My Confessions

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Where should I start. I told my boyfriend once in the throws of passion to slap my ass, slap it hard I said. I’ve been a bad girl and I need you to disipline me. Ever since that day, he has.

Basically my day is like this: I awake 1 hour earlier than my Master (I must always refer to him as Master or Sir and I must refer to myself as his cunt or slave). I iron his clothes, cook his breakfast and await my morning disipline session. I wait in the corner, nose to wall, arms behind head, legs spread and of course, naked.

Master wakes at 7:00. He showers, dresses and eats breakfast. All this time I patiently wait for my session. When he is ready, he calls me into the living room. I crawl to him, never looking him in the eye and bend over the arm of the couch. I receive my 15 bare bottom spanks that I must count out. Then my Master reads my list of chores and errands I must preform that day as well as his dinner request that I must prepare. Master leaves the house at 7:40 to catch the train.

He calls me everyday, promptly at 5:00 before he leaves work and tells me what to have on (or not) when he arrives home. I put on what he says and wait in the corner.

Master arrives home at 5:40, eats dinner and summons me for my nightly disipline session. He checks to make sure I’ve completed my chores and punishes me accordingly.

Today, I forgot to get his dry cleaning. He is not very happy with me. I’m in position, waiting for his next command.

“You lazy cunt! How could your forget? I needed that shirt for tomorrow!”

“I’m sorry, Master.” I was interrupted with a hard slap on my bare ass.

“Get on all fours cunt, you’re going to be punished”.

“Yes Sir”

With that, Master slapped my ass 100 times with his bare hand. When he saw how wet I was he got even madder.

“Are you enjoying this little cunt?” “I didn’t tell you to enjoy it!” “Let’s see how much you like this”.

He pulled me by the hair and brought me into the kitchen. He bent me over the table and tied my arms and legs so I couldn’t move. I was face down, arms and legs spread. Then I heard him on the phone telling a friend to come over with his teenage nephews. They were twins that just turned 16 and wanted to meet some “easy” girls.

I started to beg Master not to let them see me like this and he laughed sarcastically. I heard the doorbell ring and voices in the next room.

“I’m tired of this disobidient cunt not following my orders and I don’t feel like dealing with her right now so I ‘ve decided to let you two boys have your way with her until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. There’s some toys and tools in the closet you can use. Enjoy yourselves guys”

“Slut, you are to obey Jason and Michael. Do everything they say. You will refer to them as Mister Jason and Mister Michael, not Master or Sir, I am your Master. If they tell me you hesitated….YOU’LL BE SORRY!”

“Yes Master, I won’t let you down.”

….to be continued

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