Mob Boss's Indulgence

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“Boss, don’t do this. The bird just wants somthen’ from ya,” I advised him.
“Aww, quiet Charlie. Don’t you think I know what’s what? This chick really loves me and would never do anything to hurt me,” he told me while fixing his tie.
“But Boss…”
“No more buts, Charlie or else you’re leaven’.”
Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“Quick, let her in, you nitwit!”
I rushed over to the door and swung it wide open.
“Maxy!” she squealed (she’d be doing alotta that), “Oooo, there u are, my big, strong man!” She ran over to him.
“Heyya Dollface, what’s cookin’?” he said as she was caressing his hair.
“Ohh nothin’ Maxy, I just couldn’t wait to sees ya.”
As the boss’s sidekick, I had to endure this and alot more all through dinner. She just flirted with the boss the whole time make sure to keep his interest stayed hooked. She kept claiming not to want anything but I was pretty sure that somebody sent her.
After dinner they say on the couch together, she on his lap. That’s when the baby talk began, and when I knew she was the flirt I thought.
“Ooooo, what does the big, strong man have sticking out of his pockets?”
“Oh nothin’, baby. Just a bunch of times and places that I need to know.”
“Do you think that this little girl could understand those big, important times and places?”
“Maybe, but they’re really important. I couldn’t imagine you’d know what the really were any way. Isn’t that right?” he asked as he tickled her chin.
“Ooooo, heehehehehe! Stop that, that tickles. Oh, do you think that the big strong man is gonna show icky, little baby all those papers?”
“Oh, of course. Whatever the icky baby want. You see, all these are the times of the ‘deliveries’ and the ‘pickups’. After all we’re only a *flower shop*.”
I was beginning to feel like I could throw up. Seein’ the boss participatin’ in something like this was disgustin’.
“Oh, my big strong Maxy poo. Little naughty baby just loves to see, your important work. Let icky baby give Maxy a big kiss!”
And from there it’s history. They kiss around for a while until the Boss wants go to bed with her and that’s just when she has to freshen up. After a while, I decided to follow her into the bathroom just in case. She wasn’t there, and the front door was unbolted. Shit! She musta flown the coup.
“Boss! BOSS! The dame’s gone. Did she take nothin’?”
“WHAT!!!! Eve is GONE? Where’d she go? Oh, shit. Where’s the deliveries list? I thought I knew that dame…”
But I didn’t here the rest of his moans and complaints because I was going to find her. I had to make some of those “deliveries” and I don’t want to be fulla lead any time soon.
Quickly, I dashed out the door and down the stairs. She couldn’t have gotten that far away from the Boss’s top floor penthouse. I flew down those stairs, a little too fast it seems cause I fell down the last flight before the ground floor. Shit, this hurt. I didn’t think anything is broken but I definitely got some bruises from that. I peered out to the lobby and thanked god for my good luck. The flirt was so damn arrogant that she thought we wouldn’t catch on she was still here that she was flirtin’ with a bus boy. Oh jeez, I was so happy that a cat never changes her flirty stripes. So I crept up behind the bitch and grabbed her. I made it seem like we was friends to everyone else in the lobby and whispered into her ear to folla me if she didn’t want no trouble. I poked her with my pocketed gun and she understood. She considered makin’ a scene but she knew I meant buisness.
“That’s right, in the door,” I told her as we finally finished the tense walk back up to the Boss’s apartment.
The Boss’s was so embarrassed that a bird got the best of him, he didn’t call anyone.
Once we were in the penthouse I frisked her and fount the list and 50 bucks cash she stole in her dress.
“I can’t believe you’d betray me, dame.”
She looked positively trapped like the rat I’d always known her as.
“But, Maxy. I love you. I made a mistake but I’m back now, and that’s all that matters,” said as she went up to hug him and he pushed her away gently.
“You love me? But then why would you steal my very important list?”
(Sobbing now) “Oh Maxy. The little girl got confused. She is sorry and hopes that she could still be big, strong Maxy’s icky baby.” And she kissed him right there.
Boy, was she laying it on. I saw the look in the Boss’s eye and saw that he was being manipulated again.
“Boss! She’s a flirt I saw her with a bus boy in the lobby.”
“Is this true my little girl?”
“Well I, uh… Maxy, I love you. Don’t you know that that mean, awful man over is lyin’? He’s just jealous.” And she tried to kiss him again.
He pushed her away for good this time in his outrage and grabbed her wrist. “What, Joe over there!? No he’d never lie to me. We’ve been together since we was tots. I think you’re lying, you flirt.”
“Max! I love you! Icky little baby just has made a mistake, is all. Please Max!” she pleaded as she started to tear up again. Max stopped moving.
