Peggy's Story (Part 3)

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Chapter Thirty Two: Peggy’s Story (Part 3)

When we pulled up in front of the farm house Brenda came running out. She said, “Hi Peggy! It’s going to be great having you here. I’ve been looking forward to it.”

As he got out of the truck Joe asked, “Where’s Sherri?”

Brenda said, “I don’t know. She went out about an hour ago.”

Joe said, “Damn it! I told her to stay home. I’ll deal with Sherrie later. Brenda, I want you to take Peggy up to your room and get her settled in. Run a nice bath for her while she unpacks.”

If Brenda thought it was strange that I should be taking a bath the moment I arrived; she kept it to herself and when Joe pulled the wadded up bed cover from the back of the truck, she made no comment. I thought that either Brenda didn’t have a curious bone in her body or she had a good idea of what Joe and I had been doing. I was desperately hoping that she wasn’t the curious type. But the moment we got into her room; I realized that hope was in vain.

Brenda asked in a confiding tone, “So why did it take you and Joe so long to get back here? You must have stopped along the way somewhere.”

I replied evasively, “I don’t know. It didn’t seem that it was a long time.”

Brenda said, “Don’t lie to me Peggy. Come over here and look out this window and tell me what you see.”

When I looked out the window, I saw that it provided an unobstructed view of the road that approached the farm and that the little side road that Joe and I had gone down was clearly visible. When I turned back, I couldn’t look Brenda in the eyes and I’m sure that I was blushing furiously.

Brenda laughed and said, “Now I just wonder what you and Joe were doing down there for an hour or so. I suppose you could have been enjoying the view; but I doubt it. You don’t have to tell me the details. I can guess. Just like I can guess what went on at the barn that night. Oh by the way, Sherrie is really pissed. When she saw the truck turning down the side road, she stormed out of here like her tail was on fire. You can put your things in the dresser there and I’ll go run your bath.” I was too embarrassed to reply and began to unpack my suitcase.

In about fifteen minutes I heard Brenda calling to me, “Come on Peggy you don’t want the water to get cold!” I went to the bathroom down the hall. The room was unusually large and I suspected that, at one time, it had been a bedroom. There was an old claw foot bathtub in the center of the room that was now brimming with scented bubbles. Brenda was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet and it seemed that her intention was to keep me company while I took my bath. This normally wouldn’t have bothered me. But because she knew what happened just a short time ago; I was a little embarrassed to have her in the room while I undressed. It didn’t feel like I had been bleeding very much, but I couldn’t be sure.

After a minute or so Brenda asked, “Well Peggy, what are you waiting for? Since I couldn’t think of any excuse for her to leave, I turned my back to Brenda and pulled my shorts and panties down. Then, too late, I realized that this was a mistake.

Brenda chuckled and said, “Well your butt’s still a little red but no too bad. You might have one or two bruises. But it looks like it didn’t take very long for Joe to bring you around. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not criticizing. It took a nice set of welts on my ass before Joe finally got his way with me. So I guess I was the stupid one.”

I was too embarrassed to comment and I knew there was no use in denying the facts. I stepped out of my shorts and panties and quickly bent down to scoop them up but Brenda said, “Give me those, I’ll put them in the hamper.” Before I could react, Brenda had grabbed the garments from my hand and looking at my panties she said, “Well I see you got your red badge of courage today. Looks like you’re the lucky one again. There’s barely any blood at all.”

As I got into the tub I resolved to talk things out with Brenda. Her comments had made me very curious. I assumed that she was having sex with Joe. This seemed beyond belief, but since I had sex with him too, I supposed it wasn’t that far fetched. However I had to be sure so I asked, “Brenda are you telling me that your father forced you to have sex with him?”

“Of course, at first; you should know that from your experience. But I’m not supposed to think of him as my father. Now he’s just Joe to me. I’m sure he told you to think of him as Joe and not Uncle Joe.” I nodded and Brenda continued, “Well Peggy let me be the first to welcome you into Joe’s little harem. You make four in addition to me, mom and Sherrie. Although I guess I should say three and a half, since Joe doesn’t bother with mom much anymore.”

