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Chris & Joanna Chapter 1 Part 2

Joanna began to read the document in front of her. It went like this:

Basic Rules:

No Annoying Behavior – whining, teasing, nagging, pouting, cussing.
No Arguing – polite discussions only – no yelling
No Name Calling
Complete All Daily Tasks prior to 7:00pm – Daily tasks are: errands, house picked up, dinner by 6:00pm, kitchen cleaned,
laundry washed, folded, & neatly put away.
No Smoking in the House or Car
No Reckless Behavior – drunk driving, speeding, etc..
Use Good Judgement and Common Sense.
Always be Honest – DO NOT LIE

After reading the Basic Rules Joanna looked at Chris and asked “How did you know I smoke? I never told you that.”
“There are signs and of course I could smell lit on you.” he replied. “I understand that smoking is a very hard habit to break so for now I will not ak you to quit. I realize a new relationship can be stressful and an occassional cigarette can be calming. However, once our routine is more settled I will ask that you quit, just not now.”
“Oh, I see. OK” she said. “I have another question. Sometimes my job requires me to work until past 7:00. I am usually notified in advance. Will I still be punished for those day’s daily tasks are not completed by 7:00pm?”
“No, of course not, as long as you communicate to me those schedule changes.” Chris answered. “Why don’t we add a Basic Rule stating ‘communicate work schedule in a timely manner?” Chris handed her a pen and she added that to the list. Then Joanna kept reading:

Detailed Rules:

1. Chris has final say in all matters after taking Joanna & her thoughts into consideration.
2. Arguing with Chris after a decision is made final will result in punishment.
3. Annoying misbehavior will be given one warning per day. The 2nd instance will result in punishment.
4. Disobedient behavior will result in punishment.
5. Defiant behavior will result in punishment.
6. Aggressive behavior will result in punishment.
7. Not completing in daily tasks will result in punishment.
8. Refusal of ‘regular’ requests will result in punishment.
9. Refusal of ‘sexual’ requests will result in punishment sexual in nature.
10. Taking careless risks will result in severe punishment.
11. Chris has final say in punishments and how they are to be administered.
12. Not submitting to punishment freely & immediately when told will result in ‘extra’ punishment to be given after the
original punishment is given.
13. Regular “maintenance” or “reminder” punishments will be issued on Sunday of every week.
14. Regular sex “maintenance” will be issued every month beginning the month to the date this agreement is signed.

As Joanna read the Detailed Rulesz, she began to feel a warm tingle in her loins. She squirmed in her chair & kept reading. The word ‘punishment’ made her tingle increase. Next came a page titled:

Types of Punishment – Terms & Phrases

Corner time – Always with bottom bare & hands on head.
OTK – Over the knee – always with bare bottom & hands on floor.
“Warm up” – for certain transgressions – OTK hand spanking
Paddle spankings – use of paddle – wood or leather.
Strappings – use of leather strap, tawse, or belt.
Whipping – use of long strap or whip
Caning/Switching – use of rattan cane or other switch
Restraints – use of ties, ropes, or cuffs when deemed necessary
“Toe Touch” – bent at waist, hands touching toes.
“All 4’s” – on knees, hands on floor/surface
“The bench” – designed for maintenance, sexual or severe punishments

Now Joanna was nervous. She had never been given anything but a hand spanking before and that was years ago when she was a child. She told this to Chris.
“I understand.” he told her gently. “I do realize these punishments may be difficult for you at first, but I do believe that this is what is best.”
“Ok,” she said quietly, already progressing into a submissive role. “What is the bench?”
“Well, that will be better explained by showing you. That will come later.” he replied.
“Oh, OK.” Joanna said and went on th to next page of the contract. It was titled “Transgression and Resulting Punishment.” This made Joanna’s heart beat faster. Trying to calm herself, she took a deep breath and kept reading.

Transgression and Resulting Punishment

Transgression Resulting Punishment

Annoying Behavior- 2nd offense OTK warm up and 10 with paddle
Cussing – 2nd offense OTK warm up and 5 with paddle for each cuss
word in a day
Smoking in Car or House OTK warm up and 10 with strap
Impolite Behavior OTK warm up, 10 with paddle, 10 with strap
Incomplete Daily Tasks OTK warm up and 10 with paddle for each
incomplete task.
Defiant Behavior – including refusal of regular requests No warm up, 20 with paddle, 20 with strap &
5 with whip or cane
Reckless Behavior Severe punishment to include (but not limited to)
30 paddle, 30 strap, 10 whip, 10 cane/switch
Sexual Defiance Varies depending on the nature of the request
will include paddling, strapping, or caning
Dishonesty of any kind Severity depends of the severity of the lie.
Extras 5 with paddle, strap, or cane for each ‘extra’ earned

