Airport Pickup

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Airport Pickup
I was sitting at the airport waiting for your flight to arrive. It was late
coming in so I decided to have a glass of wine in the bar. I order a white
wine and after a little while someone sits next to me. I am not paying
attention at first but then he starts asking if I am waiting for anyone. I
smile and tell him the flight is delayed and I thought a glass of wine was a
good way to kill some time. He agrees and starts up a bit of chitchat about
this and that. My wine is empty and he orders me another one. Since I did
not eat dinner I start to feel the second glass of wine. By this time he is
sitting a bit closer to me with his hand on my thigh. I finish the wine and
begin another one when I see someone reach over to take a sip of the wine.
I turn to see you! I am blushing as my new friend takes his hand from my
leg. You take another sip as I lean over to kiss you saying it is great to
have you back. You smile as my friend makes his good-byes. Finishing off
the wine you lead me to the baggage claim not saying much. After we
retrieve your luggage we head back to the car.
As we are driving I try to talk about your flight, but you seem to be
thinking about something else. Giving up we drive quietly back to your
place. After we park I follow you into your place. You go into your
bedroom to put your bag away and then call me in to join you. I walk in and
notice that the lights are dimmed and you are sitting in a chair by the
window. You call me over and say, “What do you think you were doing at the
airport tonight?”
Smiling at you, I answer, “What ever do you mean?”
“You know exactly what I mean. Drinking the wine was fine, but then as you
are waiting for me you were picking up some other guy.”
Moving towards you I answer, “I would never do that, I mean I knew you were
coming in and why would I ever want to make you upset?” I am now kneeling
in front of you unzipping your pants. I take out your cock to give it a
kiss, licking it as I do. I then stand up and slip my short black dress over
my head revealing a black lace push up bra with a pair of black see through
panties. I am still in my heels as I se the dress on the ground. Smiling,
you shake your head and say, “You know that you have been very naughty this
evening, don’t you?” I shake my head yes as I lick my lips. “And I think
there is only one way that you will learn your lesson, isn’t there?” You
then reach over and guide me over your lap. You rub my bottom and then
begin, SPANK…SPANK…SPANK… a few more slowly you
hit…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK… I squirm a little, but you just hit
again…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK… you then rub my bottom again telling me
get up, with that you remove my panties then have me back over your knee. I
try to protest, but you begin again…SPANK…SPANK…SPANK… You are now
spanking harder and faster. I squirm a bit more as you
SPANK…SPANK…SPANK… One final SPANK and then you begin to rub and
soothe my red bottom. You ask, “Have you learned your lesson?”
As an answer I slide off of your lap and kneel in front of you again. This
time I take your rock hard cock into my mouth and begin to suck and lick. I
take it deeper and deeper each time I suck. Sucking harder and deeper I
begin to feel your cock twitch and then I feel you cum in my mouth,
swallowing it all down. Is I finish licking you clean I get up and move to
the bed. You lay down next to me, kissing me as you do. You then begin to
kiss my neck as you unhook my bra freeing my breasts. You then begin to
lick and suck on my nipples as you move your hand down to my pussy. Sucking
and biting on my nipples you take one finger then two to my pussy, taking
them in and out slowly then faster and faster until I begin to squirm and
squirm cumming loudly as I do. You slow down as I relax a little then you
begin again, moving your fingers faster and faster until I yell…YES…YES…YES…
HARDER…. YES… Cumming again as I clench my legs around your hand.
You stop again as I relax my legs. My body is now very sensitive as you lick
and suck on my nipples again. I am squirming quite a bit as you move on top of me.
Your cock is hard again as you take it into my very wet pussy.
You then begin to move in and out of my pussy as you bite my nipple again.
I moan loudly as I reach up to pull and pinch your nipples. You are now fucking
me harder and faster, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.
Feeling you cum I begin to cum again clenching my legs around you as I do.
As I relax, you lay down next to me asking me, “So, have you learned your lesson?”

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