Two new Friends


By Erotic Man

It was Saturday morning and I was driving my Jeep to pick up Amanda whom I had met at the first day of school this last Monday. It seems we both instantly liked each other.

We spent the week together at school, talking, laughing, and enjoying each other. We were in the same classes together. We dressed almost like sisters. It seemed we were two girls who were destined to meet.

I could feel the excitement through my whole body as I drove to her place to pick her up and head up to the mountains to spend a day together. I was wearing my sexy short shorts and loose blouse with a black bra.

I pulled into Amanda’s driveway and walked up to her door and knocked. I could hear someone coming to the door, so, I stood up straight with my breasts sticking out.

The door opened and there was Amanda in short shorts and we stared at each other in disbelief because we were wearing almost the same outfits. I looked her up and down seeing her very nice shapely legs and very nice breasts.

She looked at me her eyes traveling up and down my body, which made me feel sort of excited. Her eyes stopped at my breasts and then up to my face. She spoke first saying, Donna we think so much alike it is scary! Look at you and look at me we are wearing almost the same thing. Is this strange or is this strange?

Amanda invited me in and said she was already to go and if I would help her take things out to the jeep. I said hey, we are only going out for the day not a week. I know but I am bringing things just in case we do more than we intended to do.

Ok, well I have your sleeping bag, pillow, and lunch sack. Ok I will get the rest, and she grabbed up a few more items. We went to the jeep and dumped the things in the back and prepared to go.

I got into the driver’s side and watched as Amanda got in. I looked at her long sleek legs as she climbed in. And then as she sat down my eyes roamed to her breasts which seemed very firm and were big.

I said ok, were on our way, look out mountains were coming to have some fun. I was driving fairly fast as we hit the road heading up the mountains. Amanda and I were talking about school and some of the people in our classes. We were laughing about some of the funny and strange things that happened in our first week in school.

As we talked Ii found my eyes drifting down from her face to her breasts they looked so inviting. I had a hard time with this because I had never felt this way before about another girl. When she would look at me I would look straight ahead and not let Amanda see I was looking at her beautiful breasts.

We soon reached our destination where we were going to hike and climb some of the less steep hills. I pulled the vehicle over and parked it. We looked at each other and said, well, here we are. Are you ready to go hiking? We laughed and jumped out of the jeep and looked as to what direction we would go.

I pointed out the way that looked sort of rugged but not so bad that we couldn’t handle it so, we grabbed our water bottles and headed in that direction.

Amanda was walking in front of me and it gave me a chance to watch her nice ass swing back and forth as she walked. It was so firm and so rounded I thought to myself. We talked as we walked and she would turn sometimes to look at me and she would catch me looking at her ass but didn’t say anything. Let’s climb up to that grassy plateau up over there Amanda. Ok, I am headed there, follow me.

We climbed and climbed it was further than we thought but we finally arrived there. We looked around and saw that the place was beautiful. Rich with grass and flowers almost like out of a movie.

There was a near by stream running down the hill. We spied a place that had been dammed up and the water was built up enough to go into and swim.

Amanda sat down on a rock and dangled her feet in the nice clear water. I sat next to her and we talked about how beautiful it was here and that it was nice to get away from the rest of the crowd and be alone to enjoy what we have here.

Amanda stood up and said let’s take our clothes off and go in the water. I looked at her in amazement as she began to remove her blouse and bra exposing her firm breasts and nice pink nipples which stuck out like they had been stimulated by something.

I watched my heart pounding hard as she pulled down her shorts and exposed her smooth stomach to me and her private part with just a touch of hair above her pussy lips. I was breathing a little hard because I had never seen another girl naked like this.

She said, come on get your clothes off and come in. I stood up removing my blouse and black bra. My tits were hard and firm from watching Amanda strip. My nipples were tingling as I saw her look at my tits.

I slipped out of my shorts and now was naked in front of Amanda as she stared at my naked body. I felt a tingling in my stomach as she stared at me. I wondered if she was feeling the same way.

We got next to each other and she began to go down in the water slowly and I followed he with my hands on her sexy hips and sometimes touching the cheeks of her ass. She didn’t seem to mind my hands on her ass.

The excitement that I was feeling from mty hands being on her firm ass was very surprising because I never thought I would feel this way around another girl.

We got into the water up to our tummies and she turned towards me and asked, did you like touching my ass? I took a deep breath and let it out slowly and said, yes, it was very nice to touch it is so firm and round. She walked closer to me ands our nipples were almost touching and she put her hand on my tummy. I was shaking from the excitement that was building up.

Donna, have you ever done this with another girl before. I answered, no; I have never had this type of feelings before. She moved closer and our nipples touched and I let out a small moaning gasp, I was so excited I didn’t know what to do.

She pushed her breasts tighter against mine and I was shaking all over. My pussy was throbbing from the excitement it was feeling from the touch of her tits and nipples on mine.