This was the first time I had even thought of Aunt Mary and I asked, “Where is your mom anyway?”

“Joe sent her over to Wichita to visit her sister for a couple of weeks. I expect he didn’t want her in the way. I’m sure he has a lot of plans for the next two weeks.”

“Brenda does your mom know what’s been going on?”

“She knows and she doesn’t know. I’m not sure that makes sense. I guess you could say mom is pretty good at putting the blinders on. She only sees what she wants to see. But I think she has a good idea of the situation.”

“I asked, “How did it all start?”

“You’ll have to ask Sherrie. Joe was having sex with her for a while before he got interested in me that way. Sure he spanked me on the bare butt as far back as I can remember and when I started to get a little older he might accidentally on purpose touch me, you know, between my legs. It never went further than that until about a year ago. I guess I can admit this to you, because I know you must be the same way. Once Joe finally got his way with me, I began to like what he was doing and since that time our sex has been consensual. It’s the same with Sherrie. I know that because sometimes we’ll do a threesome. Now that you’re in the club, who knows what the possibilities might be.”

As I listened to what Brenda had to say, I was becoming more and more disgusted with myself. Sure I knew I wasn’t one bit better than either Brenda or Sherrie. From what Brenda had said about having welts on her butt; I figured that I was actually a lot worse. But I began to re-build my resolve to resist what Joe had in mind.

I guess my feelings were showing very plainly because Brenda said, “I know what you’re thinking Peggy and you might as well forget it. I’ve had the same thoughts dozens of times, but he’s too good at what he does. No matter what you think, you’ll give in. So you might as well get used to it. You belong to Joe now. He’ll get you to do whatever he wants and you’ll like doing it. I hope I don’t make you mad by saying this, but I expect you won’t be able to get enough. I’ll leave you now. I have to start dinner. When you’re done in here, I could use some help in the kitchen. After all, it isn’t always play time around here.”

I finished my bath, wrapped myself in a towel and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. I decided to wear jeans and a top. As I was getting into my jeans, which were very tight fitting, I found that my butt was too sore for comfort. So I opted for a much looser fitting pair of shorts.

When I got down to the kitchen Joe was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee and Brenda was at the sink. As I walked in Brenda turned to me and said, “Come over here Peggy, you can finish cutting up these vegetables for the salad.”

Joe asked, “How do you feel after that nice bath Peggy?”

I mumbled a noncommittal response and Joe commented, “Not getting sullen on me again are you girl? I sure hope not. I thought we had come to a good understanding. I’ll take it as you’re just a little homesick and let it go at that for now. I’m sure you’ll be in a lot better mood by bed time.”

I opened my mouth to reply, bu
t Brenda shot me a warning glance and spoke up, “Did you find Sherrie?”

Joe replied,” I didn’t waste any of my
time looking for Sherrie. She’ll be back sooner rather than later. She pulls this stunt every time she wants some extra attention and she’s going to get some of my very personal attention this time. Only not the kind she wants; at least not at first. You girls are all the same. You just can’t seem to go for a very long stretch at a time without a good butt warming.”

Just as we were sitting down to dinner, Sherrie came in the back door. Joe looked up with a big smile on his face and said jovially, “Well look who’s here! I’m so glad you could join us. Get yourself a plate and sit right down! Be sure to eat hearty. If you’re lucky it will put some extra plump on that cute butt of yours. You’re going to need all the padding you can get there before too long.”

After she sat down at the table Sherrie said in a tearful voice, “I just went for a little walk. I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m sorry, please don’t spank me. “

Joe said, “So you just went for a little walk. Well it seems I told you to stay home this morning. I wanted you to be here to welcome Peggy and you let me down. So I don’t care if you say you’re sorry because that doesn’t prove anything to me. I’m going to make sure you’re really sorry and that’s the end of the discussion. After we finish dinner, I want you to clean up the kitchen and then come into the living room to get your spanking. I think it might be a good lesson for someone else at this table.”

