Spanks For The Memories

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Tara started lusting after her step-dad when she turned 18, the guy was not very attractive, he had bad hair, bad skin, bad breath and bad luck, but for some reason he made her horny. Maybe it was because she was great-looking, she heard the whistles when she walked down the street, she saw the looks men gave her, maybe she wanted him to know what it was like to be with a beautiful woman or maybe she had a fetish for unattractive men, whatever it was she got wet whenever he was around her.

She started doing things to entice him. She first left her thong panties on the floor in the bathroom, she would do that after her mom had gone to work, she placed them in specific places so that if he moved them, which meant he touched them, she would know it. Sure enough her panties were being moved, she’ld go in the bathroom after he left for work and see them in a different place.

She moved on to bolder moves. She would just happen to be stepping out of the bathroom after her shower wearing her shortie robe, she would go up the steps while he was in the hallway putting his jacket in the closet, she was never sure if he looked up, but if he did he would had seen her bare ass and pussy since she made sure she had no panties on, damn she would get so wet and tight imagining him seeing her nudity.

One day he was sick he stayed home from work, his bedroom door was slighlty ajar, Tara was so horny she stood off to the side in the hallway and spoke to him while she wore no panties just a tee-shirt. She was dying to go in there and expose herself to him, but she chickened out, however she did go back in her room and rub her sore wet pussy thinking about him.

He was sick with a cold for that whole week and when he was in bed for the third day she went in wearing her long tee-shirt, but nothing else. It was not see-thru, but she knew she was naked underneath. She spoke to him while her pussy was heating up with passion and lust. She asked if he wanted soup, he said yes, she left, and rubbed her pussy in the hallway. She heated the soup and came back in, she dropped the spoon and bent over with her ass aimed at him, she knew her round cheeks were prominently displayed through the fabric, she looked in the mirror and saw him looking. Her horny pussy trembled. She stayed in that position longer than one normally would and just imagined him touching and looking at her. She gave him the soup and left feeling horny and achy and frustrated.

By the time he was better it was Saturday, her mom went away for that week-end to visit her aunt, she flew there. Tara was so horny she could not stand it. She went in the den where he was watching tv, she had on shorts and a sweater, sans bra. She squatted to his far right, she knew that if she moved her hips her shorts came down some, she knew the top of her ass crack would be visible, so she moved and moved and the shorts slowly slid down, a part of the tops of her cheeks was showing. She asked him a question and when he turned to look quite a bit of her bare ass was visible, he swallowed and looked at her fine, sexy ass. He wanted her to stay like that, the only live female ass he had seen for a long time was her mom, and her ass was definitely not hot like her daughter’s. He just looked and looked getting hornier by the minute. Tara felt horny too, so she stood up and pulled her shorts up. She sat near him on the couch and watched tv, he could not forget her ass, almost as if she knew his thoughts she stood up and went to the book shelf by the tv, she bent over and her shorts started dropping lower and lower until her full bare bottom was exposed. She said nothing, but she knew he was staring, she stayed like that until he said, “Young lady that bare bottom looks like it needs to be spanked! It looks like it needs a man’s attention!”

Tara swayed her ass back and forth, it was so round, so high, so perfect, so ideal. His eyes watched those cheeks with that long dark crack perfectly positioned right in the center, he watched her ass move for him. Tara was getting wetter by the second.
“Well are you going to spank my ass or not?” Tara said as she pulled her shorts back up.