She was very close to me and she leaned forward and kissed my lips. Her lips were so soft and full as I returned her kiss. Our tits were squashed between us as we kissed deeper and harder. She put her arms around me and squeezed our bodies tighter together.

I put my arms around her and we embraced very hard and long feeling the pleasure all the way through our bodies. Our lips parted and I opened my eyes and asked Amanda, if, she had ever done this before, She replied, no, I have never felt this close to anyone like I do to you.

She returned to my lips and then slid her mouth down to my neck and to the top of my tits all the time squeezing my hardened tits in her nice hands. Her mouth slid over my nipples first one and then the other. My pussy was throbbing and getting very wet.

I laid my head back as she sucked my tits in to her warm mouth. Her tongues licking my nipples making them harder then I have ever had them before. I said, ohhh, suck my tits hard. She bit my hard nipples and sucked my tits with such passion.

I was moaning and breathing deeply with deep passion I had never felt. Amanda stopped sucking my tits and stood up and I went down and kissed her firm tits tasting them and sucking them like I was possessed. I love the feel of her nipples in my mouth as I sucked one and then the other.

I could feel her excitement as I sucked and squeezed her firm big tits. Her hands rubbed my back as I sucked and licked and her hands would slip down to my ass and squeeze my cheeks, it felt so erotic as she played with my ass.

Her finger rubbed my tight little hole and she would slide her finger in my ass slowly and move it in and out. I moaned, ooooooo,
play with my ass. It was unbelievable how she made my ass feel. She moved her finger back and forth like I was being fucked in my ass. I had never done this before but the feeling was so engrossing my whole body wanted to be fucked. I was thinking dirty thoughts I had never thought of before. I said, Amanda, suck my tits, oh yes, suck them hard, and she did.

She stopped for a second and said, lets go lay in the grass and fuck each other and eat each others pussy till we cum and can’t cum anymore. The words drove me crazy, I wanted to feel that even though I had no idea how it would feel.

She took my hand and pulled me up and out of the water and we found a very plush soft spot of grass where we could lay and play very comfortably.

She lay down on the grass on her back her hands extended towards me to lay on top of her. I took her hands and she pulled me on top of her and we kissed very hard and very erotically. Our tits rubbing together making us hornier as the moments rolled by.

Her hands touched my ass and she spread my cheeks running her finger up and down my asshole and sliding into my virginal pussy. I could only lay there and moan as she finger fucked my tight asshole.

We were in a sexual frenzy that seemed like we could not stop and we only wanted more. We were both moaning as I sucked her tits and she finger fucked my ass. We were one in sexual ecstasy. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I wanted Amanda beyond belief.

Her fingers felt so good in my asshole. I wiggled all over as she penetrated deep into my ass. Then she very slowly slipped another finger in to my fuck hole and let it do all the work inside my wet cunt. I wanted to use the nastiest words I could think of and wanted her to say them also.

I screamed, Amanda, finger fuck my ass and cunt make them scream with lustful desire. She was making me feel like I was a fuck doll and she was doing the fucking. Her fingers were like soft velvet as they slid in and out of me.

She whispered to me in a very sexy voice if, I ever had my cunt licked and I replied so excitedly no, but please do it. She laid me on my back and slid down my pounding throbbing body towards my hot wet spot. I thought I was going to explode from to much pleasure.

She kissed down my tummy and was approaching my pussy lips which were wet from my juices. As she came closer to my shaking hips and pussy I screamed as her lips kissed me between my wide spread thighs. Her lips kissed my pussy lips so softly I thought I was going to die. She sucked my cunt lips into her mouth and sucked them until I thought I was ready to pass out.

I pushed my ass high in the air as Amanda began to put her tongue in my slippery hole and tongue fuck me. I was Cumming one right after another and my whole body was shaking from her tongue. Her tongue licked my ass and my pussy and then again and again as I slipped into sexual delirium. I laid there quaking, shaking, and Cumming.

I gathered together enough strength to roll her off of me and give me the opportunity to make her feel what I was feeling. I spread her thighs wide apart and looked at her swoolen cunt and bent down and kissed it and began sucking her swollen lips.

She said yessss, Donna eat me, lick my pussy, and make me cum and cum and cum. I began in earnest to do what she wanted as I sucked her cunt and licked her very hard clit. She had a big clit so I could suck it and I sucked it hard and long. Her ass was bouncing up and down as she fucked my tongue and fingers.

She was very vocal as I did her ass with my fingers and tongue. I slipped my tongue into her fuckhole and tongue fucked her. We were both in a state of erotic ecstasy beyond belief. We both were shaking and screaming as our bodies felt our desires in them.

I continued to make her cum like she had done me. It was a dream of complete erotica we both laid in each others arms stroking our tits and pussy as we finally wound down to normalcy. I don’t think there ever will be normalcy in either of us again.

We laid there for a long time until we could gather our strength to get up and head back to the jeep. We walked back hand in hand and stopped along the way to share our kisses.

We finally reached the jeep and got in and started it and drove off. And Amanda said to me, what a way to spend a Saturday together.

The End

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