Naughty Neighbor

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I am a lonely hot and horny housewife. I go on the inter net and fantise about spankings. While I am doing this, I will walk around my house and rub my tits and wet pussy with my blinds up. I guess I do this for my one neighbor, hoping he will see.

One day, much to my surprise he sees me at my back door and asks me to come over, he has something he wants to show me. “Alright, I’ll be right over.”

When I get to his house, he invites me in. “I need to make this fast, my wife will be home soon.” I’m really confused, because I’ve never said anything to him or her that the other couldn’t know about. I said, “Okay, but why do you need to hurry?” Just shut up and come here you little bitch.” I was so stunned, that I actually went with him. He took me downstairs into his studio.

“I know what you’ve been up to you little whore.” I am so confused, but am hopeful that he caught me playing with myself and now he wants a private show. I ask “Joe, What do you mean?”, he shows be a wide screen tv, and he hits the remote, and sure enough its me on his screen playing with my tits out the window. I said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone saw me. But I will stop doing this since it bothers you.” “You are damn right you’ll stop, especially once I teach you a lesson, Now pull your shorts and panties off.” Once I did this he told me to lay across his lap. I did and he starting spanking me. With every swat, I got wetter and wetter. And I noticed that he was enjoying this also. His dick was so hard I thought it would go through his pants and into my pussy. When he was done giving me my 25 swats, without looking I knew my ass was cherry. He told me to bend over this weird work horse type thing and if I argued or begged it would be much worse. He bound my hands to each corner of this bench, and also strapped my legs apart and to each corner. I was bent over and in a very humilating position. But I was so wet and getting wetter. Joe told me to count each swat loud and clear. I didn’t have to be told twice. “one sir”, “two, sir” and so on till I reached twenty.

Neither one of us heard his wife come in and as he was getting ready to stick his very hard, long and fat dick into my pussy, his wife cleared her throat. Joe jumped back in suprise and all she said was, “Now its my turn.” She untied me and made me lay on the floor spread eagle on my back. ” Now you will spread your pussy lips apart for me to inspect your cleaniness.” I saw Joe sitting in the corner gently stroking his dick. I was thinking, “Boy, I want to have that in me, and I don’t care if its my ass, pussy, or mouth. I just want it now.” Well, the mistress saw what I was thinking and she took me over her knee. She didn’t care that Joe already punished me for my earlier behavior. When she saw the movie of me on the screen she whacked me harder. She scream that I was a no good whore and I deserve to be punished. I begged for mercy and she told me the only way I could have any mercy was to become their sex slave.

Stay tuned to see if I do….

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  1. exploreme22000

    Great short story. See my story about my “strict aunt” under TVTS. Let’s talk.

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