That made her step-dad super horny, the little bitch had shown him her sweet ass and now she covered it up. He was so turned on that he walked over, hard on straining in his sweat pants and he grabbed her arm, he tugged her over to the couch, he sat down, he pulled her in front of him and he reached up and pulled her shorts to her knees, he spied her pussy, so pretty, so sexy, he just eyed it and smiled then he quickly pulled her across his lap, in the wink of an eye he yanked her shorts all the way to her ankles. She wiggled on his lap rubbing her swollen wet clit on his thigh, “Dirty girl, showing me this gorgeous ass then covering it up!” he sternly said, “I own your ass now, I am your dad and I’m gonna slap the hell out of your ass!” and with that he spanked her. Tara orgasmed immediately and he knew it by her moans, so he moved her further over his lap to look at her pussy, her lips were moving, small rhythmic pulses, each time her lips opened slightly he saw that redness and wetness, now he needed to spank her pussy, but first he took his finger and put it between her cheeks,up and down in there he rubbed, he found her pucked tight asshole and rubbed it over and over he did that ignoring her protests and then he took his other hand and taking three fingers he spanked her pussy lips, they were getting thicker and puffier with each spank, she started to orgasm so he pushed his finger in her asshole and wiggled it and she moaned and told him not to, but she did not get off his lap. So he finger fucked her ass watching that puckered hole swallow his finger, his dick was stiff and ready for fucking. He pulled his finger out of her ass and ordered her strip off her sweater and to get on the floor on her back. She laid there nude and horny, he undressed, his rigid dick sticking straight out, it almost hurt it was so hard. “Flip over! You’re getting it in the ass!”

“No!” she said.

“What?!” he yelled and he lifted her up by her ankles and flipped her over, she laid still. “You wait there!”

He came back in holding a stick of butter, he knelt behind her and started fucking her asshole with that cold stick it was melting from her asshole heat, dripping down over her pussy lips and onto the rug. When the butter stick was almost all melted he took that greasy liquid and rubbed some on his cock,”On your knees!” he ordered, she did shaking, he got behind her and fucked her asshole she was gulping and moaning and her pussy was drenched getting wetter by the second, getting swollen the lips wrre opened up her clit was stiff, he ignored her pussy and concentrated on fucking the hell out of her buttery, greasy asshole, in and out his slid his big, hard horny dick, he was on a mission he was going to cum in her ass and he did just that, he pulled on her hips, pulling her tight against him and he bucked his hips and shot his goo in her ass.His dick shot out so much cum that he felt drained and parched and Tara felt filled up. As he came he reached around her and squeezed her hard nippled tight round full breasts those nipples were extended out almost a half inch. She felt his big gut belly over her back it was sweaty and hairy and his big dick was still rammed in her ass, she asked him to get out of her, he did a slow withdrawal and she gasped feeling him pull out.

He leaned back and looked at her red sore asshole pucking and all greasy a little drop of his cum dripping out from the wrinkled hole.

He took his finger and again rubbed her asshole feeling it pucker and pinch up in response. He leaned down and blew on her pussy she shuddered, so he took two fingers and tried to get them in her pussy, it was super wet, but tight as hell. His dick hardened up again. “You stay there!” he again ordered. She heard him in the bathroom running water, he came out, fat belly hanging, big hard dick extended out he was pa
tting his dick dry and he got behind her and wiggled
his now clean dick on her pussy, he rubbed the lips and the slit and then he just pushed his dick in, “Open that hole! Time to get your pussy screwed!” he said and her pussy resisted then slightly opened, since she was feeling that big ,spongy, dick head that was not taking no for an answer. “Unh, unh, unh!” he groaned as his dick separated her pussy walls, “Yeahhhhhh.” he said as her juices started caressing his dick and the heat insidfe her was like a sauna. In and out he fucked her narrow hole, her pussy lips were swollen to three times their normal size but that hole was squeezed tight around his cock. In and out he fucked her deeper and harder finally he was just ramming and beating her hole with his pole. He reached under and squeezed her pussy lips shut between his thumb and forefinger and moved them back and forth, she orgasmed a huge wet throbbing orgasm, the butter oozed out of her ass getting his groin greasy, her pussy muscles hugged his dick so hard that he came he let his dick release all his cum. He pulled out, flipped her over looked her up and down and said, “See what happens to cock teasers they get it in the end!”

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