Spanking Samantha (Chapter 2)

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The author notes that Samantha Parker is the name of a character in another series of stories. He assures you, dear reader, that this is only an astonishing coincidence. The name just has a nice rhythm.

Previously on “Spanking Samantha (Ginger’s Big Boast)”:

Ginger tells her girls-night-out office pals that she has just given her society-set older sister Samantha a spanking. Amazed to silence by this news, they imagine Sam in THE POSITION, then burst into laughter. Ginger says Samantha “was such a big baby about it” and vows more of the same “if she pulls another stunt”.


Heather lurched through the front door around 9:30.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, Rick. The door stuck.”

“No,” he smiled. “You’re wobbling. You must have had more than usual. How is everyone?”

“You won’t believe what Ginger told us…” Heather’s alcohol buzz did much of the talking, and she was out of breath laughing as she described Samantha’s furious realization of what was about to happen. “So there she is (gasp!) oh god sorry, (whew!) Got a handkerchief, Rick? So, she’s like totally bareass across Ginger’s lap, and she’s like I’M GONNA CALL THE FUCKING COPS ON YOU!”

“Oh come on, Heather. This isn’t the fifties. John Wayne doesn’t put Maureen what’s-her-name over his knee any more. It’s child abuse to spank your kids, and thirty – what? – 35-year-olds certainly don’t get spanked.”

“I know, I know. That’s what we thought, too. And I certainly don’t want women demeaned or objectified. Women run companies. We share the housework. I’m not stuck in the past. But can’t you just IMAGINE Sam

“Well, I suppose Samantha can seem insensitive at times, but she does lots of good work in the community, and – face it – Ginger has a chip
on her shoulder about not traveling in the same social circle as Sam.”

“Yeah, and the money maybe. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I’m taking your panties down, Sammie. GINGER! Whack! I’M WARNING YOU! Whack! Jeez! How

“Heather, it’s just a story. That couldn’t happen. Samantha’s strong and athletic and …. I don’t know … Ginger couldn’t just force her to bend over. She wouldn’t!”

“Ginger does some martial arts stuff. Hey, what’s that, mister?”

Heather slinked over to Rick, gently stroked the obvious bulge in his chinos, and licked the tip of his nose.

“Which program are you watching? Your beautiful wife who’s happy to see you?” she smiled. “Or the Spanking Samantha Show?”


“You’re watching “Spanking Samantha”! Do you want to take Sammie Parker over your knee and teach her a good lesson?”


“Ooh, then what’s this? Huh? You just want to watch? That’s it, you pervert, isn’t it? You want to watch! What’s your favorite part, Rick? All the kicking and fussing? You like dominating successful women?”


“Oh, no, of course not. I don’t want to subjugate women. I just like the peep show. I just want a good long look at Sam’s backside.”

“Yours is much cuter.”

“Phffft! But hers is redder.”

“Come one, Heather. That’s enough.”

“Oh sure, I believe in equal rights. I just like to think about Samantha’s bare bottom up in the air. I wish I could take her over my knee and pull her panties down and smack her rear. Then I’d get a REAL
hard-on. I am tired of your shenanigans, young lady. Spank spank spank. Oh please, Rick, no more. Don’t spank my poor red bottom any more. It’s so sore, and I’m so sorry. I’ll be a good girl and do just
what you say from now on. Promise!”

“No! Jeez, Heather. Chill out. Look, I’m seeing Bill Parker tomorrow about a business loan. Maybe I should mention this. I mean, I’m sure there’s nothing to it, but Bill and I have a business relationship
built on trust, and if something’s going on with his wife, he ought to know about it.”

“Oh that’ll be a good conversation. Ahem! Bill, I heard your wife got an old fashioned spanking on her… Yes, on her bare bottom, and I’m very concerned that she might still have a very sore little rear end. Say, Bill, can I have a loan?”

“Heather, stop! I’ll be discreet.”

“Oh yes, stop! Stop that’s enough. Oh it hurts. Oh please stop I’ll be good I will I will I promise.”

“Let’s get some sleep, wise-ass.”

Heather giggled and reeled toward the bedroom. “That’s WHITE ass, my friend. You go ask your friend about Queen Redbottom.”


“Oh, shit!” Heather poured the morning coffee and gulped some Advil for her throbbing head. “I shouldn’t have told him about that spanking. Neither one of us can keep our mouths shut.”

“You look a little disheveled this morning. How’s your head?”

“Ha ha. Drink this. Okay, I had too much last night.”

“Laughing about Samantha, huh?”

“Yes, laughing about Samantha. Listen, don’t say anything to Bill, okay?”

“You think spankings are funny?”

“No, I don’t think spankings are funny. It was just… You know, the whole mental picture. Skirt down, ankles up. Ow ow ow, stop! I’ll do anything. Sam’s pretty hung up on her image.”

“Gotta go. Never happened.”

“Don’t say anything. Rick!”

“It never happened. You’ll see.”

He was out the door. “Shit! Shit! Shit!”


“Bill, I’m so glad you called. We hardly ever eat lunch together.” Samantha kissed her husband’s cheek.

“Sammie, you know I’m busy.” He pecked back. “Let’s take this booth by the window.”

Samantha unclipped her jet-black hair and shook it loose. “They’re kind of uncomfortable. Let’s take one of these.”

“Okay.” Bill slid the nearest chair out from the table and patted the seat cushion. “For you, ma’am.”

“Thank you, brave knight.” Samantha’s hands were wrapped tightly around the arms of the chair. She winced as she lowered herself carefully into place.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just a charley horse. Tennis, I guess. Am I getting old?”

“Not too old for me, sweetie.” (But too old to have your bottom bared and spanked, he thought. So THAT’S why you just wanted to read a little and go right to sleep the last two nights.) “How’s your mom?”

Mom’s fine. Ginger’s fine, I guess; we haven’t talked for a couple of weeks. No, we’re not fighting. Hey, what’s with all these questions? You’re giving me the third degree!

“WHAT?” Samantha bolted from her chair. “That’s … That’s…” Her face was in his. “How could you ask me such a thing? How DARE you THINK of discussing this with anyone?”

“Sam, calm down. I…”

“Calm down! Fuck you, calm down. Who else thinks I got spanked? Who else is Heather talking to? You didn’t shut that vicious rumor down, and now WHO KNOWS? I go to the club, the store, I go ANYWHERE, and I never know. Half the town’s gonna look at me and think I got my skirt pulled up and my ass warmed!”



“Your skirt. Rick said she yanked it down, not up.”

“Oh, fuck you!”

“Well, did she? That’s not a charley horse, is it?”

“Oh, now YOU believe it. Who are YOU gonna tell?”

“No one, Sam.”

“Hey, everyone! My wife got a spanking! Check it out! She’s walking funny!”


“I’m not the chairperson of the Kiwanis charity drive any more. I’m bent OVER a chair! From now on, I’m just a bare bottom on Ginger’s la
p. Just a spanked ass.”


Her cell phone was out. “I want you out. Ginger? Pick up.”


“Out! Ginger, honey, it’s me. Call me back on my cell.”

She was gone.

Bill slapped a twenty on the table and ran to Ginger’s office. If Sa
mantha found Ginger first…


Next on “Spanking Samantha”:

“Ginger? Hi, it’s Heather. Look, I kinda told Rick about you and Sam last night.”

“I know … I’m sorry. Yeah, I can tell him that. I was drunk. He’ll believe me. Sorry. Ginger? There’s more…”

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