for her own body, she said, “Natalie your body is just as perfect as mine. I like your ass better anyway.”
“Oh, quit trying to make me feel better.” Natalie said with a smile believing her friend. Natalie was wearing a white tank-top with a white push up brad as well. It came down to an inch or two above her bellybutton and low-rise blue jeans that were frayed at the bottom. She lay back down next to her friend and they sat talking watching the ski for the next hour or so.
About that time the subject turned to a sexual nature when Natalie asked Becky, “What is an orgasm like.”
“Have you never had one?!?” Becky replied with a little shock
“No I haven’t. My boyfriend hasn’t asked me to do anything like that yet.”

“Have you never just tried to get one by yourself?”

“Why would I? That’s not something I thought was good.”

“Oh girl, you don’t know what your talking about! Dang that’s the best way. That’s the only way to get exactly what you want.”

“Oh. I don’t really know what I want or know how to start.”

“I have an idea,” Becky said after a moment of thinking. “I can show you what to do. We are best friends and we’ve seen each other naked so many times so why not.”

“You’d do that for me?” Natalie replied

“Of coarse I will. I love you and you are my best friend!

“Okay, well, I guess how do we start?”

Becky, still lying next to her friend, gently put her hands on her friend’s hips rubbing slowly making her way gradually up to Natalie’s breasts. As she began to rub her friends breasts she noticed how much her friend enjoyed it so she lifted Natalie’s tank-top up and removed it with extreme gentleness. She then removed her friend bra revealing her beautiful round breast and erect nipple due to their arousing attention that they were getting. Becky then started to kiss Natalie’s breast licking at her hard erect nipples. Natalie was lying back breathing deeper with every kiss. Becky then proceeded to ask if Natalie liked what was happening and when she got a yes she asked if she should show her friend more. “Oh, please.” Natalie whispered, “please, show me everything.”

Becky then proceeded kissing her friends naked breasts as she unbuttoned Natalie’s tight jeans revealing her white see through thong that she was wearing. Becky kissed her way down Natalie’s torso making sure to hit the spots she knew were sensitive as she removed Natalie’s jeans completely. Becky moved her friend’s thong a little to the left making Natalie’s shaved wet pussy easily accessible. She then rubbed her friend’s pussy being very gentle and always asking if she like what was she was doing. Becky then proceeded to lick Natalie’s pussy gently at first then faster as Natalie’s breaths got heavier and faster. Becky then gently, as she was licking her friend’s clit, pushed one finger into her friend’s pussy. Then as her breath’s got heavier still she proceeded to add one then two fingers into Natalie as she licked and fingered her friend. Natalie then had her first orgasm coming in her friend’s mouth who then drank most leaving the rest in her mouth. After Natalie came Becky, now as turned on as her friend, passionately kissed Natalie give her a taste of her own juices. Natalie loved everything happening to her. Natalie then asked what else could Becky teach her.
Becky said, “Oh that isn’t all. I can teach you how to do that as well as I did and I can also show you how good it feels to play with your ass as well.” Becky then squeezed her friend’s ass playfully. Natalie wanted to know everything her friend knew so she removed her thong to get it out of the way of anything possible and then turned to repeat the process just done to her on her friend. Now with Natalie on her knees and Becky too, Natalie began to remove Becky’s shirt. She fondled her friends breast as she went also removing her bra. Now with Becky topless and Natalie completely naked, Natalie sucked her friend’s nipples witch got harder with every suck. While she was sucking she took off her friend’s shorts noticing that Becky was without any underwear at all and that she had shaved as well. She then messaged her friend’s wet pussy lips not know there was a special spot to play with. Becky took her friend’s hand in her own showing her where the clit was and when Natalie felt her friend shutter when she came touched it she knew that was what her friend had been lickings earlier. Natalie then kissed and licked her way down as her friend did and began to Becky out. She took to it naturally and along with eating her out began fingering Becky’s pussy and tonguing it at the same time but also being careful not to leave out the clit.
Natalie then remembered how Becky mention how good playing with the ass can feel and proceeded to message her friend’s asshole. Without even realizing it she began to finger her friend’s ass along with her pussy and brought her friend to a screaming orgasm. The steamy load of cum was to much for Natalie to swallow so it spilled out of her mouth as she continued to eat her friend’s warm pink pussy. Becky came again faster than the first time and while trying to swallow the second load of sweat juices she moved up and began passionately kissing Becky as Becky had done for her. T
hey both lay there naked in the bed of the truck kissing for a while.
Becky then asked Natalie if she wanted to try one more thing. Natalie open to any and everything accepted and Becky instructed her on what to do.
Becky said, “Okay, now this might hurt a little at first but I promise you you’ll like it after a little while.” Becky then retrieved a strap on dildo she had stolen from her older sister a week before. She then instructed her friend to bend over on her knees revealing her ass and open pussy from behind. Becky the starting slowly pushed the dildo into her friend’s wet open pussy which then ripped a little due to the thickness of the dildo. Natalie whimpered to the pain but went with it as her friend moved in and out of her at a slow steady pace. After it hurt for a little while it became more and more pleasurable and she soon came when her Becky started rubbing her clit along with the dildo fucking. When Natalie came Becky then removed the dildo dripping with cum from her friend’s gaping pussy and said, “Now for one more thing.” She then proceeded to ram the dildo all the way into her friend’s ass, using the cum as lube. Natalie screamed at the sudden unexpected pain but then started to enjoy the hard fucking in her ass. Becky had pulled out another strap on dildo in the process and ramed it into her friend’s still gaping pussy. This intence fucking in both of Natalie’s openings gave her multiple orgasms that she loved so much. When Becky tired she fell back into the bed of the truck and lay there out of breath. The strap on she was wearing came painfully out of her friend’s ass but the other remained in her pussy as she collapsed also.
As Becky lied there Natalie strapped on the dildo that had been left in her pussy. And unstrapped the other from her friend and proceeded to repeat the process done to her.
After giving Becky multiple orgasms in the same way they removed the dildos from Becky’s gaping holes. They both were tired and covered in each other’s cum. They decided to do one more thing before they took another nap. Becky then introduced Natalie to 69. They ate eachother out simoltaniosly and used the dildos for eacho other’s asses. When they had both had all the orgasms they could stand and drank all the cum they could drink, they both fell asleep in each other’s arms naked in the bed of that red dodge ram.
They both dreamed about what would happen when they woke up. And when they did finally wake up they simply got dressed and started back to their rode trip.
When Natalie Becky if she had had fun the previous day Becky replied, “Oh, wait till we park this thing in the woods at night.” They then drive on continuing their lessons nightly in the bed of that red dodge ram. It is too bad their boyfriends will never know what happened in the back of their pick-up.

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