When we finished eating Joe told Brenda and I to come into the living room. We sat on the couch and Joe was seated in the big recliner. We could hear dishes rattling and water running in the kitchen. After several minutes Joe called out, “Sherrie I hope you’re not stalling. Don’t make me come in there after you.”

In another minute or so Sherrie came into the living room bringing a kitchen chair with her. Her eyes were red and she was sniffling as she placed the chair in the center of the room. In one way I didn’t want to be there, but at the same time I was curious to see what would happen next. Anyway I didn’t have much of a choice. I certainly didn’t want to draw any attention to myself.

Joe went over and sat in the chair. Sherrie unfastened her tight fitting jeans, worked them down over her hips and stepped out of them. Then she took off her top. Now in bra and panties she started to get over Joe’s knees; but Joe said, “Go get the paddle, you deserve more than a hand spanking young lady.”

Now Sherrie started to cry in earnest and sobbed, “No please!”

Joe said, “Get the paddle Sherrie.”

Still sobbing, Sherrie went over to the big roll top desk in the corner opened a top drawer and brought out a paddle. From what I could see, it appeared to be made of some dark leather material. It was oval shaped at the end and had a thick handle.

As Sherrie walked back to where Joe was sitting, I had to admire her figure. It was perfect. She had large breasts. I’m sure her bra was a D cup. Her waist was small and her stomach was completely flat. I especially admired this because I had a bit of a tummy. Her bottom was very voluptuous and outlined beautifully through the thin material of her panties. Although her legs weren’t long they were elegantly shaped and perfectly proportioned. I was jealous of this too because I tended to have heavy thighs, even back then.

When she got back to where Joe was sitting, Sherrie handed him the paddle. He took it and flexed it a bit as Sherrie continued to sob. Then Joe flexed his wrist and the paddle swished in the air. He brought it down on one of the chair legs and it cracked so loudly that I nearly jumped up off the couch. I was feeling very sorry for Sherrie and I knew that I was going to avoid being in her present position at all costs.

Joe looked up at Sherrie and she draped herself across his knees positioning her bottom in the center of his lap. Then Joe said, “Get your panties down.”

Sherrie’s hands came up behind her back as she raised her hips slightly and she slid her panties down revealing her lushly rounded bottom. Joe looked at me and said, “Come over here Peggy.”

My heart leaped into my throat and I was really scared. I couldn’t imagine what Joe might have in mind. As I walked over to the chair, my legs were trembling. When I got there Joe started to massage Sherrie’s bottom as she continued sobbing more softly now. As I watched, he said, “Look at this beautiful sexy butt Peggy. Do you think I want it bruised up from a hard spanking? The answer is; I don’t. Sherrie’s a good girl most of the time; but every once in a while she just has to get out of line. It almost seems like she wants a spanking no matter how much she cries and begs me not to do it. The point I want to make is that it could just as easily be your cute little butt here waiting for a spanking. I hope what you’re going to see now will make you realize what’s good for you once and for all. Now go back and sit on the couch with Brenda.”

After I was seated on the couch, Joe raised a leg to elevate Sherrie’s bottom and I heard her let out a little moan just before the paddle connected for the first time. The CRACK that it made was terrible and Sherrie screamed as her legs flew straight out. The paddle made a swishing sound as it came crashing down again and again on Sherrie’s butt. Her feet were kicking wildly in the air as the paddle splatted relentlessly into her bottom cheeks. Finally the spanking ended and Joe released Sherrie’s waist. She rolled off his lap onto the floor and curled up: hands flying behind her back to clutch her red battered butt. All the while she was sobbing wildly. I felt terrible for her, but I didn’t know what I could do. I was afraid to make a move.

When Sherrie’s sobs had subsided a little Joe said, “OK Sherrie, that’s enough. Go up to your room for the rest of the evening.”

Still crying, Sherrie slowly got up and went toward the stairs in short halting steps. Her pain apparently was aggravated by moving because she let out a couple of sharp gasps as she made her way up the stairs to her room.

At this point Peggy said, “Bill I’ve had it for one night. I have to get some sleep. Let’s continue this later.”

I asked, “The story or what we were doing before?”

Peggy smiled and said, “Both I guess.”

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