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I had been a little lax about my household chores, and you had given me two days to get things caught up. I tried desperately to do what you wanted, however, the first day I had a nail appointment, and I didn’t want to mess up my freshly done nails, and Hudson’s was having a two day sale. Its not my fault that you so carelessly left your Hudson’s charge card in plain sight in your underwear drawer.

I tried hard before you got home to make things right, however you saw right through that masquerade. “What you need young lady, is a good spanking” you replied. “you wouldn’t dare,” I said not dreaming that you would do anything of the sort. “Don’t push me,” you replied. ” But honey, your still have fifty dollars left on your Hudson’s charge limit.” I replied deliberately pushing you over the edge. The next thing I knew I found myself over your knee.

You lifted the hem of my recently purchased Hudson’s leather skirt, to meet the waist band, and the only thing separating my ass cheeks from your gaze was the pink silk of my panties.

The next thing I knew I was receiving a real Spanking. I wasn’t sure what emotion was stronger. The sweet rush of pleasure pain, or the warm feeling of humiliation. At that moment I was wondering just what my high class friends at the country club would think if they could see me now, sprawled across your knee and being spanked like a naughty school girl.

At that point, I realized that maybe this would not be as much fun as I had originally thought, a few minutes ago, when I taunted you. This was starting to really sting. Just then you paused to lecture me on how two months ago when I had persuaded you to let me quit my full time job, I had promised you a clean and organized home and meals on the table. “You are becoming spoiled and lazy and you won’t have it.” You gave me 10 more firm swats, five on each cheek. I put my freshly manicured hand back to protect my stinging cheeks. “Just what is this nonsense?” you ask as you grabbed my wrist and held it firmly, looking at my nails.

“It’s nail art” I said “and just what did this cost me?” you said as you held my wrist in our strong hand.

“Not that much really! I’ll get all the work done, tomorrow, I promise!” I replied try to change the subject, as not or rile you any farther.

“Really, I don’t believe you. You told me that two days ago!”

Just then you pulled down my silk panties and let go with 20 more stinging whacks, 10 to each bare cheek. You let me go and sent me to the kitchen to prepare dinner and promised to make up later when the kitchen was spotless.

I prepared a delicious meal and we sat in silence. You broke the tension by offering me a pillow to sit on, with that devilish grin that I never could resist. We finished the meal and I cleaned the kitchen, and walked into the family room to see that you had prepared a lovely fire, warm oil and a soft rug for me. ” Want a massage ?” (like I would turn that down). You started at my feet working your way up massaging every part of my body, paying special attention to my still pink and sore behind. I though I was in heaven. Then you ask “Still love me?” “Of course I do.” I wrapped my arms around your neck and you carried me off to the bedroom.

As we entered the room you looked around at the three days worth of clothing still lying around the room, and raised an eyebrow, and said “I haven’t changed my mind about the house young lady,” ” I know honey I will get it all caught up tomorrow and I gave you that little pout that I know you can’t resist. Our lovemaking was soft and warm. I curled up in your arms for a restful nights sleep, I had a long day ahead of me…

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  1. Anonymous

    Short and sweet!! I love when the lady is otk and they start the spanking on their panties…It gets your attention as it leads into the real, bare–otk….then the apologies..

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