I looked at the Boss’s as he was weakening again but he snapped himself out of it.
“Your going to need to save those tears because your going to need em’ when you get your spanking!” And the Boss’s dragged her to the couch.
“No Max! No!” she screamed as the Boss dragged her over his lap. She squirmed and struggled in vain.
“Oh, had the icky little baby been naughty? Has my little girl been bad? Well bad little girls get spanked, Eve!” And the Boss started smacking her over her skirt.
“Max! You let me up now! This isn’t fair! You don’t get ta do this!” the broad screamed over my laughter.
“Oh! You don’t think this is fair you flirt? How about “skanky bitch?” Because that’s all you are. I’m sure of that after what you did to me!” He paused for a moment and pulled up her skirt revealing some mighty fine red silk panties. The Boss had to pin her Eve’s hand behind her back to keep her from interferin’.
“NO! MAX! Please no! God, no! I’m sorry, please stop this now!” I could tell that these tears were real.
“I guess the humiliation is more punishment then the whacks themselves hmmm, bitch?” the Boss taunted and pulled Eve’s hair.
She continued sobbing but stopped screaming.
The Boss started again on her bottom unleashing a whole new array of moans and sobs.
His pace was constant cycling from cheek to cheek and once and a while some thighs.
“You know, bitch? You’ve wronged good old Joe over there too. I think he should get a few whacks at it.”
I looked over the pretty scene still unfolding. “Are you sure, Boss? I mean she was your dame.”
“Naah, I’ve had my fill and my back’s killing me. Just make sure you make her hurt.”
I gave him an assuring grin and picked Eve up then sat back down on the couch once the boss had moved.
She struggled a bit but conceded once she figured out it was useless. No amount of whimpy kicking and scratching would stop me from finishing some debts.
I, unlike the Boss who started spanking her right away, intended to prolong this and remind her how helpless she was. Plus she had a great bottom made for rubbing and squeezing.
“Oh, Max! Please don’t let your special icky baby get spanked by this mean old man.” Eve squealed in one last attempt to turn the situation around.
“Actually tootse, I’m glad to let you go. After a while, all this baby talk started to make me feel like the father of a brat,” the Boss chuckled to himself and left the room.
I turned my attention back to the squrmin’ dame on my lap. She was squirmin’ but also making a desperate attempt pretend like she wasn’t interested in what was going on back here. I rubbed her bottom again, squeezing the center of each cheek. I decided to take it up a notch and grabbed waist of her panties. She gasped loudly and began
fighting even more and even reached a hand back to anchor ’em on her butt. She was quickly pinned down again.
are you so afraid of, darlin’? Once I get done wit ya, your bottom’s gonna be just as red as those panties.”
“Ohhhhh, gawd! Charlie, please just don’t…”
I stopped for a moment and looked down at the helpless, crying, squirming woman I had squarely in my lap.
“Why don’t you want me to see, flirt?
“Charlie, I just…please”
I started slapping bottom again. “I just what? Would you prefer me to jus’ pull em down?”
She started violently bucking to break free but I held her fast. “No, Charlie, no! Alright, ill tell ya why. I jus’ don’t want you to see everything.”
“Well too bad, you got no control!” And with that I pulled down her underwear revealing a most beautiful tush. I spanked her alternating each cheek flashing white then returning to a deeper shade of red. After a while the dame stopped whining and got real quiet. I stopped too and started rubbing and squeezing because her butt was so perfectly plump and firm. Then my hand half accidentally ventured down into her feminine region, what can I say, I was horny. The dame was soaking wet! “Well, well, well. Look who actually gets off from getting spanked like a naughty little girl. That’s why you were so humiliated. I should smack your ass an hour for this. Except, you would enjoy it wouldn’t you?” I pushed up her chin until I could see the extreme blushing on her face, her eyes looking down in shame.
“I guess I’ll have to take advantage of this some how, wont I?” She finally looked up at me, I was still exploring down there. I thought that she would start bawling again but instead she gave me this look of lust.
“You dirty little slut, you’re being punished; you don’t deserve the pleasure!” I started whacking her as hard as I could, really getting some loud screams out of her. After a minute and a half, I was tired. Her butt was a particularly strong red and some bruises. I checked her privates again, and she was even wetter!
I through her off my lap and got up to get something, “That’s it dame, if I can’t punish you this way, then I’ll find another…”
I turned around to get something and she was bent over the couch! That dame was such a slut!
Well…I couldn’t just pretend I didn’t get turned on from all this. I really didn’t want to give her the pleasure of my dick, but she was sticking her juicy area out so much…I couldn’t help myself. Before I knew it, the slut was squealing and moaning under me. I never realized how much spanking some deserving flirt would turn me on. I fucked her until we both exploded in pleasure.

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