Punishments will be carried out in the ‘discipline room’ immediately upon demand unless otherwise deemed necessary. If a punishment is deemed necessary outside the home, a duplicate punishment will be administered upon arrival at home. When told a punishment is to be given, Joanna will go immediately to the discipline room and prepare for her punishment. Chris will tell Joanna the transgressions to be punished and Joanna will be expected to know what to prepare. She will select the required implements and have the OTK chair set in front of the mirror so she may see her punishment commence. She will then have her bottom bare – unless otherwise instructed – stand in the corner with hands on head. Improper preparations will result in ‘extras’. Severe and/or sexual punishments will be prepared by Chris while Joanna is in the corner.

Again, Joanna became nervous. “What is this ‘discipline room'” she asked.
“It is a room I have designed in my house to carry out punishments. I haven’t used it since it’s completion, but will certainly give you a tour.” he replied.
“Well, I guess that’s fine, ” she said, “but you keep mentioning ‘home’ in here. I would guess that would mean your home, but isn’t that a bit presumptuous of you?”
“I wasn’t exactly being pr
esumptuous, but more like hopeful” he replied.
“Hopeful of what?” she asked.
“Hopefulf that you will marry me.” he replied as he handed her a blue velvet box. Inside was a gorgeous 3-carat diamond engage
ment ring – marquise shape set in platinum.
Stunned, Joanna just stared at the ring. “But it’s only been 2 days. This is only our second date. How could you be so sure?” she asked.
“Because, Joanna,” Chris replied. “From the moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were the one. You are everything I’ve been dreaming of and more. I know I don’t ever want to be apart from you. I want to love, cherish, and take care of you for the rest of our lives. So, Please Joanna.” and bending on his knee at her side, “Please will you marry me?”
After a brief moment, looking into his beautiful eyes, she replied “How could I refuse? Yes!!! – As crazy as it may seem, Yes!! I will marry you!!”
Finally, that intimate kiss he was referring to happened. He kissed her softly, then more deeply darting his tongue into her soft, sweet mouth. It was the best kiss either one of them have ever experienced. After a long embrace, Chris stood and returned to his chair.
“Thank you Joanna. Thank you for agreeing to be my bride. I know I will make you as happy and you have just made me.” he told her.
“How could you make me any happier than I already am?” she said. She glaced down at the ring on her finger & saw the folder still in front of her. “I suppose if I am to be your wife, I should finish reading this.”
“Be my guest.” he replied. Joanna continued to the next page of the contract.

Chris’s Agreement

I, Chris, agree to be the Head of this Household. I agree to take Joanna’s thoughts, concerns and ideas into full consideration in running the household. All major life decisions will be made only after Joanna’s full consideration. I agree to administer Domestic Discipline routinely and fairly when I deem it to be necessary to correct or maintain Joanna’s behavior. I agree with the rules set forth and maintain the right to alter, delete, or add rules and deemed necessary. I agree to maintain my own self-control and will not administer punishments when angry.

Joanna noticed the agreement had already been signed. She glanced at him and continued reading.

Joanna’s Agreement

I, Joanna, agree with my own free will, to have Chris be the Head of our Household. I agree to follow the rules set forth and agree to submit to Domestic Discipline when these rules are broken. I further agree to submit to said discipline freely when and where Chris determines it is required. I agree to comply with the weeky ‘maintenance discipline’ and ‘sex maintenance’ every month. Furthermore, I agree to be completely honest with Chris and maintain a log of my discressions when Chris is out of town and submit to punishment upon his return.

Without hesitation she took the pen and signed the agreement.
“So, you agree?” Chris asked.
“Yes, my love, I agree. Thank you for doing this for me, for us. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. By just signing my name, I already feel like a better person.”
“I’m so glad.” he said “So, how does 2 weeks from today sound to you?”
“2 weeks for what?” she asked.
“2 Weeks from today we get married.” he told her.
“Oh, my. I don’t know. There would be plans to be made, a dress to buy, flowers, the list goes on and on.” she told him.
“I know, but I can do all of that. I have resources and people available to help me. We can have a few guests and get married at the fountain where we first me. Please, Joanna, I can’t wait be become your husband.”
“Well, I suppose, ” she said, “but I get to pick out my own dress.”
“Fair enough” he laughed. “Oh, by the way, can you get time off from work?”
“Shouldn’t be a problem.” she replied. “I’ll just take a leave.”

To be Continued…

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