When TheTwo Srangers Meet

Tahira- a beautiful young lady, asian with brown hair and big brown eyes, 5ft 7.

Keston- A negro trini, 5ft9, muscular built sexy hot body!

……She visits his house with out telling him to give him a surprise.They both greet with a kiss on the lips. She smells real nice. Shes wearing a black top with blue jeans, she looking real sexy. I could not keep my eyes off her. She kept on blushing. Nice ass and everything just real nice.They sit down on chairs sitting close to each other. I take hold of her hand and she starts blushing again. Then we start to kiss, it hapened real fast. Then we both kept silent for a moment.I look into her eyes and tell her “baby u lookin soooooooo damn fine!” she got nice eyes,cute lips and a straight nose. Then i start to undress her, i slowly take her top off. I thinkin to myself WOW her body rocks! she got some real nice tits, 34C!!!! i get down to my boxers, she now sitting on my lap and im sucking her tits, My dick was soo hard. Gosh she looking real sweet in her white undies. Her pussy was warm and wet too, i could feel it on my 9 inch dick. She kisses me on my neck etc…. i start to slide off her sexy white undies and then…. TO BE CONTINUED…………

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When TheTwo Srangers Meet, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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