Vincents lucky day part 1

Emma was about 5″7′ and double D sized breast and she would wear the sluttiest outfits at school but today was different not because it was a friday but it was my lucky day. My name is vincent and I am 6″2′ and I’m not as popular as the other guys but I do get lucky but not as lucky as today. She saw me looking at her tits and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see her nipples getting hard anyways she saw me look at her.
She walked over and sat next me and whispered in my ear “hey I notices you were checking me out.” all I did was nod my head and she said “how bout after class you meet me in the gym since itll be empty next period.” I said “sure” so she smiled at me and went back to her seat. I wasn’t paying attention at all I’m class since she told me I was just really excited to go to the gym to see her.
Class finally finished after about 45 mins. So made sure I was the last one out of the door and I went to the gym where she told me to be. I walked through the door of the gym and I saw her on the bleachers in her tiniest skirt and her tightest shirt. My mouth dropped open and I got hard real quick. She smiled and said “how do you like one of your surprises?” I answered back after a minute and said ” I like it Alot” she then got up and grabbed my hand and sat me down on the bleachers and started giving me a lap dance.
After a few mins she took her shirt off trying to hide her tits from me just to tease me and of course I got harder an bigger she noticed the bulge in my pants and smiled and said ” someones awake” she took off her skirt leaving her only in her pink panties. She kept going with the lap dance and she took her panties off and tossed them somewhere. She then turned around and gave me a smiles and got down on her knees and unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them.
She removed my pants along with my boxers and said ” WOW!!! ITS HUGE!” her eyes were wide open looking at it and started jerking it “how big is it” she said and I replied with “it’s about 11 inches” she looked ate and said “this is the biggest one I’ve ever had” I smiled then she started to lick my dick. After a few mins she took the head of my sick in her mouth and started to suck it. She then tried to deepthroat it and got about 6 or 7 inches of it in her mouth am pulled off for air then she said your turn so she sat on the bleachers and spreaded her legs revealing her perfect pussy so I got on my knees and started to lick her pussy and she let out a little moan so I started licking her faster and faster. She moaned louder and louder so I went ahead and slipped a finger In her and she moaned even louder and I started fingering her fast.
She couldn’t take it anymore and she said “give me your dick now!” So I got up and I shoved my dick as far as it could go In her since her pussy was dripping wet it didn’t take long before it all went in her and she gave a loud moan and I started to get fast. She diged her nails in my back so I got faster and rougher she screamed in pleasure. She then said “put me in doggy style baby and fuck me like I’m your bitch” I pulled out and put her in doggy style and I rammed my dick deep in her pussy again and fucked her harder and I smacked her ass hard every few mins and she would give out a moan. Then I got rougher and she said “I’M GONNA CUM!!!! IM GONNA CUM” and I said “me too” so I got faster and faster and on my last thrust we both cummed together a collapsed on the floor. After a few mins she got dressed and said “meet at my house tonight my parents are put of town for 2 weeks so we can do this as much as we can” she winked at me and gave me a kiss then left the gym I got dressed and went to my next class when the bell rung.
After the school day finally was over I walked on home and I saw that my parents were home I walked through the front door “hey how was school” my mom called from the kitchen and my dad was probably upstairs sleeping. “it was ok it was a boring day” even though it wasn’t but I couldn’t tell her so I lied. I went up to my room and lied down and started to listen to music. A few hours went by and I told my mom I’m goon over to a friends house and she said ok so I left the house and walked over to emma’s house and knocked on the door. She answered the door and smiled at me “hey there I was waiting for you” she said. I smiled back “sorry that it tooke so long to get here I had to find my way here” we both laughed and she invited me In her house. She smiled and said “where do you wanna start” so I went up to her and started to rub her pussy under her skirt and she moaned “how about right here”

To be continued……

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